US fake Secretary of State Anthony Blinken – in a desperate bid to keep his Rockefeller masters in business- offered China control of the political theater that has replaced US democracy, Asian secret society sources say. In particular, Blinken offered control of the Creative Artists Agency, the sources say. The Chinese turned it down because they already control most of it.

In case you didn’t know, CAA controls political actors like “President” Joe Biden. “Biden” has been represented by several different CAA artists.

“Biden” is just one of many such actors playing the role of politicians. “Congresswoman” Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Cortez, for example, was a waitress before she won a CAA audition to become a Congress actor.

This is CAA headquarters as seen from above. Note the eye. It represents a nearly successful attempt to replace Western Democracy with Babylonian political theater (CAA was not available for comment as this report went live).

For details please watch the video linked below. It is two hours long but a good introduction for people who are just waking up.

This theater is still continuing. As a recent example, corporate BS networks said they won’t televise US President Donald Trump’s remarks “because he’s a liar.” These are the same exact people who told you:

-Trump conspired with Russia

-Vaccines were safe and effective

-C19 did NOT come from a lab

-Hunter’s Laptop was Russian disinformation

Trump is not the only politician being censored. Alberta Premier Danielle Smith took to Twitter to say she has been banned from posting on [Rockefeller-controlled] Facebook for a few days. “Big tech and government censorship is becoming a danger to free speech around the world,” Smith tweeted on Wednesday.

“As the Premier of a province of 4.6 million Albertans- if they can prevent me from communicating with you, imagine what they can do to any one of us,” she said. Welcome to the club Premier Smith. This writer has been censored by Facebook, Google etc. for more than a decade.

In any case, the Chinese already bought control of the US political theater from the Rockefellers when they agreed to keep funding the fake US Biden regime earlier this month. That is why Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin said the United States needs to give up the illusion of dealing with China “from a position of strength.”

As soon as they got the Chinese money, “Biden” sent vast amounts of money to Ukraine to be laundered back to the US as bribes to the various political actors there. To help launder the money, they dropped charges against Sam Bankman-Fried of the FTX crypto-scam fame, Mossad sources say.

The other reason the Chinese turned to the most recent Blinken offer is that they know he does not represent the United States and that his Rockefeller masters are coming down hard.

“This regime is buttressed by the destruction of U.S. election integrity and the transformation of the U.S. Justice Department into a Leninist instrument of social hygiene, aimed at suppressing or eliminating legitimate American political opposition,” says Colonel Douglas MacGregor.

That is why the military is taking action. We have received multiple reports of military movements all over the US this past weekend. This appears to confirm what a Japanese military general told us about a big US move to take down the Biden show on June 18th.

Military movements have been detected in New York, Pennsylvania, Idaho, California, Kentucky, South Carolina, Michigan, Iowa, Arizona, Texas, Oklahoma, Washington, Virginia, Colorado, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ontario and Quebec. The videos below show some of this.

We contacted the Japanese general as this report was about to go live and he said – in an uncharacteristically excited voice- the whole thing would be over by the first 10 days of July both in Japan and the US. The same source says Donald Trump will be president and John F. Kennedy Jr. will be vice president. As always, we urge our readers to believe it when they see it because so many other promises have been broken.

Nonetheless, we are also hearing the white hats have taken control of the Biden show and have been forcing him to say and do bizarre things in public to help wake up the remaining sheeple. That is why he grabs women’s breasts in front of the TV cameras.

The latest example was him saying “God save the queen, man.”

We would like to ask the white hats to confirm they control “Biden” by having him remove his jacket and shirt at his next public appearance.

We also urge the white hats never to underestimate the Khazarian Mafia. In a sign of their power even as Blinken was being given the cold shoulder, the Chinese official Xinhua News Agency posted a picture of President Xi Jinping shaking hands with the wanted mass murderer Bill Gates.

Gates was likely asking for Chinese protection in exchange for giving them control of

US biological warfare technology inherited from the notorious Japanese Unit 731. This was hinted at when Gates announced a $50 million collaboration with Chinese Communist Party-controlled Tsinghua University which conducts research for the nation’s military. The “partnership” with Tsinghua, -where Xi graduated from in 2002- “involves studying potent viruses.”

