Ascension Connection Call – Will You Be Triggered?
FEMA EBS Alert Concerns

Thursday, September 28, 2023
6 PM London, 7 PM Paris. 8 PM Bulgaria
10 AM Pacific, 11 AM Provo Utah, 1 PM New York

What Makes Us Anxious, Angry or Sad, and What Can We Do About It?

Hosted by Rob Stevens, PhD

In a slightly different format from what we usually post for our public calls, we wanted to include more information that came to light this week. And some of it could be “triggering”.

Please forgive Robot’s enthusiasm, he’s just doing his job of WARNING, WARNING

The following information is not to cause alarm, but to inform. Please use discretion and do your own research as you feel necessary. This is not for psychiatric or medical advice, only information, and you need to decide how to respond.

We’ll be talking about the information in this post during the September 28th Ascension Connection call and what to do when we find ourself triggered by information coming forward in the news.
We hope you’ll join us as Rob and the group discuss how to stay centered when confronted by questionable or frightening information.

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On to the article about that possibly alarming information…

An article was recently posted with video from remote viewers Dick Alguire and Clif High. Several days later a 5-minute version from a PFC member was sent from the Reese report which shared the information. As I listened, I had one of those AHA moments that may connect some dots. Here is the short Rumble video:

Multiple Remote Viewers Warn of World Changing Event at Year’s End

The full length video was originally posted on YouTube then almost immediately removed and transferred to Bitchute. If you missed it, you can watch it here:

What that group of remote viewers noted on an earlier and separate call is not listed here. The further into the future predictions or remote viewers go, the more that can go wrong or be fuzzy and innacurate. They were concerned about whether or not to even post the RV session information that they found somewhat alarming and a warning of some kind of negative event. There is more data than was made available in the above link. For the full transcript, they recommend you become a member of the Future Forecasting Group Private Site to see the details which they refused to make public. But it’s free within their sight. You can watch and then delete your account, so you won’t be billed.

What has the RV community upset is not knowing precisely what they are viewing or when an event might occur. The best they could say is 90 to 140ish days. An 80% consensus amongst remote viewers in a double-blind test is rare. But it does happen. When 3 or more get similar results from a session, they all pay attention. But again, this is a future event, and the future is always in flux. In fact, our consciousness is what creates our reality.

A lot of research money went into studying Long Covid, but none was directed toward vaccine side effects. Thankfully, there is a new protocol. It has not been put through double blind testing but seems promising and is not toxic. It’s all over the counter ingredients or vitamin supplements you can easily get. Links toward the end of this article and in the resource list.

All this may be related…

  • Remote Viewed Disaster Event, Double blind, multiple viewers – Possibly Earth Changing
  • Pilot ejects from F35 – possible weapons on board, nuclear or DEW – Mainstream media doesn’t mention
  • EBS system may be used to cause more harm than good
  • New regimen to rid the body of the spiked protein caused by covid and/or the jabs (I saved the best for last!)

When you watch the remote viewing video, listen to the words they used. Some on the team saw some kind of disaster with people leaving the area on foot. The word explosion and ejecta were used. It’s interesting to note that a pilot ejected from an F35 that some researchers claim was carrying DEW or perhaps even a nuclear weapon or dirty bomb. They have since located the jet and no new or frightening news has come forward about the crash or I’m certain we would have heard about it. Well… maybe! Words matter and we often notice them on a subconscious level. Perhaps that was an averted disaster.

I believe the October 4 warning of turning off all electronic devices that can receive the FEMA EBS alert tone is probably the most important issue to discuss in our upcoming Ascension Connection meeting. How to deal with this information is the topic for our upcoming Ascension Connection call with Rob Steven’s part being how NOT to be triggered by news, and how to go calmly into action rather than fear, depression, and immobility. More synchronicity showing it’s face here in the timing of these topics. I don’t believe in coincidence!

Evidence already exists of 5G exposure dangers:  These 5G “small cell’ antennas will result in continuous exposure to everyone living nearby and everyone walking down the street. The increased exposures will increase the risk of cancer and other diseases such as electro-hypersensitivity,” said Dr. Carpenter in an FCC Filing from 2019.

Here’s the conspiracy theory that’s going around social media – The spiked protein and/or graphene oxide from the jabs could be activated during the EBS signal. The emergency broadcast will come through most phones, radio, and TV all at the same time. If we don’t set a reminder that they are coming it will be alarming enough. However, some feel the signal may trigger something within the bodies of those who opted to take the Covid-19 vaccination(s) and boosters. Below is the FCC informatin release.

On August 3, 2023, the FCC released a Public Notice to announce that the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), in coordination with the FCC, will conduct nationwide tests of the Emergency Alert System (EAS) and Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEA). The tests are scheduled for October 4, 2023, at approximately 2:20 pm EDT, with a back-up test date of October 11, 2023.

