Once upon a time, there was a kingdom that fell and swore vengeance on their enemy

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Allow me to tell you a story. It’s one about a great kingdom ruled by a nefarious king. There are plenty of kings and queens aligned with the kingdom. They use their lords and ladies to do their bidding as they rule heartlessly over their serfs.

The kingdom has all the traits of those you’ve heard of in fairy tales. But this kingdom still has ties in the modern world.

This kingdom was a dark kingdom. It was so feared for imposing torture on its enemies that when finally defeated, over hundreds of years, it swore to rise up again and use magick, weapons, alliances, flying beasts, dragons, heinous warfare, torture, co-opted leaders, respected performers, psychology, and fear to avenge its humiliating defeat.

This kingdom ruled under the dark signs and power of the evilest demons and false gods.

When the kingdom was defeated, it was forced to convert their belief system to that of the current prevailing beliefs. It was given a choice of 3 alternatives.

The kingdoms before this one held beliefs from rulers who became infected with the sins of greed. Mystical advisors of these kings used white magic and black magick to train their prodigies. Real spells, and potions were used that over time became abused.

When one using the magic sought revenge or lust or power or wealth, the magic always demanded payment. Payment to serve the dark. So there was that a price needed to be paid.

When conjuring up the magic to receive what these ancients wanted, demons would happily respond. The demons took their share and the fallible willingly gave the required bounty. Even if it meant their soul.

No price seemed unreasonable to those playing in the garden of earthly delights.

Over the many centuries, the fallen kingdom used their tribal collective and keen insight to serve their masters and marched steadily towards their ultimate goal: to achieve world dominance at the time of the change of the ages. By marriage and through infiltration, this tribal group attained access into the many kingdoms of the earth.

Through magick they enslaved the population of the earth. This magic appeared in the form of language, banking, celebrity, and control of technologies.

Given that they could make money out of thin air, it was no problem for them to pay politicians, conscript warriors, assign media members, train generals, place corporate executives, own the most influence, loan false money to big business, control the narrative at schools and institutions, and groom children.

They thought that their stated protocols aligned with the necessary laws of the universe. Through many fairy tales, they directly told the slaves what they were doing. And they even published their plans fulfilling the concept of informed consent.

And the slaves went along with their orders as they had lost their knowledge of the great enemy along the way. Most didn’t even realize that they were slaves.

But this magic spell would hold only so long. When the return of the light warrior and its armies began coming back at the end of the age, the dark ones knew that they had to enact their plans formed long ago.

The spell began to break among many of the slaves. They began to wake up. What the dark kingdom always feared was the fact that they were far outnumbered by the slaves. The slaves looked for a savior, but they too were always infected by the parasite.

The slaves were pitted against the powerful elites. The elites were in a panic. The magic of mass hypnosis was wearing off. The coffers were dry. The generals were low on weaponry. They again turned to their magicians. They needed a special wizard.

It was a risky gambit.

However, it was now or never, and they felt that they had enough control over their loyalists to pull off their desperate last play.

To achieve support from their other aligned kingdoms they made, last gasp promises. Tribute in the form of payments to the kings’ purses weren’t coming in as they were accustomed to.

The king had long ago formed a council of his top aides and generals. With blood oath sworn alliances among the crowns of other lands, they pondered, “What to do?” If the heads fell, they were doomed.

They turned to their scholars and priests. The truly learned ones told them that the magic was no more. But every master had a protégé. These proteges who knew only the lives of darkness that they were reared on told the kings what they wanted to hear – what they had left was the residual of the magic. They still had some fear in the slaves. And the public was fragile and sick.

“Begin the war and you will gather the support of the other kingdoms,” they told the council.

“But how?” asked the kings who were old, frail, and senile.

The elder magicians shouted “Blasphemy!” of their young upstarts. Many protested. Their wisdom was ignored. Many of the wisest generals had been murdered. There was a steady succession of youngers more than willing to make their mark and reap the reward long promised them.

As the youngers pushed aside the wisest among them the air of infallibility and false bravado creeped in, “A surprise attack that is grand and horrific will be accepted by the masses!”

“Tell us more!” urged the council.

“The long-standing assets are at the ready to denounce your enemies that stand at your nearest boarder. They were long ago established by our agents for this very option.”

“You want us to bring war upon our nearest neighbor? That is very risky!” pondered the king’s aides.

“It is the only way. The war in the northeast is lost. We have no more tribute coming in. Our supplies are low, but we still have agents in key positions,” reasoned the proteges.

“We also have infiltrators in our other theatres in the west who are ready to respond, if only we could gather up more finances to activate them,” added another reasonable younger.

“But our coffers are nearly dry, and the great western ally has new leaders that speak of stopping all aid to the northeast front!” shot back several of the elders with a tinge of fear in their voice.

“Which is exactly why we need to open this new theater and act the victim,” came back the darkest of the youngers.

“How exactly do we stage the attack?”

“We do like every war we’ve ever begun. We sacrifice the slaves on the border,” logically offered the younger.

At this, an elder stood up and charged, “We will be charged the criminal in the court of the public! This is ludicrous! Why should we listen to a child?”

The younger stayed cool headed as he approached the elder, “We do not attack the enemy yet.”

The two stood eye to eye making a spectacle in front of the council, the elders, the scholars, the mystics, and as the elder peered into the eyes of the younger, the younger coldly said, “We attack our own slaves at the border and blame it on our enemy.”

As has been done with every false flag that begins war, the kingdom of today, is the kingdom of old. This is known as the Khazarian kingdom. Their kings are Rothschilds and the local kingdom is Israel which is led by Bibi Netanyahu with a council of elders and mystics.

The council would be any assemblage of the Sanhedrin. The mystics would be any Sanhedrin rabbis. The other leaders and supporters from the many other kingdoms you can probably figure out. Those who are screaming the loudest about providing aid to Israel are the enemies of the slaves. You are the slave in this fairytale. And sorry, it’s not a fairytale. It is our present day.

The Israel false flag is the attempt of the evil kingdom to avenge the defeat it suffered way back in 530 and around 968 at the hands of the Rus, Persia, and the Ottomans – accumulated and consolidated over time. Those kingdoms today are Russia, Iran, and Turkey.

Know your history. Connect the dots to today. You are sovereign. Now is a moment to declare your sovereignty and arm yourself in the armor of God. See evil for what it is and take your stand against it.

Israel has created this current nightmare over hundreds of years as its Zionist leaders want to avenge their fall. They fostered, encouraged, and allowed this attack to happen. It’s time to break the spell and wake up.

Friday the 13th

The Masonic order is lock-step with the Zionist agenda. Friday the 13th is a holy day of vengeance where the order takes revenge for the fall of their order by Prince Phillip of France in 1307. From Wikipedia:

At dawn on Friday, October 13, 1307, scores of French Templars were simultaneously arrested by agents of King Philip, later to be tortured in locations such as the tower at Chinon, into admitting heresy and other sacrilegious offenses in the Order. Then they were put to death.

The Templers who were once Christian soldiers fell and joined the ranks of the fallen Jewish king Solomon. Who’s Great Seal is shown here. This is the seal or the Star of David that was foisted on the Jews of Israel by the Zionists.

These events are all tied into the establishment of Israel, which true Jews have always had an issue with.

For more context on the Rothschilds who ordered the attacks per Ground Command Kim Goguen, read this document:


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