It is clear from this announcement the KM want to sell their bio-weapons research to China ASAP because China is about to take over Taiwan and all the bio-weapons research there will fall into their hands anyway.

The other thing Gates probably offered China in exchange for protection is a vast satellite network, As Robert F Kennedy Jr. (who leads Trump in opinion polls) notes “One of Bill Gates companies has 61,000 satellites that will be able to watch every square inch of the planet.”

Needless to say, Gates is also almost certainly offering the Chinese control of the Microsoft computer technology.

Clearly, criminal oligarchs like Gates have only communist China left to flee to now because their control of Israel, Ukraine and the US is falling apart big time.

This is especially true of Ukraine where both the fake president Vladimir Zelensky and his top general Valery Zaluzhny have gone missing.

This is good news for the Jewish and Ukrainian people. “Zelensky is not Jewish, but a disgrace to the Jewish people…This is not a joke and not an attempt at irony, because today neo-Nazis, Hitler’s disciples, have been put on a pedestal as heroes of Ukraine,” Russian President Vladimir Putin says, quoting his Jewish friends.

The disappearance of his top lieutenants (yes they will probably produce CG to make this appear wrong) has flushed out the real leader of the genocidal government of the Ukraine: “Chief Rabbi” Moshe Reuben Azman

Azman claims to be a Jewish rabbi but his public support of the genocidal regime in the Ukraine makes it clear he is a Satanist. He is now being actively hunted by White Hat special forces. They are most likely to find him hiding in the basement of this giant Synagogue of Satan that was built by the KM as headquarters for their planned world Satanic human animal farm.

If you doubt that is true, Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova has confirmed what we have previously reported and that is that the Ukrainian government is trading “the organs of its people for Western military assistance.” The Ukrainian government “passed law 5831 on “Regulating the Transplantation of Human Anatomical Materialism” which allowed them to transplant organs without “notarized consent from the living donor or his relatives,” she told the world.

More evidence the Ukrainian regime is satanic is the ongoing genocide of Ukrainian men disguised as war. So far over 350,000 Ukrainian men have been slaughtered, many by having their organs removed after being injured. Now ALL Ukrainian men between the ages of 18 to 60 are being drafted and sent to their deaths.

Since the world figured out untrained men were being killed within four hours of being sent to the front, now they are pretending to use “NATO trained troops,” using countless billions of dollars worth of Western tanks, artillery, and infantry fighting vehicles. These are all being sent into kill zones though, so it is still slaughter.

“Either General Milley is an idiot of he is purposely slaughtering Ukrainian Troops,” an Iraq war veteran notes. “I used these tactics and set up the KILL LANES myself as a Combat Engineer…In 1980 we had truck-mounted lasers punching holes in M60 tanks 7 miles away,” he says.

This military reality is why Kremlin Spokesman Dmitry Peskov says “The objective of Ukraine’s demilitarization has actually been mostly achieved.”

This “checkmate” not only marks the end of Ukraine as we have known it, but of Western domination that had staked its future on its lies.

The multipolar world may be born this summer at several international summits. A new way of thinking which might no longer makes right, says French journalist Thierry Meyssan.

In another sign, the defeat in Ukraine means the defeat of the US Corporation, take a look at this photo of the fake US Secretary of State Blinken when he went on a failed begging mission to Saudi Arabia recently.

Notice the Saudi Flag is behind Saudi leader Mohammed Bin Salman but the US flag is not behind Blinken. This is a sign to the world he is not considered a representative of the US people.

Saudi Arabia has also now formed a military alliance with former arch-enemy Iran as well as with Pakistan, the Gulf States, Turkey and Egypt. China has also now come out to firmly support statehood for Palestine.

This means Israel now has no choice but to overthrow its KM leadership and make peace with its neighbors if it is to survive.

The KM have lost because the biggest instrument of their power, the control of the US dollar, is slipping out of their hands.

Saudi Arabia is just part of a growing list of countries that are quarantining any new dollars created by the US Corporations from the dollars owned by the rest of the world. Egypt, for example, has just announced they are doing the same thing.,been%20the%20prominent%20currency%20for%20international%20trade%20settlements.

