The world, especially the Western world, is in a situation like Japan was in at the end of World War II after it agreed to surrender but before US troops landed take over: it is an interregnum. The British Commonwealth, Asian secret societies, the Russians, the Pentagon and other power centers say they support a white hat proposal for a new planetary arrangement. The Khazarian mafia has also agreed to surrender and a power transition is being arranged. However, there are still fanatical holdouts trying to start Armageddon or at least a big war so, it could be a bumpy ride.

What cannot be disputed is that the current international system is dysfunctional. “The entire US system, not only internal political but also economic. By the way, as well as foreign political, international, is in deep crisis,” Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said, reflecting the view of most of the world.

The USrael veto of a call by the world to end the genocide in Gaza is typical of the post-war system. The USrael has been a rogue state causing most of the world’s wars and crises. Until now, the world has been unable to stop the transnational corporate crime syndicate pretending to be the United States. It is now being dismantled.

The white hat proposal calls for replacing the UN Security Council with a group representing seven districts. These are Africa, the Americas, China, East Asia excluding China, Europe including Russia, India and the Muslim world. Decisions affecting the entire planet will be decided by a majority vote. Vetoes are limited to the district doing the vetoing. So for example, if the majority votes to make electric cars mandatory, regions that still want to use gasoline cars can continue to do so.

The other proposal calls for taking the functional parts of the World Bank, IMF, BIS etc, and incorporating them into a future planning organization with a multi-trillion dollar annual budget. This would not be a communist-style central planning commission because actual projects would be put out for competitive bidding by the private sector.

The other proposal is to start off the New Age with a jubilee. This would be a one-off cancellation of all debt, private and public, as well as a one-off redistribution of assets. There would also be an amnesty for most people currently serving jail sentences.

The real question is how do we get from here to there? There are high-level negotiations now underway to decide exactly that. Last week a representative of “the family” (as the KM like to call themselves) claiming to be the new M1 (the guy controlling the money fountain) contacted the white hats to offer

support for the future planning agency. The only thing they ask in return is that they not be killed. The white hats are now awaiting analog confirmation of this proposal.

Of course, there are other actors with their own agendas who need to be dealt with regardless of how negotiations with “the family” proceed.

One group is the evil Rand Corporation whose job is to feed the military-industrial complex by starting wars. They are pushing for war with China involving “fierce early exchanges, with steep military losses on both sides, until one gains control. At present, Chinese losses would greatly exceed U.S. losses, and the gap would only grow as fighting persisted. But, by 2025, that gap could be much smaller.” In other words “let’s attack China in 2024.”

These criminals also want the war to be long and inconclusive so that “restricted, sporadic fighting could substantially reduce military losses and economic harm.” They also want to develop plans to “ensure that economic and international consequences would work to its [the US Corporations’] advantage.”

Our sources say this group is planning some sort of massive black swan 911-type event in order to start this new war and rescue the military-industrial complex from bankruptcy. In other words, this is what is behind the talk of a massive cyber attack that takes down the US financial sector or power grid. The results would, of course, be devastating and could lead to widespread chaos and financial collapse. And, it will be blamed on China.

Some Chinese factions are also keen to hype up an external enemy in order to distract from a severe economic crisis.

The value of new home sales among the 100 biggest real estate companies fell 34.6% from a year earlier to 451.3 billion yuan ($64 billion), compared with a 29.6% decline in November, according to preliminary data from China Real Estate Information Corp. on Sunday. Since 70% of Chinese household worth is in real estate, a 35% plunge must hurt. Experience from the Japanese real estate bubble indicates ultimately prices will plunge by 90% before the sector stabilizes.

Even President Xi Jinping in his New Year’s speech admitted China will “work to consolidate and strengthen the momentum of ECONOMIC RECOVERY, and achieve steady and long-term economic development.”

This news item linked below shows the campaign by warmongers in the US and China is well underway:

China urges regional alert as US military steps up forward deployment

North Korea is also on the warpath. Leader Kim Jong Un said U.S. policy is making war inevitable, state media reported on Sunday. He ordered the military to prepare to “pacify the entire territory of South Korea,” including with nuclear bombs if necessary.

So either it will be a world war or world peace, depending on which faction prevails.

In the meantime, a snapshot of world affairs in the past week shows deep dysfunction.

The US, of course, remains the worst basket case. The latest sign of this was found on the IRS website:

Illegal activities. Income from illegal activities, such as money from dealing illegal drugs, must be included in your income on Schedule 1 (Form 1040), line 8z, or on Schedule C (Form 1040) if from your self-employment activity.

Stolen property. If you steal property, you must report its fair market value in your income in the year you steal it unless you return it to its rightful owner in the same year.

