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  1. since all an pretty much everything, most all things been told to us pretty much "has been told a Lie".
    Can't really think to ever think of a time in History as too a Firing Squad, town hanging or button press of "bona fide", death sentence punishment was there ever at moment of at or during count down, to actually hear to read, if ever this has happened.
    "Is there any one to whom shall protest at the X of Y indicate this of these terms of sentence, him/her should "Not" be conditioned as sentence put forth may speak now!?*, "

    by where guns lowered triggers locked, button caps replaced, Bows Lowered, Stones dropped, before sentences are actually performed. hmmmmm I would think all the same as too.

    "Those all of A thru Z, 1 thru X, numbers of primary, secondary mind full of planning thought and physical actioned, accomplice lines via participant members physical mental present and non-present all on the same Payroll known unknown hidden and shadow present as all of this planned narrative to action.

    All be under the same cast of all punishments as participants of crimes the same penalty by and for to all humanity. "You can run, you can hide, and still you shall be found. "

    Mind cast is all the same. "if its in mind it is as if it were real!" { careful as to what one thinks } [ Also careful as to what you ask for! it may come to you at the least time expected! ].

    With the only other most powerful words at a very one specific time in history " to there where Was such a Comment/command mentioned " I share here of those very same words.

    " Let he to whom has no sin, Cast the First Stone "

    As another too also said maybe not on the right side of light but. As these words where fair to say balanced in meaning. Least as I learned to accept an understanding 'chosen words'.

    Let be written, Let it be said, Let it be done.

    And then there where none.

    1 of the 4 virtues given as this project started and put into playfield is and has an absolute reason for its design and purpose.

    The "Akashic"

  2. The Medical Industry is doomed after this. This vaccination and hospitalisation regime has shown that none of them are allowed, nor can they, think for themselves. It's shown that they are more than happy to go along with the dictates of the Health Administrators, like lemmings. These Doctors will not be immune to prosecution when it comes to the upcoming Nuremburg 2.0 trials. Nor will the injectors of the Death Shots. This going to be remembered better, and longer, than any WWII atrocities or Stalin's killing of 100M Christians after his Communist take over. THIS IS EVIL BEYOND COMPREHENSION !

  3. Hang them all for Genocide , knowingly giving anyone a poison is Genocide , Canadian parents drag them all into the street and hang them you are only acting in self defense which is lawful

    Any parent who allows this is also complicit in Genocide and must suffer appropriate punishment


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