Is it just an internet meme or did Nathaniel Rothschild really surrender?

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  1. The Rothschild Central Baking Cartel own / control "IMF" and the 193 central banks worldwide. The same 193 state members of the UN. NATO is their private military. Its shocking to see a Rothschild rearing "Its" face from behind the scenes. That's a RARITY!

    The Rothschild's Family Masonic Zionist Cartel have a hand in controlling EVERYTHING in the world. If they're not full control in one aspect or another they have a HUGE influential power and weight to make things lean in the direction most desired. They are at the top of the chain of command, along other Globalist Cartels and sociopaths that control what you see and hear in the media, movies, Hollywood and the internet. They have scrubbed the internet, written and rewritten history, changed the definitions and meaning of words and Jewish history.

    They control almost the entire world's currency and the economy, interest rates, real estate and housing market, the food and water supply, the supply chain, most governments worldwide, they have been behind every war since Napoleon, funding both sides to their advantage, at high interest rates. Those who can't return the loan as agreed to give up their land and resources as collateral. They control the Mining Industry, the Medical Industrial Complex (with the Rockefeller & Carnegie Cartels) and their main goal is Global Rule and Control and depopulation of 90% of us useless eaters.

    They are the MASTERS of propaganda and everything you hear about them is always a conspiracy theory or antisemitism. Especially when its the truth. The last few years has really shown the world just how much governments around the world are under one powerful entity's control. How else can you explain the entire world being shut down at the same with the same set of rules and restrictions in place and why borders in countries around world are wide open for anyone to enter. Plus the WOKE washed trans-pedo infiltration plaguing the minds of young people worldwide.

    The WOKE Washed intentions are to destroy the family unit, emasculate the men and defy the natural women. They are destroying this country and many others and putting policies in place that suspend our civil rights.

    America is the main country they must completely destroy in order to achieve a New World Order. Otherwise its not possible if we're still UNITED and I can tell ya that we're much more divided than EVER in American history.

    So unless you want to be enslaved-trans-human, own nothing and be happy or just be killed off with no future for our grandchildren we NEED to stop this division and UNITE as Americans in the greatest nation in the world and fight with all your might against this hostile takeover.

    If you settle for nothing now? You'll settle for nothing later!
    If we don't take action NOW? Then we won't take action later!
    FREEDOM? Yeah right! Whoever told that is your enemy!

  2. The bond between the US and Britain was established in WW1, when military troops entered the war, in exchange of
    It´s why the US has established its involvement in Britain´s politics and it´s healthcare system.
    Milton Friedman, the US economist and millionare, who worked out the Chilean regime change, bringing Pinochet as dictator, had a mentor who instructed Margaret Thatcher, who was a PM of Britain in the 80´s. He told her to put an end to labor unions and privatise as much as possible.
    This was the start of decline in Britain´s society.

    In our present time, we witness these two buddies dual support of Ukraine´s warfare. Since 2015, Britain is training Ukraine troops on its own soil. Here´s an interesting article presenting how these buddies´ friendly ties came to be:

    From the article in the link below `The Balfour Declaration was a letter written by British Foreign Secretary Arthur Balfour to Lionel Walter Rothschild, in which he expressed the British government’s support for a Jewish homeland in Palestine. The long-term effects of the Balfour Declaration, and the British government’s involvement in Palestinian affairs, are felt even today.`

    • Marry Poppins, The "bond between the U.S. & Britian" never left from the South, hence 'America's Civil War.' That is why the South had the United States surrounded by British ships & soldiers in Canada & Mexico.
      As for decline of British society is concerned, would be its involvement in WW1 & its final nail with its continuation in WW2 with that drunken Winston Churchill as Prime Minister. Franklin Roosevelt & drunken Churchill decided it was better to destroy Germany so to save Britian/England from its own financial collapse, which was inevitable. So clearly both were working for the Banking institutions.
      As far as "Balfour Declaration" is concerned the losing party was Germany once again, considering it was Germany that established the Palestine area with infrastructure & agriculture as early as 1868.
      And it would be Britian that confiscated the Germans property & livestock in 1920 & deported most Germans.

  3. Interesting that he, Nathaniel Rothschild is admitting what WW2 was really about "Geopolitical Chessboard" of usury money. Adolf Hitler had departed from the international swindlers June 15, 1939 when he made the Reichsbank law, under article 3, unconditional sovereign to Germany. This act would send a universal message of a "usury free" State banking system & permanently destroy the Rothschild banking system.

  4. Sorry Nathaniel, the Ukraine has already fallen long ago. It's only parasitic capitalist, globalists like you, and the Pentagon that are keeping it going with fake Zelensky's and money that was never authorized by Congress.

  5. At least, he's showing his true colours, with that statement. Not that many of us understand what's being played on the global stage.

    We only need to place the opposite quality where he labels President Putin and other aspects.

    At the same time, since a huge amount of disinformation is spooned out for us, this post could well be a fabricated morsel on our plate.

    The salt of the dead sea comes in handy, these days.????

  6. The Zio-Rothschild International Financial Crime Syndicate Clan/Clique, owners of the City of London-Central Banking-US Federal Reserve, are the Enemies of Mankind!


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