LONDON, June 29 (Reuters) – One of the world’s most common artificial sweeteners is set to be declared a possible carcinogen next month by a leading global health body, according to two sources with knowledge of the process, pitting it against the food industry and regulators.

Aspartame, used in products from Coca-Cola diet sodas to Mars’ Extra chewing gum and some Snapple drinks, will be listed in July as “possibly carcinogenic to humans” for the first time by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), the World Health Organization’s (WHO) cancer research arm, the sources told Reuters.

…But we said this way back:

This was 14 years ago!


There are several more items in our archives, but you get the message!

And we were labelled “conspiracy theorists”, tin foil hatters etc etc.

Well, the conspiracy theorist nutbars here at Uncensored news were right. Again.

Sad part is though, that incalculable damage has taken place in the seventeen years since our first items on this topic warned (with reputable references and sources) that Aspartame was a health hazard. Seventeen years. Good grief.


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  1. Simply just one of the multi-poisonous additives to our food supply. amazing how people still can stand upright walk and talk by this level its reached. The Fuse was put in play I think a lot longer than 17yrs of knowing this product. Sucral and other poisons have also made their kill pack with many lives already. Or provides a catalyst to other components that may generate in the gut of all whom consume such products. (even the clause it approved by adding ingredients to labels, leaning on "Learn to Read food labels" -101. The human mind is incredible the eye's being one primary peripheral that can read at amazing speed, process.) so reading labels is easy fast and not Hard to perform at a rack etc. Another mark as to what to how our educational systems are producing. Can't read no math no science of reality. Just evil taunting and "Tom-foolery" all health is maintained by what goes into the mouth. Or is that now a new term of use. "Utter"

    • I was reading how organisms can change, their DNA altered in order to survive on a new food source. The fact that we are still upright, albeit not as healthy as we'd like to be, is a testiment to the adaptability of the human organism and our adaptability to change.

  2. Much worse than that it is used in most of the health products vitamins and health foods of a very well know company that has Health shops through out UK and I notice it is in vitamins like vitamin C which takes away the benefits. Yes you did say that long ago and I agreed with you long ago and tried to find vitamins and foods that do not contain it which is when I discovered that so many foods and vitamins do contain it. I would prefer if it was withdrawn from the market instead of being named as a "possible carcinogen".


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