Offers support for study of “solar radiation modification”

According to a report in Politico, The Biden administration has “offered measured support for the idea of studying how to block sunlight from hitting Earth’s surface as a way to limit global warming.”

Yes, really, they’re down for blocking out the Sun.

The report notes that the White House released a report to Congress late on Friday that “indicates that the Biden administration is open to studying the possibility that altering sunlight might quickly cool the planet.”

“A program of research into the scientific and societal implications of solar radiation modification (SRM) would enable better-informed decisions about the potential risks and benefits of SRM as a component of climate policy, alongside the foundational elements of greenhouse gas emissions mitigation and adaptation,” the White House report said, adding “SRM offers the possibility of cooling the planet significantly on a timescale of a few years.”

While conceding that there are no plans for a research program on the idea, the White House suggested the idea could be undertaken with “appropriate international cooperation.”

The report also notes that the EU has “signaled a willingness” to discuss researching how to go about blocking out the Sun.

“Guided by the precautionary principle, the EU will support international efforts to assess comprehensively the risks and uncertainties of climate interventions, including solar radiation modification and promote discussions on a potential international framework for its governance, including research related aspects,” the European Parliament and European Council said in a joint communication Wednesday.

As we have previously noted, this idea is fully supported by Dr Stranglove-a-like Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum.

It’s also an idea loved and being pursued by Bill Gates:

Will Gates still be flying around in his private jet when the source of all life on the planet is blocked out?

Imagine the frothing hysteria if someone who wasn’t a beloved globalist was seriously suggesting putting a massive shield in space to block out the Sun:

Lets fling this idea in the crazy pile on top of the these other nutball suggestions:

The good news is that the more they push this type of lunacy, the more people resist:


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  1. Block the Sun by Chemical assault of our Air-Ways? [part 2 continued].
    Sense of it. Foolish action. What have we done but allow super smart people thinking of breaking a something so jewel refined and reverse/change its feature of perfection. That I call then Super Dumb and Big Error. Block the sun from the earth. Why not call upon your enforcer of stupid to fly their planet sized ship in front of the sun, which can do all the same kill shot effect. Let it sit there for 1000 yrs. For off world intelligence to perform such be a weekend to their timelines.
    The planet would simply shut down after all life is extinguished and become another Ice covered Rock. No life shall exist.

    Is bill gates the man. I could rattle hundreds of words some would be cased in 4 letter reference. How to what have we become. Bill Klaus Yuval to check a few. Unbalanced thinking you can control the whole world, control chip all the heads of every human on planet to control by your lead in command. Really! think again but change to being constructive. Lets here your story! Maybe we release all zoo animals and Force Place you to change places with them. Or better yet Toss you all into the Lions Den and watch from the gallery! Same type of thinking is really also non constructive. Who is to we shall judge least we judge ourselves. Think in belief we all know far better to this action.

    Humans are bio-logical computers already. Only as smart as to what was programmed into us what we learn at schools and universities or other entities with great minds willing to share instructions. Or to learn by example. Replicate practice and master.
    Yet we can know how to flip a wicked burger with all those degrees of knowledge.

    Heck we can melt wax add some flame and call that a table candle, and what we can do with what we have learned, process thru the theory and practical and combined them to action.

    Maybe rethink your approach. my backing words in an excuse to lay blame on your choices might be startling to most.
    Okay I'll hit the hammer to nail head. Idiot thinking. Too error is your right as to being human of this form. Why did you come here? only to get lost within yourselves and that goes to all whom think to dominate and change the order of the sand box to fit your description on how the matrix sand box shall run. (do that in your own backyard zen garden – next week rake the sand the other way. Be satisfied with what you have robbed the world with and by).
    Failure at every next step in the program you exhibit to attempt to control the world. Incorrect mind set. As you gave up your fake seat in a company you claim to create. Doubt that in every instance. We the people We the AI of all things We are the Human Race. as it looks even you too look all but the same in a witness line up. We all are the dominants that decide upon ourselves the 1st thing first as always we do. We too are just as dumb as you, or as smart or some case even much more smart. Mr Gates. As some might rattle off "Get a Life". hmmm