This is also happening in Africa as the President of Kenya, Williams Ruto, calls on African nations to dump the US dollar for intercontinental trade.

What is true of Africa is true of most of the rest of the world. To understand just how isolated the KM is, take a look at what just happened at last week’s St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF)s in Russia. Despite calls for a boycott by KM G7 slave countries, 17,000 people from 130 countries showed up, Executive Secretary of the SPIEF Organizing Committee Anton Kobyakov told a press conference on Saturday. This included “Some 150 companies from 25 unfriendly countries,” he said. A total of $46 billion in deals was reached.


Even within the G7 countries, the disgust of the citizens with their government is widespread. In Canada, for example, 81% of the people want puppet leader Justin Castreau removed.

This comment about Canada by Henry Makow reflects common views about government throughout the West:

Led by Justin Castreau, the government takes orders from the WEF. The Canadian Broadcasting Commission, once a national stalwart, is now the state propaganda agency. No one watches or listens. The rest of the “legacy media” is also a joke. The universities are all controlled by Communists. The medical profession is totally discredited.

Speaking about a “totally discredited medical profession” A spike in deaths corresponding to the COVID vaccine rollout has been found in peer-reviewed analysis of Japan and Germany

With evidence like this coming up, no wonder Prof Peter Hotez MD PhD -a propaganda writer for the The Atlantic- claims that doctors should never debate “conspiracy theorists”.

This propagandist turned down an offer of $100,000 to debate RFK Jr. about a topic the KM claim he is wrong about.

“Only a propagandist hack who knows they can’t defend their position would turn down $100,000 to debate on the most listened-to podcast on Earth,” a Mossad Doctor comments. The pot has now been raised to $1.5 million but still, he refuses…

Truth is winning.

After more than 230 million Americans were vaccinated against covid-19, which is 70% (230,637,348 total considered fully vaccinated), now all three Covid vaccines have been recalled in the US. This means war crimes trials for the vaccinators are inevitable.

However, we are dealing with cornered rats who are literally fighting for their lives.

“The next 3-6 months will be the greatest extreme, spiritual warfare against [the people] by the planet’s ruling elites. They are preparing a new pandemic, catastrophes, fires, scaring everything possible. They say what they want to do in commercials, music, fashion, etc.,” Polish intelligence sources warn.

They are also going to try something financial. The Federal Reserve staff is putting out research papers talking about “bank friction”, which means stopping people from removing their money from banks, and preventing bank runs. It means they could be preparing to seize your money.

Also, in a sign of their desperation, you can watch a recent TV broadcast by Stephen Colbert where he “sacrifices” a human infant. As a Mossad source comments. “Colbert is a Satanist. This attached video is sick, not funny. And there is laughter in the audience. Maybe it’s fake ?” The thing about these people is that it could actually be real, sacrifice included.

In another sign of just how degenerate things are getting in the West, a man was caught having sex with a tree in Wiltshire, England. His pronouns are root and leaf

Weird for sure

And finally, we are seeing more and more preparation for some sort of “Alien” event. Former FBI Special Agent John DeSouza warns “It’s not aliens that will be attacking us. It will be your own governments with man-made crafts.”

Also, below you can see testimony by Eric Hecker on South Pole Station, DOMS and off-world vehicles. Notice that for some reason he only has hand-drawn illustrations as evidence.

(See attached video)

This was part of a massive press event sponsored by Lawrence Rockefeller.

We have many sources saying he is a white hat but, in my years of experience in dealing with these people I can tell you they try to discredit you by dragging you into the whole alien space opera business.

Nonetheless, we keep providing our readers with the latest UFO evidence from around the world because we know trillions of dollars have been spent over decades for some sort of space opera and think our readers need to be aware of this.

So, here are the latest UFO appearances from around the world.

1. UFO seen over Nevada

2. Same UFO seen by 5 different witnesses in Jalisco, Mexico

3. UFO seen over California USA

4. UAP seen over Canada 2023

5. Plasma energy craft over USA 01-03-2023

We will issue emergency updates this week if events warrant.




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