So we have an openly criminal government in the US now. They are looking to tax thieves because honest people are taking action against the banks that own the US government. Last year US domestic banks saw a stunning $1.17 trillion in deposit outflows (ex-large time deposits) in 2023 – the largest annual decline ever, and only the third annual decline since records began.

The government is so scared of its’ own people that it is looting money that was earmarked for veterans and using it to pay for illegal military-age male migrants they hope to use as enforcers against the American people. The report below, for example, describes how medical benefits for the VA are being used for illegal immigrants.

Watch how a TRIPLE AMPUTEE PURPLE HEART VETERAN is treated in an airport inspection area vs how ILLEGAL ALIENS are allowed right in with assistance from Border Patrol officers.

Now a fresh wave of up to 15,000 migrants is set to crash into the already flooded US southern border. Chicago, New York, and Denver mayors are among those holding emergency meetings to discuss the mass of illegals .

The Thermal Blankets Help Illustrate Just How Massive the Invasion Really Is.

The same is happening in Europe as military-aged male migrants get

free food and cell phones as soon as they land. This is a coordinated invasion controlled by the KM-WEF Zionists.

The result: thousands of women in Germany fell victim to rape by one or more refugees amid “almost uncontrolled migration” of young men.

Do you want to hear how long they have been planning this? Listen to Nancy Pelosi talk about it in 1992.

Meanwhile, the political kabuki theater in the US continues. This is being seen in endless battles over the stolen 2020 election.

In the latest revelation, a video has emerged of Maricopa election officials illegally breaking into sealed election machines and removing the memory cards.

This proves the 2020 election was stolen… President Trump and Kari Lake won Arizona.

Also, Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger is refusing to testify under oath about Dominion Voting Machines

Next, we find out that Open Societies (Alex Soros) is behind the lawsuit that removed Trump from the Colorado Ballot.

For your titillation, we have attached an old photo of his executed father George Soros in Barbados with his “helpers” who are not his secret gay lovers.

The Russian FSB, for their part, has a cynical view of the US white hats. They say US Intel is pulling the plug on traditional media because they are replacing it with “social networks controlled by bots and AI.”

They add “free speech” Rumble is financed by Peter Theil who is the founder of Palantir – which belongs to US Intel. Twitter belongs to Elon Musk, who is a part of the National Reconnaissance Office. The NRO is the U.S. Government agency in charge of designing, building, launching, and maintaining America’s intelligence

Furthermore, it turns out –according to the Russians- the Nazi John O. Brennan -who ran the CIA for Barack Obama- now controls MSNBC, MSN and Facebook.

However, in a sign real white hats are at work, look who has been picked up for questioning or worse by the alliance:

US Senator Bernie Sanders says he tested positive for Covid and is “glad to be fully up to date with the vaccine.”

Maybe he will sing after being shown videos of his doings at Epstein Island.

Also, we note the Koch Brothers are on the warpath. Their Heritage Foundation is suing the US Department of Defense for banning screenings of “Sound of Freedom” and the CIA for paying off investigators in order to hide the origins of COVID-19.

Furthermore, the Ukraine political bribery money laundromat is closing down. The US government on Wednesday announced what it said was the last remaining package of weapons available for Ukraine under existing authorization.

This is forcing Vladimir Zelensky to look for a hiding place. Egyptian police believe Ukrainian intelligence services were involved in the murder of the journalist Mohammed Al-Alawi. He was found dead after his investigation into the purchase of a luxury villa in El Gouna by Zelensky’s mother-in-law.

The Western media, meanwhile was full of stories last week pretending Zelensky was going to mobilize 500,000 new recruits. In the real world, Armed Forces of Ukraine Commander-in-Chief Valery Zaluzhny, in his first-ever press briefing, dismissed this as a “pipe dream.” Instead, Zaluzhny, who is now de facto president of Ukraine, said his forces are all being withdrawn to the Western bank of the Dnieper River.

This was followed by Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev saying Odesa, Dnipro, Kharkiv, Mykolaiv and Kyiv would be taken back by Russia.

This is part of the agreement on power sharing in Europe reached with Germany, FSB sources say.

There is also indirect fighting between Germany and Russia over the Balkans as the Serbian people begin to take revenge for the destruction of Yugoslavia. “Serbia will remain a free, sovereign and independent country that will make its own decisions,” Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic says.

Germany by the way, seems to be consolidating its hold on Poland. Poland’s new culture minister on Wednesday announced the liquidation of all public media, which have been seen as a mouthpiece of the previous populist-nationalist government.

French Politicians meanwhile, are facing a literal shitstorm as farmers deluge government buildings with manure and soap suds.

