More critical information about the jab!

From SGT Report:

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  1. For those of you who want the long story short?
    She basically goes on to say we all have self assembling plastics inside of us now and they are assembling themselves as electronics and are not organic or natural. She goes onto prove that cells are being changed and hydrogel is the fibre optic communications between these electronic components in the human body. There are so many toxic chemicals now in the body that these substances are designed to kill humans in a very sophisticated manner.
    "Yeah? Tell us something we didn't know!"

  2. We all dont have time for video presentations.
    These days news is presented in a way that it may take all day to stay informed via video
    If the person posting has watched it, why not print what it says so we can quickly scan it for info we need and not be bothered with all we dont need.
    Like sponsors and advertising for one….

  3. Highest Praise to Dr Ana Mihalcea for outstanding pioneering research. I would just like to point out that there are two groups of unvaxxed. Those who work and rub elbows with the vaxxed, and those who do not. What would be nice to know is if the unvaxxed who DO NOT associate or rub elbows with the vaxxed also have these. I seriously doubt the Amish have them. Only those who work, live and play with the vaxxed is my understanding.

  4. She is a fraud! IMO – What are the methods used to verify her findings? She never provides anything beyond her microscope pictures. Got to call BS! If you think your looking at "nano" technology with a 1000x power scope, think again. Nice try Ana but people are catching on to the conn. Science by proclamation is a waist of my time.

  5. Excellent Reveal, Be quite an interesting aspect have these Specialist "Also Test" Their Own blood in sample comparison as details pronounced. After all we are simply human sharing to other human of human issue Prime Objective!..
    Still in of self back longer time ago when discovered the Georgia Guide Stones and re-reading numerous times as to the #1 of its 10. The Who what where and "Really" who would issue let alone implement such action to reaching a such result by effect to definition. Then population was far less. math is the tangible part here 500 million minus today's populace. The answer was when they opened pandora's box on the world. And now the fill to chaos reins the consciousness of " "
    with the statement to conditions, actions and the who of who. Presents a many more to ponder. This post here in link does share some answer. There lye's a part solution. The next fill to query be " What is really NEXT " to the continue flow "Quantified many times over" by its all Noise to being heard, of beyond lies, chaos, frustration, grooming, most of all "Deception".


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