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– Windlander


The long-awaited military move against the Khazarian Mafia in the West appears to be unfolding. The riots in France, Belgium and Switzerland bear all the hallmarks of this. Men in identical black uniforms wearing police-style boots are wreaking havoc across the continent while pretending to be Muslim protesters. This is classic military agent provocateur action designed to ready public opinion for martial law. It is the age-old P3 Freemason “ab chao ordo” or “order out of chaos” strategy. The idea is to create so much mayhem the citizenry welcomes a military take-over to “restore order.”

The fact this type of sabotage is taking place in Switzerland means some sort of military-type move against the BIS, the WHO and other KM power centers there is likely. The same is true of Belgium where the European Union has its headquarters. The other thing to note is the “Muslim” rioters are systematically targeting Chabad death cult facilities across Europe.

These “riots” appear to be coordinated with “pride events” promoting homosexuality and pedophilia. Notice the French riots started just as former male prostitute and fake French President Emmanuelle Macron was appearing at an event promoting homosexuality.

This happened in tandem with simultaneous marches throughout the West featuring naked men parading in front of children. They were chanting things like “We’re here, we’re queer and we are coming for your children.”

If it had been naked women on parade you can be sure the police would have acted. Maybe that is because naked men are less of a traffic problem since passing drivers would look away from them, not at them. More likely it was contrived to force the sleepwalking sheeple awake.

To make this a personal threat to the average citizen, they are also trying to force them to accept people with penises into women’s bathrooms. When your daughter is accosted by a bearded pervert pretending to be a woman it forces you to get involved.

In another move to wake the sheeple, the fake Joe Biden presidential avatar is making many bizarre performances and statements. For example, he said “I sold a lot of state secrets and a lot of very important things…” while meeting with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The corporate propaganda media tried to cover this up as a “joke,” but we all know it’s true.

Next, listen to the fake masked Biden talk about Russia losing the Iraq war. He really is suffering from dementia.

Also, Joe Biden slurred his way through a train wreck of an interview Thursday, claiming there was a civil war in the U.S. in 1960 and mixing up the Constitution and the Declaration Of Independence before wandering off the set like a lost Alzheimer’s sufferer.

“Joe’s avatar will soon put all whistleblowers out of work, he’s such a one-man red pill machine,” Pentagon sources comment.

At the same time as “Biden” acted like a senile buffoon, Congress passed resolution 503 calling for the impeachment of Joe Biden “for high crimes and misdemeanors,” and yet not a word about this from the corporate media presstitutes.

We know the real Biden is long gone but the point here is the Joe Biden symbol of corporate power is being actively set up for formal (optical) impeachment, CIA sources comment.

Also, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy says Congress is going to impeach Biden’s Attorney General Merrick Garland based on information coming from whistleblowers.

Another thing we notice is that thousands of flights are being canceled around the United States as the July 4th holiday approaches. This is to prevent Khazarian mafia members from escaping, pentagon sources say.

We also got a very definitive explanation of what the so-called Q movement and Donald Trump have to do with all this activity. Former SAS Riccardo Bosi explains the entire Q movement was started by


about 300 or 400 mostly Navy and Marine officers. They originally thought of staging a military coup but realized it would involve killing large amounts of American civilians. So, they decided instead to act slowly and systematically in accordance with military law. This is why it has been taking so long. However, it has now reached a point where nothing can stop what is coming, Bosi says.

As an example of how unstoppable this movement has become “Sen. Lindsey Graham was booed, jeered, and insulted from the moment he took the stage until he walked off it, and was later laughed at and booed again during Donald Trump‘s speech, during the Pickens, South Carolina MAGA rally on Saturday.”

This photograph of Graham with executed traitor John McCain and Tim Ozman aka Osama bin Laden, explains the treatment he got.

“There are only three branches of the US government now, one is BlackRock, the other is Raytheon the other is the pharmaceuticals…We have to get control of this very corrupt elite in this country…“I don’t think we’ll ever get to the 2024 election…I think things are going to implode in Washington before then,” is how Colonel Douglas MacGregor describes the situation.

However, multiple sources say this process is going to keep unfolding over the summer and not to expect any sudden change exactly on July 4th.

Nonetheless, in a sign the military really is taking action, more than 300 Canadian soldiers are suing the government over damage caused to them by vaccine mandates. We warn them to make sure the judge presiding over the case is not a Freemason.

