Governments throughout the world have been infiltrated and are now controlled by World Economic Forum-trained fifth columnists intent on destroying our countries’ sovereignty in order to usher in a Corporo-Communist-Technocratic One World Government.

One of their main avenues to achieve this is via the WHO’s 2005 International Health Regulations (IHR), which are legally binding and supersede the United States Constitution and all other constitutions in the world.

All 196 countries in the world are automatic signatories to the WHO’s IHR, by dint of our countries’ UN membership. This is how the COVID hoax was pulled-off and how governments around the world agreed, in lockstep to crash their economies, to force-inject their citizens with lethal poison and how they now plan to cut off our energy and water supplies and to starve us to death.

I’ve been talking about James Roguski efforts to raise awareness about the Biden Regime’s CCP-driven amendments to the International Health Regulations and the Pandemic Treaty for exactly one year.

The hubbub that James created has single-handedly resulted in these amendments being voted down twice so far. However, this verbiage keeps rearing its ugly head and getting snuck into different legislation, over and over again!

Therefore, the only answer is to exit the WHO – or better yet, to de-fund and dismantle the United Nations, altogether (to say nothing of NATO).

Steve Bannon is joined by anti-Communist activist, Reggie Littlejohn of the Sovereignty Coalition to discuss the WEXIT Day of Action. WEXIT is the movement to exit the World Health Organization, which has now become imperative, because we’ve just learned that their malign Pandemic Treaty was basically already passed in the 2023 Pentagon budget!

The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), is voted on at the end of every year by Congress in order to fund the Department of Defense. Reggie says the 2023 NDAA was over 1,772 pages long and on page 950, they snuck in the S.3799 PREVENT Pandemics Act, which “obligates the US to comply with and adhere to other relevant frameworks that contribute to global health security,” which means that the Senate and the House will never see whatever is agreed to at the WHO, because it’s already been pre-approved.

Steve tells her that the Sovereignty Coalition should put together a list of Republican legislators who voted “Yea” for this BS, so that when you and I call them to petition them to #ExitTheWHO, we can also light them up and tell them, “Dude, you got us into this because you voted for the NDAA! And I don’t want to hear that it’s 2,000 pages long and this is on page 950! This is why we sent you there!”

Steve says this is the accountability we need to have. “People should know, when they come to your site, who are the people who betrayed them.”

So, I looked it up and HERE is that list, where you can see how your representatives voted.

Then go to and sign the American Sovereignty Declaration to #ExitTheWHO and follow their prompts to contact your representatives and tell them to work for their constituents instead of the international Trotskyite planetary banking cartel, who are trying to kill us! 

Article and video from ForbiddenKnowledgeTV:

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  1. Yeah I was following this and trying to warn people but nobody gives a shit if it's not effecting them in there present moment.


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