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For those who are unaware, a numerology is a form of spiritual science that is used in a bunch of ways.

Usually, we use it to analyze our birth charts or transform the energy surrounding us in our work or home environment.

Interestingly, we will also be able to use this knowledge for animals. Numerology usually says a lot about the personality of an individual. Therefore, it should come as no surprise to anyone that it can also say a lot about animals.

Our name is, to put it simply, a mantra that readily invokes spiritual energies while bringing vibrations that will accompany us for the rest of our life. In a similar manner, this spiritual science will also be able to reveal our pets’ intricacies and behavioral traits when their name gets transformed into a number.

In order to do this, we need to first understand that every single letter of the alphabet is related to a number directly. Therefore, when it gets transformed into a letter, we would be able to arrive at a result that would indicate the vibration of the name.

In order to find out which number actually translates the essence of your animal cleanly, you need to transform the name into the individual numbers and then add and reduce the result to a number that lies between 1 and 9.

For example, if you have a Poodle named FUZILLE, F will have a value of 6, U will have a value of 3, Z a value of 8, I will have a value of 9, L will have a value of 3 x 2, and E will have a value of 5. After we convert these numbers into the base numbers, we add them to get 37. After that, we would add 3+7= 10, and then 1+0= 1. Therefore, the dog has the number 1 as the vibration number, as well as the number of influences.

Numerology For Pets

Number 1

If your pet is born with the number 1, you can be readily assured that he would be a born leader and display all the traits of being one. Your pet manages to enchant the other animals and pets into following his lead. In certain situations, it can get pretty dictatorial, but he always makes sure that your household is well-protected and cared for. If you manage to treat him correctly, he will be your friend forever.

Number 2

This epitomizes the thought, “A Dog is a man’s best friend.” If you are looking for a lifelong companion as your animal, then this one is for you. Your animal or your pet is extremely flexible and compromising to your moods and whims. He is also adaptable, attentive, and completely secure in the relationship he has with you. But they don’t like being alone, so make sure that you are always there for them.

Number 3

For those who seek joy in their lives, pets with the number 3 in their numerological chart are for them. Animals with this vibration are usually quite messy, playful, and happy. They also tend to be extremely creative and communicate well with everyone. In fact, such pets will also not mind if you give them a shower every day. Rather, they would love to get ready, dress up, and go out to meet other people and pets.

Number 4

This is one of the easiest animals to train- for it has all the core instincts of discipline, order, persistence, and resistance. These animals are always up to anything you ask them to do and will never be able to just sit still. They also have strong personalities, so if you want to mess with them, you make sure that you have the ability to back it up. But if they manage to like you, they will be your friend for the rest of your life.

Number 5

Animals under this vibration are extremely curious, friendly, and energetic. They are also independent, free, and mischievous- so they can be quite a lot for people who are not energetic themselves. But, these animals are also courageous and selfless- and will always put their master before themselves. An animal under this vibration also craves affection, attention, and playing games, so they are quite the perfect companion for young kids.

Number 6

This is a domestic animal that would love nothing more to stay inside with its family and just laze around. Nevertheless, they can also be quite fun-loving at times and would always love to impress and please. They also need peace and quiet at times. This number is the most affectionate in numerology, so you should also be ready to get a face full of wet kisses. Interestingly, they are extremely smart but can get a little absent-minded at times.

Number 7

Pets under this number are always a little sensitive and sad. Some could also say that they suffer from an innate existential crisis. They also don’t like a lot of noise and can get quite demanding at times. If you change their routine or introduce them to a strange person, they will get a lot withdrawn. They are also quite cautious when meeting new people, but once they have your trust, they will be your friend for life.

Number 8

This is the king of the household. They are authoritarian and like to impose themselves. They also stand out from the crowd- so while he knows no boundaries, he can also be a lot protective. So much so that they can die for you. All you need to do is care for them and let them dictate the show.

Number 9

A pet under this vibration will be helpful, understanding, kind, and quite affectionate. He will be sensitive to your whims and moods, and he will be by your side quietly. He will also be quite intuitive, so if it senses that you are sad, it will try to calm you down.

So, which number does your pet fall under?

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