MSM SAYS: Just 12 People Are Behind Most Vaccine Hoaxes On Social Media, Research Shows

Researchers have found just 12 people are …


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  1. Having been a nurse for 30 years and seen "vaccines" in action, I have real trouble understanding why anyone with half a brain would want to take a "medical treatment" like that with all the real and potential side effects it comes with. It looks to me like the only benefit you get is a "placebo" effect. Why are outbreaks of disease 99% in the vaccinated? I thought those shots were supposed to protect you? Who says what is disinformation, anyway? Who gets to be the arbiter of that? Isn't it my right to believe what I want? "My body, My right" if that rings a bell to all these snowflakes who want to corral everyone else into believing their way so as to… what… make them feel better about the crappy choices they make in life? These dirty dozen above have all just been voicing the science out there that refutes that vaccines are a positive choice for your health. How long must we be at the mercy of those that declare some thoughts as "inconvenient (or dangerous) truths"? Another attempt to dismantle the Constitution piece by piece. Eventually people will realize that the innate immune system you were born (with few exceptions) is all you need to live a healthy life as long as you feed it the building blocks necessary to keep it in good working order. And avoid the toxins in practically everything that make your body expend too much energy to detoxify that stuff and not leaving enuf for your immune system to function optimally. Eventually (if not already) it will be found that Vaccines hobble the immune system more and more with each installment. You don't have to believe me or anyone else, you can find out for yourself when you're in the hospital with AIDS from an unknown source. Via con Dios!

    • That was an excellent comment from you Mitch especially with all the experience you have thank you. I agree with you 100%


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