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The Moon is reaching its point of crescendo during this Pisces season in its opposite sign, Virgo. These two couldn’t be more different, but the one thing that truly brings them together is the concept of healing.

When Pisces energy dominates, we tend to be blissed out on our connection with the cosmos 24/7. We feel the Oneness of the Universe and the ocean of unconditional love so deeply that we would forget to, well, do anything practical at all. Not setting boundaries, not paying attention to the details, just in a la-la land of love.

If we’re feeling this way lately – a little distracted, reflective, and a little confused – that’s right on time. It is Pisces season, after all. And don’t worry – smack-dab in the middle of it comes our Full Moon in Virgo, bringing us right back down to earth.

The Virgo side of this axis is all about precision. Virgo can conceive of perfection, of things being just-so, in a way no other sign can. Virgo, an earth sign ruled by Mercury, thrives on tangible, measurable, efficient outcomes. It can be a little cut-throat and critical, but that’s also its superpower – because we all need a healthy dose of reality sometimes.

Now what does all of this have to do with healing? True healing requires a both/and approach. It’s not the aptly named “toxic positivity” and “spiritual bypassing” of Pisces. Nor is it the strict dietary and medicinal interventions of Virgo. In fact, it is neither, and both. Because we need to address the Soul AND the body, in order for our healing to be effective.

While Pisces positivity can indeed be toxic, it also can be life-affirming, loving, and deeply spiritual for the Soul. And Virgo’s health directives can be critical, but our bodies do require routine and honest assessments of habits and health. One is only bypassing when it isn’t acknowledging the other. And the beauty of astrology is that the Full Moon each month doesn’t let us get away with that!

We may also be experiencing some lucky breakthroughs at this time, with Jupiter, Venus, and Chiron together in Aries. Venus-Jupiter conjunct, which happens once a year, can be a time of expansive happiness and generosity where relationships are particularly supportive and loving.

This year, though, Chiron is in the mix. Chiron is an asteroid dubbed “the Wounded Healer” and it highlights where we feel inadequate. This year’s Venus-Jupiter alignment is also likely to bring awareness to our vulnerability, especially when it comes to relationships, and help us to heal those aspects of ourselves.

The key to balancing this Virgo Full Moon is going to be to remember that we are not just human, nor are we just Souls. We are both, and both deserve love and attention at this time. Create some meaningful routines with this Full Moon, perhaps choosing some habits to let go of as we prepare for the astrological New Year on March 20th. We have a LOT of celestial activity aligned with this Spring Equinox, so the more we can heal & hold space for ourselves, the better.

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