The Internal Revenue Service is now reminding thieves that they must report income gained through their crimes.

This would be hilarious, if it wasn’t also a stark reminder of how normalized crimes like robbery and shoplifting have become in recent years.

It gets more difficult to distinguish between parody and reality every day.

The FOX Business Network reported:

Twitter users erupt at IRS’s calls for thieves to report stolen income: ‘Good to know’

The IRS’s bewildering rule about self-reporting income from crimes has caused some Twitter users to mock the federal agency.

According to IRS Publication 525, taxpayers are legally required to report the value of whatever property they stole during the tax year.

“If you steal property, you must report its FMV (Fair Market Value) in your income in the year you steal it, unless in the same year you return it to its rightful owner,” the rule reads.

The same rule applies to bribery, drug deals and other income-earning crimes.

The IRS purportedly uses the information solely for tax purposes and does not hand over any evidence to law enforcement.

The only situation where law enforcement may have access to the information is through court orders.

How is this real?


Does the IRS really think criminals are worried about making sure they filed their taxes correctly?

Also, does this rule apply to Hunter Biden and the Biden family?




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  1. You accept it don't you? That just encourages them. Everything the people accept will mean they'll do more to insult you. They are pushing us to stand in our existence but instead people are just bending over to take it in the behind. What is going to happen about the IRS putting this out? What if you break the law, does the same treatment happen? But everyone (nearly) accepts this. Nothing will be done about it and you'll just fill out those tax forms this April and dutifully pay your taxes. That says a lot about you and you are copping all the karma. They told you what they're doing and you're still paying them. You think that supplicating them is going to do anything?

  2. IRS , GFY , Oh you really think the paedos in Govt are going to hand in their real taxes , again GFY , IRS , TIME YOU UNLAWFUL LOT HANGED WORLDWIDE


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