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Church tax exemptions and licensing must be cancelled: Vancouver City Council ordered to Cease and Desist or face sanctions Vancouver:

A coalition of citizens that includes local indigenous elders has issued a Public Cease and Desist Order to Vancouver Mayor Ken Sim and the ten city councilors. The Order requires that the Vancouver City Council immediately cancel all tax exemptions and licensing for the Roman Catholic, Anglican, and United Church of Canada churches or face sanctions for their complicity with these churches’ “proven and self-admitted genocide and ongoing crimes against humanity.” The group presented its Cease and Desist Order to the Mayor and city councilors at their regular meeting this morning at City Hall.

The Order includes a general Banishment Proclamation against these churches that was also issued today by local indigenous elders and their allies. A copy of this Cease and Desist Order and the Banishment Proclamation against these churches will be posted at under ITCCS Updates. “The City of Vancouver is aiding and abetting churches with the blood of sixty thousand children on their hands,” said the group’s statement. “Under the United Nations Convention on Genocide to which Canada is a signatory, these churches must be ‘prosecuted and punished’ for their murder of generations of indigenous children in their so-called Indian residential schools, and for ongoing Crimes against Humanity.

If Vancouver’s mayor and city councilors do not abide by the law and assist in such prosecution and punishment of proven genocidal churches, they are willing partners in their crimes and must be removed from office for the public’s safety and welfare.” Among the offenses of these churches cited by the group are the torture and murder of over 60,000 Indian residential school children and the obstruction of justice, child trafficking, money laundering for organized crime, defrauding the public, secretly appropriating public revenue, violating the terms of their tax-exempt status under Canadian law, and criminally conspiring to protect and enable in-house child rapists and killers.

The group and indigenous shamans are also commencing Reclamation Ceremonies at Catholic, Anglican, and United churches this week to occupy and evict them from Vancouver, in accordance with traditional spirituality, international law, and the Banishment Proclamation issued today. They call upon the Vancouver police and public to assist them in these actions. Similar actions and Cease and Desist Orders to city and provincial governments are being launched this week across Canada by indigenous and community groups.

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  1. There are very few men who meet this man's caliber. What he is doing is actually making the change and not just spouting about it. Honor to Kevin Annett (ps. His name is spelled incorrectly in the article)


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