Whether or not something horrible could happen, the simple answer for those concerned is to turn off your phone or turn off power to your home between the times listed and be away from public locations where other cell phones, radios and warning sirens may be located and out of your control. If nothing happens we can all have a laugh about it later.

I’d rather take an ounce of prevention then have to go through a ton of cure if it does incite a physical reaction or violence as was noted at the Travis Scott concert, WE WAS IN A CONCERT IN HELL” TRAVIS SCOTT TWEETED “FEAST THIS FRIDAY” BEFORE EVENT  At this event, all participants had to show proof of vaccination to attend. The gentleman in this video said it was a sacrifice. Some died of heart attacks and the crowd went into a sudden frenzy. What have many died from in the last couple of years? Myocarditis and sudden cardiac arrest, even in young and healthy individuals.

Will the vaccinated erupt into mass theft and violence (like in the movie The Purge)? Could the EBS signal result in a larger number of people dropping dead? We saw this in China in the early days of Covid and coincidental (or not) release of 5G. It has long been suspected the 5G military bandwidth was responsible and possibly tied to the Covid Vaccinations. The first cases of Covid symptoms and deaths were from China, who were the first to launch 5G in October of 2019 but their commercial 5G launch happened November 1, 2019. Further, a group of scientists estimate that the first case of Covid-19 emerged between October and mid-November 2019 in China. Coincidence?

To make matters more interesting, the Simpsons have once again predicted some dark events in 2024 that seem to be related to the remote viewing information: SIMPSON PREDICTIONS FOR 2024 ARE VERY DISTURBING!  Even crazier predictions in this video: Simpsons Predictions For 2024 Is Insane! The Simpsons also predicted the pandemic and vaccinations!

For those who took the jab and had no adverse reactions, consider this: If the same ingredients had been in every vaccination, the massive die off would have flagged and spooked the population much sooner and there would have been far less compliance.

If you did not have negative reaction, count yourself lucky! More details in the videos below. Regarding the EBS alert, if you conduct an internet search on this topic, you will find other articles and videos. I chose the two that seemed most informative regarding the FEMA Alert.


The above is from Bitchute and claims there is military intel to back it up.

Dr. Lee Merritt in the video below has more relevant info about the study of optogenetics and how it has been tested in other countries. (Optogenetics is the combination of genetic and optical methods to achieve gain or loss of function of well-defined events in specific cells of living tissue, such as the heart and brain.). This can include light, such as at a music concert, or from the display on any of your devices.


Dr. Merritt mentioned brains burning and smoke coming out of the nose of some of the people who died, the heart attacks and strokes which have been listed as rare side effects of the jabs.

Will there be sudden cardiac arrythmia leading to death, something like Rwanda; a zombies apocalypse, a major death event? It’s said they will do this in Israel at the same time along with Porto Rico, Hawaii, and Alaska.

She also mentions that attempts are being made to stop this from happening but if it can’t be, the recommendation is to turn off all electronic devices or even cut the circuit breaker until after 4pm PST.

If 5G is not a threat to society, why do companies go out of their way to try and hide or disguise them? Is it strictly optics?

The above pictures were taken from a short article by Sierra, part of the Sierra Club Magazine. These Disguised Cell Towers Couldn’t Fool Anyone, Could They?

Photos by Annette Lemay Burke. Per the article, “The Telecommunications Act of 1996 removed the power of local governments to restrict cell masts. Municipalities were able, however, to require that some effort be made to make them blend into the surroundings. From the first “Frankenpine” in Denver in 1992, thinly disguised cell towers have evolved to almost fit into ecosystems across the country”.

There’s a pathetically disguised cell tower across the street semi-hidden as a pine tree on the edge of the golf course. It looks less convincing than the one on the bottom left which gives us a laugh when we drive past.

Can you guess which countries have the highest amount of 5G technology?

The US also had the highest number of deaths attributed to Covid-19, listed at 1,161,164. I had anticipated China would be second but they hardly made the chart. However, there reporting methods may also be questionable.

We don’t know if the FEMA EBS alert will cause problems across America or if it’s an internet hoax. But considering the early days in Wuhan, Italy, and other areas where 5G was rolled out along with vaccinations, I would err on the side of caution. Below are some simple suggestions:

  • If you can’t remove the battery on your cell phone, and if not, let the battery die and don’t charge it until after 4pm on the 4th and the 11th of October.
  • Place your phone and other devices in a faraday bag, metal box, or your microwave. Unplug it if you think someone might turn it on so you don’t fry your phone.
  • Flip the circuit breaker that powers your house to off for a couple of hours. Your refrigerator contents won’t spoil in that short time, and they’ll stay cooler longer if you keep the doors shut while powered down.

