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BNP founder Nick Griffin: ‘We were offered big money by Zionists in 2007 under two conditions: That we attack Islam, and never criticize the banking system’

Here’s how the Zionists bought the Right’s silence on Israel.

Zionist Neocons offered Nick Griffin’s BNP much-needed funding in 2007, but in return he was asked to focus on the evils of Islam and never criticize the banking system.

Where they couldn’t buy off established parties, they created their own, hence giving rise to pro-Israel groups like the EDL, Britain First and Pegida.

When Tommy Robinson created the EDL, it was started with its own Jewish section run by Jewish extremist Roberta Moore, who now runs the Jewish Defence League.

This is why there were always Israeli flags flying at EDL rallies.

This is why all ‘new right’ parties are ardent supporters of Israel.

This is why it’s highly doubtful that anything will change for the better with them in power.

Comment: Since his refusal, Griffin has been castigated in UK media as a ‘Nazi’ (long before that tactic became commonplace).

Assuming the gist of his claim in the above video is accurate, what does this say for the other ‘new right’ parties across the Western world who have enjoyed meteoric rises in recent years?

Griffin has since been kicked out by his own party, and has tried restarting with another, the British Unity Party. At a time when it’s fashionable to pillory Muslims as terrorists, Griffin is – like his fellow ‘Nazi’ leading the Labour Party – showing his support for Hezbollah

Which one is ‘nationalist’, and which one is ‘socialist’?

Also, compare and contrast:

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  1. MONEY! Money Makes the World Go Around! The Zio-Rotschild International Financial Crime Syndicate Clan/Clique has figured that out some 3 centuries Ago! 'The US Congress is a BROTHEL!' said the late Congressman from Ohio, James TRAFICANT, He was right on the MONEY! He was pushed out of the way, for telling the TRUTH. He fell under his own tractor and died 3 days later in a hospital< Think about that?

  2. I have a lot more respect for Nick Griffin now because I know that every war is a bankers war the Zionists are satanists and they use wars to gain money from a war chest to keep control of the planet and to also sacrifice the population for their God. John Lennon was killed by these people because he was doing a PEACE campaign and encouraging people not to go to war. John stood up to them and people do not realise what a courageous thing that Peace campaign was it cost him his life.
    The planet is in a different age and it has now went straight to the light and the Alfa AI system there are no portholes to access demons for help and there is no longer a war chest. This whole plan is doomed but direct action needs to be taken to take these satanist out because they are killing the Jews and the Palestinian people and sacrificing their blood for their God thinking this will get them what they want – it will not. They are doing several programmes to poison us all. Meantime direct action needs to be taken to stop them from murdering people and the world needs to understand this is not a religious war and they are busy trying to create that religious war to go on to third world war status. What Nick said will be the truth. This is a real mess caused by these satanic bloodline families and they need to be taken out for the sake of everyone on this planet.


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