Prepare for Change was invited a second time to have a conversation with Joanne – Divine Life Yogini on her Great Awakening Show. The topic of the appearance by Kat and Gerry was “Breaking Free of the Matrix: Disinformation and Using Intuition.”

Joanne outlined the conversation with this introduction: “Everything we have been taught in schools, Universities, governments, religions, News, TV about ourselves and our world is propaganda and disinformation. This is psychological warfare and information overload that influences our beliefs and programmes our minds. It’s important to protect ourselves from negative manipulation by listening to our intuition, raising our vibration which means Breaking Free of the Matrix!”

We have an insightful conversation that’s very relevant at this moment in history. Please tune in to hear some recent messages that have been provided by higher planes guides.

“The Great Awakening Show” airs on U.K. Health Radio the world’s No 1 ‘Heath Talk Radio’ and has 1.3 million listeners; it also plays on 20 podcast platforms worldwide including Sportily, Apple, and Google. The “Great Awakening Show” is about spiritual truth, guided inspiration, infinite wisdom, and sacred secrets being revealed.

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Peace and Love to you All!


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  1. March 21 2023 – Thomas Williams & Truth Honor & Integrity Team
    Please Share Far & Wide !!!
    Here it is…what you have all been waiting for …L-ites , Governments, Militaries of the world , Agencies, Nato , Pentagon, Dragon Family , Blacksun & other faction members, & other compromised individuals …Full disclaimer for full disclosure amnesty ,
    "Your " opportunity of a lifetime …&

    Peace and Harmony for every one on Midgard Earth !!!

    The New Blue Print For Humanity Restoration Plan Launched 21 March 2023
    Designed with the soul purpose of improving life and humanity.


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