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  1. This information is all utterly false. A demonic trap to ensnare souls. Don’t believe it.
    It’s the biggest lot of nonsense I’ve heard put out by people fooled by demonic entities they pretend to warn about.
    For a start the credits at the end refer to people who made the video as the ‘light bringers’.
    This is a similar term used by Lucifer who was the ‘light bringer’ before he fell from grace.
    Archons are just demonic entities and aliens don’t exist but are just demons appearing in different guises. They’re all the same.
    The video claims Archons created the Ruwanda massacre to stop New Age teachings being taught. New Age teachings are occult demonic teachings which Archons/demons would certainly want people to practice to open their souls upto being possessed by these demonic entities.
    There is no such thing as ‘the matrix’. It was a movie using analogies to actually describe the physical/spiritual planes of existence etc.
    The video also wrongly claims Archons created the Christian religion to hold people back (from practicing the New Age occult witchcraft it thinks is good). This is what Archonic demons would tell these people who’ve been fooled and name themselves after Lucifer’s own title !!!
    Archons/Demons are behind the New Age, occultism, witchcraft, magick etc. They oppose God and Jesus Christ the saviour who doesn’t need people to develop or practice magick and witchcraft, but offers salvation to all if they repent of their sinful ways and make amends and ask forgiveness from God and allow Jesus’ sacrifice to atone for their sins.

    • Most of you mean well but just don't understand.I will focus your attention to revelation22:16 I jesus have sent mine angel to testify unto you these things in the churches.I am the root and the offspring of David and THE BRIGHT AND MORNING STAR. Don"t you know we all have a twin flame?Or as the team at the majestic-12 refer to them (in declassified documents) as an ISBE some call it the higher self.Matters not what you call him or her they truly exist. Everyone will eventually find this out without any one telling them.No one on this earth has the complete truth yet.Those who are closest are Christs bloodline family and the ones there when the vatican library is raided.This to will become know soon.


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