From Devon:

I believe that this epic informative education, by Steven Greer, is useful to present as a memory refresher.

A carwash for our memory so to speak ????
I believe that when the firework box is opened, showing us wonders in our skies, it may be the best timing in our present human condition.
With the exposure of Ukraine’s malevolence, causing the handlers of this war to stand in shame.
So that the rats running on the sinking ship will try something new, in a desperate attempt to save themselves and hold a firm grip on planet Earth’s ground control, survival.
Keep going, birthing the new you, the new “other”, the new “us” humanity.

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  1. Agreed Devon! I speak with people in the remote viewing field, CE-5/Human initiated contact and more. The need to expand consciousness and stop seeing visitors as a threat is vital. Media made a sham of shooting down balloons that have likely been up for decades to collect air samples but turned it into yet another "possible alien threat". My thought on this topic is this – If you walk into a party of people you don't know, but have been watching. Would you smile and offer to shake hands and introduce yourself, or walk in with guns blazing? That's what's happening via the military and media, in an effort to keep people afraid. If the visitors really wanted to end us, it would have happened long before we reached this stage of technological advancements. I hope the majority of the world is aware of Blue Beam's holographic abilities to project false images, and the use of propaganda to perpetuate a false story, and/or possible false flag event.

    • Yep. We all know of it's existence and those of us who are interested have seen the trials. It's going to be horrible because they are going to use real military aircraft to fire their weapons into cities while cloaked as alien ships. These Elite are truly sick people. Hell bent on killing everyone of us, just for sport. I just don't see it happening for real at this stage. They've been working on the Alien war since the 50's and have perfected the craft. I hope they are all arrested before the 'outer space attack' happens.


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