Let’s Heal Together: Preparing Ourselves for Liberation and Ascension Live Session April 26, 2023

✨Join us for a FREE live healing session on Wednesday, April 26 at 7pm UTC to heal ourselves and heal the world!

✨Theme for this session: “Activating the Portal of Light!” The MOST important activation of our lifetimes is taking place on May 1st; this is the Portal of Light Activation that will bring ultra-powerful energies that can shift us to the most positive timeline for humanity, and we need to get ready!!

✨Replay now available of “Activating the Portal of Light” live healing session to prepare and build the energies for the Portal of Light Activation on May 1st! If you missed the live session, you can still benefit by listening to the replay on the Sisterhood of the Rose YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XNkZW40NMsc

✨Further information was discussed about the activation, as well as meditations to build our own light so we can be the most powerful energy transmitters for this historical event and build the energies and excitement for May 1st!

✨Key time markers in this session:
PORTAL OF LIGHT (POL) promotional video 08:25-10:10
Information about POL + session schedule 10:10-15:40
-Violet Flame 22:30-24:55
-Bubble of Light + I Am Presence 24:55-32:52
-Goddess invocation 32:52-37:20
-Connecting to our Heart Meditation 37:20-57:09
-Energy chronology information 57:40-01:08:05
-Importance of reaching critical mass 01:08:05-01:22:19
-Soul Contract Cancellation 01:22:19-01:27:38
– POL Booster Meditation 01:27:38-01:48:35
-POL Activation Meditation (visuals, explanation, meditation) 01:48:35-02:20:51
-Command 771 invocation 02:23:40-02:26:25
-Inspirational Videos  02:26:25-02:35:42

✨Let’s be sure we reach critical mass on May 1st to anchor this powerful energy in the most harmonious and balanced way! Victory of the Light!

✨Go here to join the LIVE session: Sisterhood of the Rose YouTube Channel:


(Twitch users, you can join live at: https://www.twitch.tv/thesisterhoodoftherose )

✨Join us for this important session as we prepare ourselves to serve as breakthrough energy transmitters at the time of activation so that these ultra-powerful energies from the Galactic Center can reach the surface in a most balanced and harmonious way!

This will be a shorter session and we will primarily focus on several exercises/visualizations that build our LIGHT. We will also do the “booster” meditation to ensure that critical mass is achieved for the May 1st activation because what is REALLY NECESSARY for your own healing, for the healing of those around you, and for the entire planet is that as many people as possible do this meditation on May 1st to make these incoming energies land on Earth as harmoniously as possible! Your light is needed during this pivotal time, so you won’t want to miss this important session! ????

✨Working together is very powerful, and the more people that attend, the more impactful it will be for all … so please spread the word!

✨Goddess wants Liberation and Ascension and So Shall It Be! Victory of the Light!

✨For more information on these sessions, please visit: https://www.welovemassmeditation.com/p/timetable-of-upcoming-implants-clearing.html


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