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  1. Discern well, this is story playing both sides, using fear playing us for fools in order to justify the man-made radiation we are being bombarded with. They have been & are currently using the weather balloons for geoengineering. All of these towers, satellites, communication devices etc., is harming biological life & slowly destroying the planet. The truth: technology can use harmonic frequencies, the industry chooses harmful frequencies. It is all in the science, I encourage you to research for the truth. Are you bought & paid for Derek?

  2. Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Feel no Evil, Share NO EVIL.
    From other infoz and post schmicks of words revealed. Completely agree 110% of this comment Rachel469 is true. Although not sure about the "Kill on site" be more the appropriate measure in a Karmatic response. For who to think they can perform activate and mouse click key turn action.

    Whats given out is what is received in Return. (balance – Kill on site). A word indicated no more nuclear detonations allowed on or under surface of this planet.
    Another post here the Tech so far beyond our own, can neutralize any such attempt to "Push De-Button". No Quote me on this be believe it was Oct 23rd 2010 , 214 or 255 – both sides of nuk war-heads ie: Guidance CPU's melted disabled in their silo's. On a 2nd attempt to start WWIII then at the time to try such. All hopes this any moment now, Super Flare event by the sun, should be an interesting effect on… Time shall tell All. Add one more to my open. "INVENT NO EVIL". One last schmick that might support too Rachels point. Karma wheel has been spun up to a higher effect. Maybe its also being cranked up more to climax to this "Now Time" and create that unknown result. This is a world of many wonders.
    {schmicks do add up}.

  3. I think it could be any of these things but the song 99 Red Balloons by NENA says it all: go look at the lyrics. However; they are being closely watched and will be killed on sight if they try this. idiots!


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