“It’s a farce… [the Fed] raising rates is meant to kill demand and crush the consumer, it’s not meant to curtail inflation,” warns Greg Mannarino, founder of traderschoice.net and financial strategist. “Contracting the money supply is the only way to stop inflation in its tracks, but it’s a big secret [the system] doesn’t want you to know,” he tells Daniela Cambone on this episode of of Powershift: Outlook 2023. “People are not waking up fast enough unfortunately, this mechanism is going to progress much further moving forward,” Mannarino continues. “Inflation continues to rise, this is the central banks playing their game and it’s not going to stop,” he grimly predicts. Mannarino doubles down on his previous statement from last interview by saying, “They are eliminating an entire class of people on a worldwide scale.” “Central banks wish to become the lender and buyer of a last resort, that’s why they want to kill the economy,” he says. “Everybody is holding gold, and it doesn’t need the reassurance of central banks as a store of wealth,” Mannarino states. “Silver is the most undervalued asset in the world,” he concludes.

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  1. This site is controlled opposition. Only telling you part of the story. Really sad and ANGERS me that people choose MONEY over people, even in the face of the worst, most demonic psyop of my life.

    There are those who are awake to the Rothschild/Rockefeller/Warburg/Goldman Sachs, etc families who OWN our US central bank known as the FED. They print money that's backed by nothing using fractional reserve 10:1, charge every US citizen through debt the interest and printing costs and have since they formed the illegal FED in 1913 along with the IRS. This year and last year that's over $300B that goes via our taxes direct to those families as they are the shareholders and controllers of our economy, everything produced and now want to kill as many as possible.

    Any site that doesn't directly deal with the Banking MAFIA (hiding behind Judaism) is an ENEMY committing treason and MUST be dealt with as such. I'm beyond tired of this BS.

  2. One question! Who collects, gets the interest payments, on the 31+ Trillion $$s debt, that the US Government has placed on the shoulders of the American Taxpayers? Usury=Jewsury! Is the Zio-Rothschild International Financial Crime Syndicate Clan/Clique, owners of the 'City of London-Central Banking-US Federal Reserve', the recipient of that enormous amount of money (interests)? Who are pocketing that sum? Year after year for decades so much money? Why isn't the Rothschild clan on the 'Top of the List', in the 'Forbes Magazine's World richest persons?


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