“In recent months, they have enforced unconstitutional laws and invented new offenses to satisfy their desire to control this country’s politics — To the officers that are watching this, you violated the Constitution of the United States. — You’re a disgrace to liberty. If you wish to embrace ideals of freedom, lay your badge down” “If you guys have not watched this video, please watch this video out of all the videos I have put out This is probably one of the most important ones This man right here speaking from our own military is fed up He’s standing for the Constitution, he’s in Virginia I think it’s time that every state comes together because it’s time to realize no one’s coming to save us at this point Listen to this man’s speech So, initially we planned to make this speech to law enforcement, but since they’re a no-show, we’re going to make it to you. So members of the media, the public, my brother is standing here in arms today. Law enforcement, that’s probably stalking this right now. And whoever else cares to listen, why are we here? — In recent months, they have enforced unconstitutional laws and invented new offenses to satisfy their desire to control this country’s politics, including the arrest of four citizens lawfully exercising their right to carry a weapon, one of which is actively serving this great nation. When I say the word lawfully, I mean in accordance with the rights protected by the Constitution and without regard to any supposed law that contradicts those rights have fallen victim to weaponized politics. Concern for the community, they attended a school board meeting at an office facility that according to zoning laws is a government facility. And after the speech given by a community member peacefully addressing the misuse of power by members of the school board and the use of politically motivated violence by an elected official prior to that meeting. — Seeing this misuse of power repeatedly across Virginia, beginning with the General Assembly’s special session in 2020 that passed unlawful acts of arm control, has led me to believe this. The law and the creator of the law are not the direct issue. The ones who enforce law are the most basic threat to our liberty when they abuse their power as Sheriff Warren has done. For without this arm, this weapon, this blue boot, the law has absolutely no power. China were to invade us, we wouldn’t take the fight to their appellate borough. We would fight their infantrymen, the boots on the ground. When it comes to the law, the law has no power until it’s enforced. And so our problem is with law enforcement, who chooses to enforce corrupt laws that violate the Constitution. In days of old, our forefathers repeatedly begged at their grievances be solved. King asked by deploying troops to occupy homes, steal arms and money and murder dissidents and protesters as we see repeatedly across the US today. This is why our founders warned us of professional men at arms enforcing the government’s will. And yet somehow supposing freedom-loving Americans have continually given rights and freedoms to the very standing army that strips away our rights in the name of earning a living, out of control, rogue law enforcement. Today I’m not here to beg and I am not here to cry. I’m not here to question their authority. I’m here to completely and unequivocally deny the very legitimacy of its existence. I’m here to remind every man and woman that wishes to breach our constitution that many of us vehemently sworn out to defend, to remind you that we are awake. We are ready. We will fight and we will die. We will do everything within our power to defend those rights enshrined within the constitution. We will not attack anyone, but we will always defend ourselves if attacked.” X’s text limits don’t let me post the full transcription so this one is a MUST WATCH

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