by Martin Armstrong,

I previously wrote that WOKE is by no means establishing EQUALITY – it is creating racism which is unconstitutional. This entire agenda is total nonsense. Gays are now being discriminated against as part of this propaganda movement behind Transgenderism. When companies make targeted racial composition goals for their employees, they have to engage in discrimination to achieve those goals. That is discrimination not to hire a white person who is more qualified because, like the White House, which wants a black girl – not even a black man as its spokesperson to appear WOKE.

Biden promised to appoint a black woman to the Supreme Court regardless of her qualification. Even if a black man would be better, it did not matter – do not apply. I watched the prosecutions in New York with amazement. They would put a black kid on trial, and he would magically get a black judge and a nearly full black jury where they would select the older blacks who were prejudiced against the young blacks shooting up the neighborhood. The judge would hand out a harsh sentence for these young blacks he would view as ruining his reputation.

There was a Chinese slave ship that ran aground on Long Island. The Chinese defendant magically got the only Chinese Judge Chin. I saw a Jewish guy get the maximum sentence because the judge was Jewish and he even said that he had disgraced his school that the judge also went to.

This nonsense that appointing a black woman would somehow rule in favor of blacks is such propaganda it is amazing. One lawyer accused a prosecutor of selecting a racially charged jury and the prosecutor then said he would make sure that lawyer was stripped of his license to practice in NY city.

The Supreme Court on Thursday ruled that race-conscious admission policies of Harvard College and the University of North Carolina violate the Constitution, bringing an end to affirmative action in higher education in a decision that will reverberate across campuses nationwide and corporate boardrooms. This is a wake-up call that WOKE is flat outright racial and unconstitutional. People who work hard and graduate at the top of their class find this insufficient. They will not be hired if they do not fit a racial quota for the company’s WOKE score. I am getting a lot of emails about this taking place already. This decision today will establish a critical precedent and unleash lawsuits against these WOKE companies who are engaging in racism to file some arbitrary score.

The court ruled 6-3 along ideological lines in the University of North Carolina case and 6-2 in the Harvard dispute. Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson recused herself. Chief Justice John Roberts authored the majority opinion, joined by Justices Clarence Thomas, Samuel Alito, Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh, and Amy Coney Barrett. Thomas read a concurring opinion from the bench. Justice Sonia Sotomayor also read her dissent aloud, the first time a dissenting justice has done so this term.

“The Harvard and UNC admissions programs cannot be reconciled with the guarantees of the Equal Protection Clause.” Satomayor’s dissent argued:

The Court concludes that Harvard’s and UNC’s policies are unconstitutional because they serve objectives that are insufficiently measurable, employ racial categories that are imprecise and overbroad, rely on racial stereotypes and disadvantage nonminority groups, and do not have an end point.




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  1. Awful truth be known, racism was one of the founding principles of the United States of America. Before that and after that, it was one of the founding principles of colonial expansion. Racism was also one of the founding principles of westward expansion. All of the original 13 states were slave states. In the original Constitution, there was a mathematical formula for electoral apportionment that counted each slave as having three fifths of the electoral weight of a white citizen. Racism was so universally accepted that it was just considered to be recognition of obvious reality. There were few debates or disagreements on the subject of what we now call "white supremacy" until the rise of he abolitionist movement during the early part of the 19th century.

    Racial discrimination took its first national and serious legal hits with the adoption of the 14th Amendment. Former Confederate states were told that their re-admission to the Union would be dependent upon their choosing to ratify the amendment. All former Confederate states would have much preferred to not be re-admitted except that the only alternative allowed to them would have been the continuation of occupation by federal troops and the ruinous oppression of direct federal rule. With re-admissioin, the formerly Confederate states were once again allowed to form their own governments in accordance with their own desires save that they were required to follow federal law on the same basis as other states. It did not take the "reconstructed" south very long to find ways around some of the new civil rights laws. Over the years, the federal courts interpreted the 14th Amendment to require that state and local governments apply the national Bill of Rights (Amendments One through Ten) on the same basis as the national government had been held to since 1791.

    This has been particularly difficult and painful in the matter of the Second Amendment. Formerly, the national government could regulate only the guns that were under its own ownership. State and local governments were free to enact whatever "gun safety" or other firearms related laws that they preferred. For example, reconstructed Tennessee required that all new handguns purchased within the state be Colt Model 1873 revolvers. The idea behind this was that a white man with a $20 gold piece would be able to afford a handgun whilst almost all non-white people would not be able to afford one.

    What it all comes down to is this. Racism is a property of the human mind and heart. it is not subject to banishment by laws, by court decisions, by cancel culture, by censorship, by civil war, by John Brown, by the Black Lives Matter movement, by national or state constitutions, or by shaming. The solution to racism is the same as the solution to "gun violence." What it is going to take is for people to like, respect, and care about one another much more than they presently do.

    • While you mention the (1868) 14th Amendment, which reads "Provision of the United States Constitution that assured Citizenship, personal liberties, & rights to freed slaves" you are neglecting the fact that the Irish were included in this. Do Not neglect the fact that the Irish were replaced by higher numbers after Thomas Jefferson made it illegal to import (black) African Slaves. "Importation of African Slaves became illegal, 1808" (highlight of his Presidency).
      First mentioned in 1865, the 13th Amendment, "Neither slavery or involuntary servitude will exist in the United States"…..
      So Quentin, from 1808 to 1861 black Africans were no longer imported to U.S., 53 years would pass for larger numbers of Irish slaves imported to America. Think logically. If the war was truly about slavery, it would have been too free the Irish Slaves as much, if not more, coming from a European perspective.


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