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We are Pioneers on the Frontier


The frontier is our perception as well as space. What will we discover?

By Gerry Gomez

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  1. Gosh, this is a delusional vision to me: saying that we are or will be trapped on planet Earth, and therefore, the only way out is venturing into space.
    Escapism to the highest degree.
    Humanity is bamboozled by all sorts of fairy tales, about our origin, and history, in my opinion.
    Once we investigate and understand the truth of it, in esoteric scriptures, in the genuine aspects of theosophy, such as historic writings, drawings, and maps, and even certain Biblical texts, it will dawn on (some of) us that we, human beings are of the Earth, in blood, sweat, and tears.

    From my point of view, all adversities, challenges, shadow aspects, are meant to be encountered head on.
    Nobody is ever trapped, unless we make it so in our mind. The authentic resurrection, humanity moving through an unzipping process, a reckoning if you will, is on the foundation of our "I am" individuality, in sync with the physical body, and the senses.
    This alone, as I perceive it, is the key to open the door of transmutation, in an increasingly waking up to who we are, realising that ultimately we will leave the dense physical form of the 3D condition.

    To me, it's in Earth's and humanity's development, during 1000's of years, that includes our human mission:
    the dawn of rising consciousness, which is on the horizon right now, after the Kali Yuga has ended, about 150 years ago, will be manifest from within the human soul, with heart and mind in balance, perceiving reality without the concept of good, and bad.
    That's the trap keeping us imprisoned in the idea that we must leave planet Earth, and choose the thrill of "to boldly go where no one has gone before".
    Elon Musk will cheer such escapism. Planet Mars a second home?

    As I perceive it, only the ones trapped in materialism, in a desperate search for eternal life in the physical form, at the cost of degeneration, losing one's soul connection in a Cyborg existence, will live with the delusion that space will be their Heaven.
    The race against every day reality will never end, you see? Be it on planet Earth, or far out in space.


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