    Its only until someone else, may think of a similar or may think to plot it on paper and check pro and con to a decision platform as such. Don't Play with fire. It can burn Canada and Quebec! Let alone 1 tera-watt lasers shooting at housing targets in California mountain ranges from 45 thousand feet.
    Take it to Middle east and destroy others for their lands too. What Industrial complex believes to think it can do by such process and effect.
    We like the way the original authors to whom created this rock and its all beautiful features of all things. Just the way it was originally setup. If you don't like your spot in the sand box. Find another sandbox.
    Be more constructive to all things for all things living can or disagree right by your thought in creation let alone listen to your inner thoughts of ignorance. We all are here for a purpose.
    Destroying the land you stand on is not a rightful decision. Let alone set fire under my foot!.

    Why have we destroyed ourselves, allowed ourselves now to be accepting minds controlled by other mental unbalanced minds to sit in Leaders chairs, only to be puppet controlled by someone else strings. Makes no sense.
    Why shall, should we even accept someone else controlling thoughts to manipulate/puppet us, by your view point. No wonder off world entities call us "Dear Ones" they are from our future, know better than us. Maybe they are about to nuk the planet to start again. Maybe they're entertained by the methods we have done nothing but know how to build good sand castles. Could they be the same yet playing with us as their toys. Only to full fill a 3D experience and hologram living as we during our presence of lives past. ( How many times have we all been here before doing all the same in a life time ago or the many skin we have worn to endure a different view point to learn Lessons! ). Maybe replay an Akashic record in V/R and see with in the eye's of us so they may too learn more.
    I on my border-gate cross was informed 1st light, Its a test ground, Its a prison planet, EVERYONE MUST GO THRU THIS PROCESS.

    They watch see know all. After all they created us. Track us – akashic us to see after we did a thing and analyze. Human construct is a computer yet we create computers by image of our thinking constructs. I'm sitting in front of a few right now key dancing. So Now we create AI computers with legs arms peripheral device all the same. Only as yet smart as to how it was 1st programmed. Replication Replication dito!
    Sitting on every shoulder is a head inside this construct is a brain/cpu – eye's nose mouth ears – all peripheral device to operate talk with the brain. Give it a heart, configure it with basic's and create a program where it can self sustain. Food or a power pod. No matter. How ever its programmed, then it can function. So does and is of this magnificent planet we all stand walk run drive'n fly on. Stop your foolishness or our creators are about too and they will.
    We're being buttered up because all we do is Dog Chase our own tail. We never get it right. Perfect example: By these minds believing they can best our Creators. Not one shall create a something with such power that it cannot go into a back door push a button and stop the crazy action its become. Or simply pull the plug it will stop soon enough without a power source.
    Same with AI. And we foolishly believe AI can best us. Nothing is as good by to what knowledge base its 1st set with as I repeat.
    Add more instructions! it can function more. Up to a point. Blocking the sun is like standing on a nuclear bomb just as its activation has started to split an atom. "Ignition point" Point of no return!. Someone mentally and actively pushed pulled the Trigger. Less you know your target, Such action can do harm. In of this world Big Harm.

    The chain reaction beyond control would certainly have an effect. Suggestion to all – Rethink and make change to how we all think and act.

    Just an Example: idiom what ever! Our life is of this, is similar to a large Jar on someones desk with a packet upon packet of Sea Monkeys added to create anatomic life within. Bill gates feels its all okay to add zillion tons of Ink to the Jar! That be us to our creators. So less you and or all care to be extinguished again for another term of Gaia to shut down and recreate new foot hold. We can easily be wiped out because we have never learned to know we are all the same. Or is that…. care too!. In a crowd gee look All Human from this elevation they are all the same. Simple Different Skin colors. Amazing. We all are truly magnificent creations. Yet some enjoy watching us Die melt disfigure and play with our genetics without anyone even knowing. Okay might be some on inside that know and very few to whom learn to see these things. (2nd view/chance you do interpret many signals many do not see or are too lazy to care to want to learn to see any one wishing may be learned or educated to do so and action results by its methods).
    Maybe even to an extent of this "Experiment" Our creators are simply no different in such practice as to how they can of let this program experiment reach so far out of control.
    They're return to check on us, see by all an everything to the exact status condition and what we have done with this Rock. NEXT. an just what is that for us in plan. 5D consciousness. Its already here 12D same. We just do not know any better than we have past and or present. We simply have not yet properly learned Too!
    Our source to knowledge and evolution to Climb out of this Matrix Construct. Even that needs a table and wire modifications. Hi Neo!. Sorry bro your not the one. !
    Someone else who is off balance makes decisions like this and we are forced to accept their measure and outcome. Not on your life. Have we not learned a schmick of a thing by our previous history of all the same idiot decision. Seems those are rampant. Yet Man survives in a form only to recreate the same thing over and over again.