The Canadian Parliament is helping these soldiers by introducing a bill making vaccine mandates illegal. (for details watch the video below)

Chrystia Freeland, the real criminal behind the vaccine and other crimes by the communist Castrudeau regime in Canada is also now getting exposed.

Another sign of real movement is Congress acting against CISA, Big Tech, and government-funded third parties for colluding to censor Americans. As a long-term victim of Google, Facebook etc. censorship, it is good to see action finally being taken against these enemies of truth and free speech.

There is also evidence of some sort of financial anomaly taking place that could be the trigger for the long-awaited reboot (not reset) of the social economic system. The Federal Reserve Board is now undeniably bankrupt according to their own St. Louis Branch website. As you can see from the dramatic graph at the link below, the FRB has not been paying money it is legally obliged to give to the US government since September of 2022.

If the checks of a private business like the FRB bounce, it means they are bankrupt.

Also, with interest rates rising as much as they have, junk-rated companies are going to have to pay 80% more in interest over the coming months as their loans get rolled over. This will also affect mortgages and non-junk borrowing. It just means the collapse of the current system is a mathematical certainty.

In another sign the KM is running out of money, the Soros Foundation has announced it is firing “at least 40%” of its staff.

However, they are still trying to pretend that it is all business as usual by issuing fake statistics.

For example, they say in the fourth quarter of 2022, real GDP rose 2.6 percent even though real gross domestic income (GDI) fell 2.3 percent in the first quarter. The two numbers should be more or less the same.

They are also trying to cover up an ongoing run against the banks by magically turning $65 billion of deposit outflows for domestic banks into $48.3 billion of inflows.

We have also been alerted by MI6 to events in Sri Lanka that could affect the entire world’s financial system. They shut down all their banks for 5 days starting on June 30th and MI6 says that is to install new financial architecture. “If it works there, then the rest of the developing world is expected to follow,” they say.

This move came after months of arguing between the IMF (Rothschilds), the World Bank (Rockefellers) and the Chinese over that country’s debt. The KM financiers asked China to write off Sri Lanka’s debt and China said OK if you do the same. The KM said no. This argument is being repeated across the world.

We notice corporate reporters are puzzled that even though IMF and World Bank bureaucrats approve new loans to places like Pakistan, the money never appears. They keep getting told to “wait for the next G7 meeting,” but the meetings come and go and still no money.

The MI6 source says all developing countries may soon renounce their loans to the IMF and World Bank.

In what appears to be a related move by the French Rothschilds to break with the Rockefellers, bankrupt Argentina decided to use Chinese yuan and Special Drawing Rights (SDRs) to make a payment that was due to the IMF. What this means is the IMF pretended to pay itself by conjuring up SDRs out of nowhere and by borrowing from the Chinese.

The important point to note here is no US dollars were involved. The last time the French tried to do something like this French IMF head Dominique Strauss-Kahn was falsely accused of raping a maid and fired. This came immediately after he found out the IMF gold that was supposed to back the SDR as a dollar replacement had been stolen by the Feds. Maybe this new move by the French has something to do with the riots in France.

We also saw ECB President Christine Lagarde claiming “climate change affects inflation,” in another sign the KM wants to use “climate crisis” as the new scare tactic to extort money from the masses. This coincides with toxic waste being burned in cities and blamed on “Canadian wildfires caused by climate change.” Also, note she is appearing on a screen and not in person. This helps confirm white hat reports the real Lagarde has already been arrested.

This invocation of a “climate crisis,” seems to be a cover-up for the bankruptcy of the EU. Polish intelligence reports Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán -who has been attending an EU summit meeting- says “The only question everyone is asking here in Brussels is: Where has the money gone?”

He asked this because the European Commission submitted a budget amendment proposal asking member states to pay tens of billions of euros. “The question arises: How did this situation come about and how did they bring the European Union to the brink of bankruptcy…Just 2 years into the 7-year budget, #Brussels is running out of money. How did this happen? What happened to the budget? …they want to get €50 billion from the member states to give to Ukraine, while they cannot even account for the money we have given them so far.”

This lack of money is connected to a move to stop KM theft from the European, American and Japanese people in the name of various crises be they “pandemics,” or “Ukraine,” or now “climate change.”

