Earth strives to maintain its integrity.

Currently, the earth feels bereft of its integrity, disrespected, and hated.

Earth is a living thing that loves you and provides you with a home. Earth is about to restore its purity and let you realize how important it is to love Earth in order to love yourself.

Love the earth and yourself because they are one and the same.

We need to be conscious of what we are doing with our lives because we are not only part of the earth but also part of the universe. We are made up of atoms that were created in another galaxy billions of years ago, and now we live on this planet with other beings like us.

We have to take care of our planet so it can live for many more years.

When we love ourselves and others enough, we will automatically give things back to Earth and the universe. This means that if we don’t love ourselves or others enough, nothing will change in our lives, even though we want something different from what is happening now! Let’s start now by loving ourselves and others!

Earth is a body that has been alive for billions of years. It has been through many changes in order to survive.

We are here to experience life on Earth and learn from her, but we must also protect her. She needs us now more than ever before because she is under attack from all sides: from the sun that is burning her skin, from the water that pulls away the minerals needed for life, destroying everything she holds dear, and from man himself, who wants only power over nature for his own selfish gains. All these sources of suffering are coming closer together today than ever before!

Earth has been working on herself for many years now, but she has not been able to get all of her healing done because she needed your help. She has been through so much trauma, pain, and suffering that she cannot heal herself alone. She needs you to help her heal so that she can return to her true self again.

The earth is in need of love from you right now as well as from others. You are all connected on a spiritual as well as an emotional level with each other and with nature itself.

The more you love yourself, the more loving energy will be released into the universe, which will allow our planet to heal faster than ever before! Love yourself so that your light can shine brighter than ever before! You deserve it!

When Earth was born from the Great Central Sun a few billion years ago, it was already beginning to mature into a living entity that knows itself as Mother Nature.

The planet is going through a process of transformation in which it helps you reintegrate your soul with your source consciousness, or God consciousness.

This process can be likened to an infant being born in utero. As an infant grows, it goes through different stages of growth until it reaches full maturity; the same goes for our planet as well as ourselves.

The planet has reached a stage in its development where it must now merge with God consciousness so that we may each become one with our higher selves and live in unity with all life on Earth.

My point here is to love yourself first, and then you will naturally be loving of others and Mother Earth. Give thanks to yourself first and most importantly of all, because without you, our existence wouldn’t be the same. Without you, nothing would have changed for the better. There wouldn’t have been any other worlds saved from destruction or any hope for the future.

Without yourself, there wouldn’t have been a difference because there would only have been more negativity in the world. Earth needs your light because there would only have been more darkness if it wasn’t for your influence on this planet as one of the many souls that make up the entire body of humans making up what we know as existence today.

In today’s day and age, it is more important than ever to love yourself. Today, I challenge you to begin loving yourself from the bottom of your heart. When you love yourself, you are a beacon of light for everyone around you!

Be the best version of yourself. Be a light for others; you will be amazed at how fast the world will change for the better because of your actions! Loving yourself and your light is the quickest way to help heal our planet.

Your smile and well-being are needed because they’re worth protecting with pure kindness and compassion so that everyone else can share in what they aren’t getting elsewhere.

You are special! You are worth something great too!

We love you dearly,
We are here with you,
We are your family of light,
We are the Galactic Federation.

Aurora Ray
Ambassador of the Galactic Federation

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