    The whom is pulling the strings of this stage show. Well 1st off as we or as the definition goes! To Error is to be human. The world is already destroyed enough. What think you can hop on a ship and get off and hide its effects, step on a plate escalator and worm hole to Mars or Moon to live the X-yrs whilst earth restructures!. Sure so can anyone. When you die. Been there done that age 21. I did jump 2 stages. I reached a bliss state. Said I'm finally here. No sorry your going back you have more important things yet to accomplish. Maybe its just this one message triggering me into "Add a Comment".
    I was tossed back into the pond after 2 times expressing. "I'm not going back there" sorry your going back and Pop! I was back in a broken body. Dr Steven Greer mentioned 2016 post he too died age 18. Pls come an kill us we know better "Free us from this trauma"!?.
    In all true honesty getting a second chance we do appreciate now love the role as to what we have here. And enjoy to see to learn more. Yet someone like you people types think different. Do not think for me or anyone other than yourself (PERIOD). Or Eject – freedom of self thinking is over!
    Your thinking, out and off balance also shown out of control! if you think to control a world and you have not yet achieved that crystalline 5D mind set and light body. Back into the toaster for all of you. Simply a slice off the same Loaf. And think that loaf was not baked right! Smells good doesn't. "All but an Illusion."
    But maybe your rock next might be your own worst nite mare somewhere in the multi-verse.
    Choice is of 'the now time' me thinks in a share to thought.

    Something we all have. And if we do not make change to the way we think.n.Act. this planet I feel shall get that recourse of the other 4/5 times we may have tried this.
    Oh Joy another 1.5 million years of evolution to try at. What another challenge to recreate and walk in a new sand box.
    Not one person, as per Cobra on this earth is any the ready. Why is that. Many whom are here have been 100's of years in hiding, the addition of light workers, off world incarnates let alone off world 5/6/7D types here to help us thru change to making the "RIGHT CHANGE" going to matter. Don't think to believe they're any different looking than the you me. Created in the 5-star of david configuration. So are our creators. Delegates of Source. Or as by some created by the other side of midnight. the unsource. or too even that is a lie. Dogma per say.

    Why have we allowed/ACCEPTED mentally unbalanced puppets to sit in all our world leader positions. Something in error along the way was caught in all your wicked minds. Why have the powerful Americans allowed such mind types to actually sit and be puppet chained to a yanker/wanker.

    And if this type of progress is to be anything but for a few mental retards to run.n.own the planet. Rethink that all the puppets out there and or their controllers right now. 'Or else'.

    You don't want to know the "Or Else Conclusion" We must make amends to ourselves our neighbor friends and enemies we created loved an let go past memories etc.
    Live to the best to what we are originally given. Or be careful to high speed items that you might not see coming. How is it! in a blinding flash of light.
    Pick any article/post out there. Noise and lies. "Everything is a lie everything we're told is a lie!" Yet not one person upon this earth has a constructive solid balanced response to know better as too "How to change the lie – I might have thought to try a go at it – nor I fit into this description, think I am still human. To reset the lie to the TRUTH, Save the World!" how to save humanity from itself. I can't wait to say bye again an learn to find the right light minded expression to convince my dual. Hey-Me what do I have to do to not go back again. My 2nd trip crossing the border gate might even be different the next door swing.
    I like to what I have created an have been able to step thru challenge myself accept myself and know to what I have also achieved by such a gift again! all by an after second chance from a serious motorbike accident.
    I like all and see the beauty of all things love all things and know to love but some part of that is so hard to continue with this newer challenges in confrontation, set by such minds believing they can control my decisions for me, inject me with poison and nano-Tech so they can change me to a hardware controlled device. Once again, Not on Your Life. Believe to think all eye's reading this would agree all the same. We all are unique also by this and these all features given by our creator.
    Ol'adi " Its really hard to Soar Like an Eagle, when you fly with Turkeys!. Right now Its hard for all living things to bare this type of exposure. I see it in my forest animals I feed. They don't have problems other than to what man has destroyed the eco systems already and there is really nothing for them already as of now to eat and sustain themselves. Last choice now is.
    They are in survival mode, seek the cities and towns of compassionate people as such to feed them out of LOVE. Change or life shall change you. One way or another.