Their fraud is now being systematically exposed. It turns out almost every temperature measurement station operated by the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is corrupted to make the country appear “hotter” than it really is, effectively reinforcing the “global warming” hoax, the Polish report. According to a study by the Heartland Institute, 96% of NOAA temperature stations do not meet the agency’s standards for “uninjured placement.” Most of them are located near objects that trap or generate heat, thus falsifying their readings.

Here is another example:

USA Today Article: March 8, 2022 —> GMO mosquitoes released in Florida

CNN Article: June 27, 2023 —> Malaria recorded in Florida USA, first time in 20 years

Soon we can expect a headline declaring “Climate change brings malaria to Florida.” Then we will see a push for “Malaria vaccines.” Who stands to profit from a Malaria vaccine? “Playbook Known. Nowhere left to Hide,” Pentagon sources say…

Now let us look at the ongoing Ukraine war crimes and fraud.

To start, look at this photo from July 2006 of George W. Bush dining with a somewhat unrecognizable Vladimir Putin, at a function in St. Petersburg, Russia catered by Yevgeny Prigozhin (pictured standing right).

This is around the time the Bush clan proposed a new cold war with Russia as a way to feed the military-industrial complex.

Also, there was another agenda at work. The Rand Corporation told the US government it needed to cut off German energy ties to Russia if it was to stop the EU from becoming a competitor, the Polish say. In the end, this was accomplished by blowing up the Nordstream II pipeline. The result: Germany alone was looted to the tune of $132 billion last year by the KM.

This is the same Rand Corporation that advised blowing up Japanese nuclear power generators at Fukushima to stop Japan from becoming energy independent.

Who benefited from both attacks: the Rockefellers.

The KM criminals are also now trying to benefit from the genocide in Ukraine. Below you can see Irish Member of the European Parliament, Mick Wallace, get his mic cut off as he describes how KM outfits like BlackRock have been stealing Ukrainian agricultural land and industrial assets.

“It looks like extermination of its own population,” a Ukrainian soldier tells Vice about the situation at the front.

There is also a lot of corporate theater accompanying these crimes.

“Everything is a movie. What these people wear every day… who they meet, when/where they meet… what they say to each other… how it’s filmed and edited… it’s all one big show,” Pentagon sources say.

This video of Vladimir Zelensky and Greta Thunberg’s meeting is a good example.

“Everybody knows that Zelensky is in no way an independent figure. He is being told what to do, which policy to pursue…it is senseless to speak with him,” Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov says.

Now that the KM theater has been exposed, it is being turned against them. For a good laugh watch this video of Ukrainian singer Ruslana, and winner of Eurovision 2004, demanding F-16 fighter jets. She’s got her helmet on but for some reason, she’s forgotten to wear pants.

Then there was that whole Wagner Coup opera. As Polish intelligence explains;

“The Western services reached Prigozhin and wanted to manipulate him. Prigozin sensed a lot of money and thought about what to do to keep the wolf full and the sheep whole. He called the Kremlin and revealed everything. – ‘What should we do?’ he asked. He got an answer. We’ll do a theater. Let the West think they’ve succeeded…for one day…”

Now the real Wagner has been deployed in Belarus, only 80 kilometers from the Ukrainian capital Kyiv.

Of course, we do not expect the KM to go silently into the night.

Victoria Nuland, head of US State Department, has officially stated in a video conference with Kyiv that WWIII will effectively begin on July 11th, stating that the US and its partners will fight as long as it takes – 16 years or more…The scheduled date was chosen to coincide with the NATO Summit, a one-day meeting in Lithuania.

My question is why is that beast even still alive? Or is she?

The other big question still hanging in the air is when will the long-anticipated space opera begin?

It may have already started, as this video of a Russian missile downing an invisible craft seems to indicate.

We now know the video of the Russians missile below is faked.
We know agencies try to feed us real information so that they can slip in disinformation and sometimes they manage to get through our filters
We are grateful to readers for pointing them out

Then, as usual, there are UFO sightings coming in from all over the world on a weekly basis. Here are some of the latest:



1. A cloaked mother ship. We are told that they will de-cloak when the masses are ready. Or is it a lenticular cloud with sheet lighting? Let us see.

2. A UAP over Warsaw, Poland 2023

3. A rotating UAP over Florida 26-06-2023

4. Multiple Orbs over Mexico

5. A UFO flashes by over the California ocean 29-06-2023

Finally, as a reminder we have seen space opera before, check out his video of the “moon landings” sent to us by the P3 Freemasons.

Ok with that Bluebeam me up for this week Scotty.



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