Some devices may have a way to turn themselves back on via the Smart Meter on your house. They may cause devices to flash lights on and off or make sounds that could potentially cause a physical reaction (Remember that Satanic concert I mentioned?) and Optogenetics. I have several new “smart devices” that make sounds and  have bright lights, like my LG stove and refrigerator. Even the overhead fan has smart technology so I’m powering down my entire house.

If you don’t want to turn off the power to your home, because of alarm systems medical equipment or other concerns, just get out in nature for a couple of hours. Get away from cell phones & computers, cell towers, people with cell phones, shopping centers, and public businesses. It’s good for your mind, body, and spirit to get away from the constant EMF smog and out into nature anyway. We’re addicted to our technology, but I recall growing up just fine without it! Give yourself a technology break on October 4th and 11th.

Here is the link to the World Time Buddy for October 4th so you can see when to turn off your devices or turn off power in your home.

For those who were duped into taking the jab, with or without symptoms and or side effects, there is now a simple detox protocol. From what I read; it requires you follow the plan for about 30 days. For those on blood thinners or taking high blood pressure medication, please check with your physician before taking bromelain which is derived from pineapple. My husband takes meds for this condition and was warned not to eat pineapple. Link to the articles on the detox are at the end of the article. The other ingredients are Natto (made from fermented soybeans which is common in Asian foods, but available as a supplement) and curcumin/Turmeric, a natural anti-inflammatory and seasoning. I would also recommend checking out PFC volunteer John Millward’s website as he’s been working on detox as well. You can look over his site or write him for more information: [email protected]

Good news sometimes comes a little late (23 days ago) but there is still time to detox.Rumble video link:

First-Ever Spike Detox Protocol Appears in US Medical Journal: Here’s How You Can Get Better – Dr. McCullough You may want to check with your physician if being treated for high blood pressure as some medications may interact with bromelain which comes from pineapple. More info in the PDF link below.

Most major events come in cycles of three, be it years, or multiple FF events. Covid-19, recession, food shortages, toxic chemical train derailments, chemical and food plant fires, more expensive gas, food, commodities, and fires across the United States and abroad.

There is also the big question around allowing huge numbers of immigrants into the US. If indeed the 5G/kill shot combo should take out a large number of people, governments would likley immediately claim it’s a new Covid outbreak and more Emergency Acts will be used to shut down business, schools and our freedoms all over again.  That will give them a force of cheap labor, will to work for less, and no doubt, allowed to vote despite the legalicy of their US citizenship. They already have a name for this new varient. Eris, the Greek goddess of strife and discord. You just can’t make this stuff up!

I suspect what has been planned for years is failing miserably as people are finally wondering what the heck is happening!!  And as of today, fall has officially begun. Let’s hope it’s also the fall of the cabal, the deep state players who would do anything to stay in power behind the scenes.

Stay positive, don’t incite fear in others, and just be ready and alert. Let’s talk about how to be prepared on Thursday. Tin foil hat is optional!

Further research:

SARS-CoV-2 Base Spike Protein Detoxification in Post COVID-19 and Vaccine Injury Syndromes

First-Ever Spike Detox Protocol Appears in US Medical Journal: Here’s How You Can Get Better

Hulu Pulls ‘Astroworld: Concert From Hell’ Documentary After Backlash The documentary about the event is included in this article.

Optogenetics: Background, Methodological Advances and Potential Applications for Cardiovascular Research and Medicine

Dramatic 911 call reveals moments after military pilot ejected from F-35 fighter jet

Authorities Release 911 Call With Pilot Who Ejected From F-35B Jet | WSJ News

5G Global Launches & Statistics – 5G will account for as many as 1.2 billion connections by 2025

First COVID-19 case could have emerged in China in Oct 2019 – study

China just launched the world’s largest 5G network  Have votes been accepted from people who are incompitent based on laws enacted during Covid? Without a court case, even the disabled can vote. Various frauds were committed in the last vote where even the dead had apparently mailed in ballots. Will be go through this again, 2024?

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  1. This article repeatedly says NOVEMBER 4 when the EBS date is OCTOBER 4! It actually does say Oct 4 ALSO, so this piece really needs to be edited & corrected. Which is it, Nov 4 or Oct 4? OCTOBER 4. This EBS event is freaky enough as it is, without adding further confusion into it. Cheers

    • Thank you for pointing out the two (repeated mistakes). I have corrected the month and added October in front of the dates in other areas. Thanks for finding a loving way to bring it to my attention so it could be fixed. If you see any other blaring mistakes, by all means, let me know.


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