    Can we re-create our own Second Chance to make this World Beautiful again. I forgive you all and still love you knowing you all/We all can do to this planet. An blocking the sun. Chemically dumping billions of tons of destructive chemicals for us all to breath. 7×24 bombing treatment then energize it by zillion watts of microwaves to change the weather. Lie to all saying its vapor trail. Its what is added to that vapor trail is significant. And do no drop a glass down during rain storm and drink it thinking its real pure water. (once a time It was. Love our indigenous to share their history with us. – No these same types do not wish too. Destroy them too. Stop and think just for a second, Had/have we our ancestors to these lands learned to love them 1st and merge minds hearts and souls with all these lands tribes peoples. We too would be a whole different Light of life Right Now. – Give all the Stolen Robbed raped pillaged lands back to them all. ) and that be a start to one of the most smart corrections. My heart and love for their continuing discrimination and trauma they have had to endure by these minds. Amazing Hearty loving peoples.) can they forgive. Yes they can. But they too like anyone, call out to the universe and have received. and live each and every day no different than rest of us but under heavier stressors. Next Stop this Chemical Air Pollution. Immediately. Sorry Bill really zillion times over. Bad Idea.

    It is certainly not ink to water experiment. Life has no right and wrong. Only Experiments. The Failed experiments are simply part of the process. Time to make change and correct the failed experiments, right the fallen and set things onto a prosperous future we all deserve to witness.

    Tyranny does not work, communism does NOT WORK. Pattern Socialism DOES NOT WORK!.

    RockerFellowz designed a method out of tyranny/madness and we tried, Evil thought action and demonic trade also has error.
    Accept the things to know we may not change. Engage in power to know we all can UNIT an actually Make that Change. And Help us to know better by the faults we all carry until freed by walking thru the border gate door and see Nirvana/Shangra'la/ Utopia or simply call out! ….–>> Hi Mom Dad I'm home again. !!

    Please Stop this entire madness clown show and foolishness rubber heads puppets and xyz's of you all.

    maybe consider posting this as a main post. Titled. "Reaching Critical or has it just passed Reached"

  2. Annunaki are and more so their alliance in bets with Orion Grp as head push to the slave feature of earth. Its all the pyramid of illuminati and sorts, Process is now in gear, seeing few or 3 or 4 actual sunsets of just full grey sky and orange dotted sun. As this process murders more of the eco system and most believe only vapor trails as 1st told and seeded. (its really the content of such vapor trail people need understand. sleight of hand in sorts. highest level of poisonous breathing anyone can do on the planet). Only matter of time. days on end. Its the fall out that kills. Yet people ignore its all signs. Nothing flying at nite few moths is left few fire flies an not much more. Have not seen bats even in my local n.Ont.Cda. Incredible rain storms like a lake is unzip'd and dropped. Land erosion happens before ones eye's in micro view. Lil at a time. since 2002 8-10inche soft surface is lost. Trees now are pulling out of ground or breaking or flash dying from inside out.

  3. They have been spraying us for years and now that we are starting to notice they want to make it legal for the most stupid and ignorant claim of climate change caused by fossil fuels .We are being played as fools that they believe we are.

  4. Has anyone noticed that the idea for blocking the sun is actually what got us into this mess in the first place?Didn't the anunnaki come here to gather gold to block out the sun on their own planet?And then decide to stay and takeover this one?And transform us into whatever served them best?And since it is said that some of them came back,this same idea is also back!?Kinda makes you wonder who is really pulling the strings!


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