Dear beloved ones,
We are the Galactic federation. We want to assist the humans on earth to get into the 5th dimension in as many as possible ways, by unblocking your chakras and connecting you with divine source energy, because this is the only way to awaken, ascend, and make contact with other civilizations through DNA activation and DNA transformation.

In the 3D world, every day you can feel different vibrations. Some vibrate with fearful concepts and others vibrate with more loving concepts. When you are in a state of fear, your astral body does not work at its perfect level. If this is the case for you, you can work on your astral body by practicing yoga, pranayama, and breathing exercises to bring karmic balance into your life.

Breath is something you do every day without thinking about it, but to your body, it’s the most vital thing you can do. Breathing is how your body gets oxygen, which is needed for all living things to function properly. Breath is also symbolic of life itself. Without breath, there is no life.

‘Prana’ means Breath. The word Prana comes from the Sanskrit language and refers to the original, primordial life force.

Breath connects you to divine energy by bridging the gap between the 3D and 5D worlds. This bridge must be utilized.

Have you ever paid attention to your breathing while in a poor mood, such as worry, tension, or anger? Your breathing will be quick and erratic when you’re in these moods.

When you’re in love, pay attention to your breathing. It will have a specific beat and melody to it. If you break the balance, love will go away. Create that harmony instead, and love will appear.

A specific feeling can only be experienced in a specific way, with a specific rhythm of breath, or a non-rhythm of breath.

You must comprehend the science of breathing. Understanding is not the same as knowing. You will transcend beyond something if you truly understand it. You’ll get beyond it. It will become second nature to you.You will master your emotions once you understand them and master your breathing.

When your forefathers and mothers lived in the woods and caves, they were frequently threatened by animal attacks and natural disasters. They had to fight or escape to get out of dangerous situations. To fight or run, their bodies demanded additional strength.

The hypothalamus is alerted when the amygdala in the brain detects a potentially harmful circumstance. The hypothalamus communicates with the nervous system, which instructs the adrenal glands to release stress hormones such as cortisol, adrenaline, and noradrenaline.

These hormones increase heart rate, blood pressure, energy levels, and blood glucose levels. They also improve oxygen availability to cells by increasing heart rate and dilatation of the bronchioles, allowing them to fight or run from danger. The breathing rate increases to compensate for the lack of oxygen.

Even if you do not confront danger as frequently as your predecessors did, your bodies contain the same mechanism. As a result, your body creates these stress hormones whenever you are faced with a stressful situation.

Because you’re not doing anything physical to expend this energy, it starts to react on its own. It causes tension and stress, resulting in agitation and anxiety.

Your breathing is controlled by your mind. Your breathing is in sync with your thoughts. The rhythm of your breath is affected by any changes in your state of mind.

It’s also true in the other direction. You may modify your state of mind by changing the rhythm of your breath.

You may change and transcend your thinking by merely watching particular spots on your breath.

Simply keep an eye on it and feel the breath. The first spot is inhalation. Then, as the breath is in, it stops for a short second; this is the second spot to keep an eye on. The third spot to keep an eye on is when the breath turns and goes out. Then, after the breath is totally out, it comes to a complete stop for a fraction of a second; this is the fourth spot to keep an eye on.

You will reach a new level of feeling if you can watch all four spots. Suddenly, there will be a rhythm, and your breath will be in harmony with the universe. This is a state that is beyond explanation. There is no involvement of the mind. Watching is a property of your consciousness, not a quality of your mind. When you watch, your mind stops, and you transcend your mind, plunging into the ultimate ecstasy you have never known. Begin to understand the essence of the ultimate delight that you have never had before.

This ultimate delight frees you from the constraints and flaws of the 3D world, allowing you to enter the 5D world’s infinite possibilities!

We love you dearly.
We are here with you.
We are your family of light.

Aurora Ray
Ambassador of the Galactic Federation


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