By Emmy Griffin,

Anthropologie, Adidas, Target, and more are using men to advertise women’s clothing.

Stores that largely are marketed to women are slowly but surely being corrupted and seduced by the gender-confusion cult. We have covered how chocolate, makeup, and kitchen appliance companies have betrayed women. Now, slowly but surely, clothing companies are turning their backs on women too.

Clothing for women has long been used as a way of expression of personality, style, status, and value. More than makeup, clothing is a personal calling card and has been for centuries. Naturally, it’s next in line for cultural and sexual appropriation, especially if the end goal is total cultural indoctrination.

Anthropologie, the higher-end clothing line well-loved for its variety of artistic and trendy clothes, decided to issue an Instagram advertisement in which there is a male model — apparently the first black queer member of the Houston ballet — who is artfully dancing around and showing off the clothes. Viewers are clearly treated to a zipper that is not fully able to be zipped on the back of the dress. It’s almost like men and women have completely different body shapes (gasp). There is also an inappropriate flash of underclothing and male bulge, so be forewarned.

Anthropologie turned off people’s ability to comment, literally silencing any dissent or disagreement with its marketing choices. However, many women wouldn’t take this petty tactic for an answer. They commented on other Anthropologie ads, expressing their disappointment, disgust, and deep sense of betrayal.

Anthropologie’s betrayal was possibly the first this month, but not the last.

Enter Target, the middle-class woman’s dream shopping destination. Target is no rookie when it comes to offending women, and this month it decided to display its “Pride” collection ahead of the dreaded month of June (Pride Month). In it there was an assorted lot of atrocities: baby onesies with pride slogans, tuck-friendly swimsuits, and a particularly offensive shirt that stated, “Satan Respects Pronouns.”

If shoppers hadn’t learned from the previous Pride Month bilge and decided to take their business elsewhere, this really should push them to boycott Target. It would actually be effective since the company is struggling as it is.

Next to jump onto the trans bandwagon is Adidas. This company is also no stranger to offending and insulting womankind. In February of last year, Adidas advertised sports bras in a pornographic- and serial killer-type manner. The latest advertising misstep this company made was to advertise a woman’s swimsuit modeled by a man. It really is repulsive — particularly when the camera zooms in on the chest hair.

Nike is also in hot water for trying to sell sports bras via Dylan Mulvaney, a TikTok influencer and gender dysphoric man. The company’s response? “Be kind, be inclusive.”

Lands’ End, another usually more clean-cut and preppy-style clothing line, is pushing swimsuits for “every body” including men who are deluded into thinking they are actually women.

Why are Anthropologie, Target, Adidas, Nike, and Lands’ End so offtrack? Is it truly malice, or is it something else? At some level, it is malice. They are allowing mentally ill men to attack and conquer women’s and children’s spaces. They are forwarding an ideology that leads down a destructive path for its adherents (for many it ends in suicide).

At another level, it is corporate greed and an extravagant display of elitist sensibilities. These companies are desperate to get in good with the dictators that control the Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) agenda. They’d rather offend their customer base than get a poor score from the social justice/environmental cultists who have put these rules in place, such as BlackRock. Right now, the social justice warriors are pushing transgenderism as the next civil rights movement. They will force everyone to bend the knee to this agenda if they can.

America is still a capitalistic society; we can choose to shop with companies that aren’t succumbing to the erasure of women. Like men who are standing up to Anheuser-Busch, we women need to stop ceding ground in the name of empathy.

Either by outright spite or greed, these companies have demonstrated that they do, in fact, hate women.

Let’s vote with our wallets. Let’s shop at other places that aren’t pushing an ideology that’s making this world less safe for all women and ideologically kidnapping our children.



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