Such arguments are making their way into the lifeblood of the Israeli political mainstream, analysts say.


The Times of Israel has deleted a column calling for the obliteration of Palestine on the same day extremist nationalists marched through occupied East Jerusalem chanting “death to Arabs”. 

“Palestine must be obliterated,” the now deleted column read, “in order to make peace”.

Jeffrey Camras, the author of the piece, is an American writer who reportedly lives in Chicago.

While telling Palestinians to give up their idea of homeland – saying that “if you want rights, you have to give up your nationhood” – he even offered Palestinians descended from Jewish residents of historic Palestine, and willing to reject their Palestinian identity the opportunity, for “their return to our civilisation”.

“Shame on the Times of Israel for publishing such a venomous article,” tweeted Jamal Dajani.

In 2014, when Israel was pounding Gaza and killing scores of civilians, Yochanan Gordon from The Times of Israel asked readers “what other way then is there to deal with an enemy of this nature other than obliterate them completely?”

Then, as now, The Times of Israel’s article was published and then quickly deleted after a furious backlash from Palestinians.

The rejection of Palestinian identity is common among many in Israeli society, particularly the hard-right who are now in power in Israel.

Extremist Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich earlier this year declared there are “no Palestinian people”.



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  1. I have heard and read a lot of talk allegedly from Palestinians and other Arabic-type people and also Persians that was along the same vein save that it was about the Jewish Israelis. This situation is very old and does not seem to get any better with age. I wish that I knew the solutions to all of the world's problems.

    • Quentin, Palestine is a Hoax.
      There is No race of people or culture, ethnicity, language or Nation of Palestine. Never was.
      This area was a Region of the Ottoman Empire, which Syria tried to make claims to at the Paris Peace Conference in 1919, after WW1, due to their interest in the fact that the German's had acquired land back in 1868 and Cultivated the land, built much infrastructure with buildings. When the German's first arrived, there were about 4,000 Arab tent dwellers living in the area. In 1920 the Germans were forced out by Britian & became under their control.
      In 1933 – 1939 the Haavara took place, AKA The Transfer Agreement.
      This "Palestine Propaganda" serves as an illusion so to disperse Arab's across the United States, Canada & Europe.


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