The British are also up in arms as radical Muslims are trying to impose Sharia law including such things as stoning unfaithful wives to death.

The British are getting ready to boot them out of the country.

Israel too is nearing its end game. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Wednesday that there was “no difference” between Benjamin Netanyahu and Adolf Hitler.

South Africa agrees and has filed genocide charges against Israel at the International Court of Justice. Our sources say the normally toothless ICJ will get military backing to enforce any judgment it makes against Israeli Crime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu and his government.

Israel has destroyed almost twice as many buildings in northern Gaza in seven weeks, than were destroyed in Aleppo in three years.

The Israeli people are also up in arms against him and surround his house and the Israeli Defense Ministry with daily mass protests.

The Zionists, meanwhile, still cling to their delusions of starting Armageddon by declaring war on Iran. This is in part because Iran and Russia opened a “new chapter” in banking relations by agreeing to ditch the US dollar.

Another reason for provoking Iran is the KM wants an excuse to steal the world’s second-largest lithium deposits as well as the Iranian Central Bank, the Gold and the Persian Royal Jewels.

As an example of who we are dealing with, watch the mentally deranged pedophile Senator Lindsey Graham say:

“Hit Iran… blow it off the map.”

Part of the reason the KM are freaking out and trying to start a war is because their vaccine mass murder attempt failed to kill enough people to keep them in power. However, the vaccines did manage to kill enough to get them into deep trouble.

In the latest, Japanese researchers confirm most Pfizer COVID jab deaths occur within first 10 days of injection, proving causal relationships between vaccines and fatalities.

The KM are now desperately trying to cover their tracks. Dr. Scott Jensen says “More than 300 medical journal articles have disappeared within the last year.”

It looks like they will also try to use the Red Cross for a cover-up. “The Red Cross announced on Friday that the disgraced former head of the UN’s agency for Palestine, Pierre Krahenbuhl, will take over as director-general of the organization. Krahenbuhl was ousted from the middle-eastern role amid allegations of sexual misconduct, nepotism, and other abuses of authority.”

The climate change people are also freaking out. Climate grifter extraordinaire John Kerry is upset that millions around the world are awakening to the Climate Scam and declares:

“Now humanity is inexorably threatened by humanity itself.”

This was because 1,841 scientists from around the world signed the “World Climate Declaration” entitled “There is no climate emergency” denying the climate crisis. They emphasize that carbon dioxide is beneficial to the Earth. But this, of course, does not stop politicians from imposing CO2 taxes on you.

As their money laundering climate crisis, Ukraine war and other scams unravel, it looks like the KM is going to plan B, which involves fleeing to Argentina (the same place they sheltered after World War II).

The KM have bought 1000 kilometers of coastline in Patagonia and have now installed a puppet president to protect them.

“Javier Milei is a WEF-groomed politician chosen for his role. He is destined to become another Zelensky-style dictator,” CIA sources confirm.

Milei is already off to a despotic start by threatening to cut off welfare payments to people who protest his austerity measures.

This has not stopped massive protests from erupting against his planned dictatorship.

By the way, you can watch Milei’s WEF boss Klaus Schwab and Google co-founder Sergey Brin talk about brain implants that everyone is scheduled to get (according to them at least).

Note to the white hats: If you want to target the head of the octopus, take a look at a few of the companies that BlackRock[effeler] owns.

On a final note this week, the world population on New Year’s Day will stand at more than 8 billion people, according to figures released by the US Census Bureau on Thursday. According to the Asians, 8 is a lucky number.



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  1. I will not hold my breath for a jubilee. is anything really changing for the better doubt it at this point. We always have lots of conmen with dreadful ideas that impact our lives if we let them . Welcome to 2024 just another shit year the same as last year. All this 5th dimension and the fabric of earth is changing we are going into a new golden age just a lot of bull. The Satanist have been talking about the new golden age just as the so called good people do. It sounds like the same agenda. I hope they do kick these Muslims out of my country we do not want sharia law they have ruined our country and they are in the top positions and the country is a disaster – they should all get back to their own countries and have their Sharia Law and their opposing culture their all this war needs to stop now. We will still be nowhere this time next year

  2. We would have free energy if JP Morgan hadn't pulled the funding for Nicola Tesla. Tesla was going to electrify the world for free. Morgan couldn't meter and charge for it. Free energy would have destroyed the oil industry. So Morgan pulled Tesla's funding. We went with 3 Phase Electricity instead, which can be metered and charged for. Tesla invented that too. That's why you see power lines all over the world. That's why you have to plug everything in.

  3. I'd like to know why we Never hear any news about Saudi Arabia & United Arab Emirates.
    All this Negative writings about the West all the time by many, while the largest Slave Holders in History are Never talked about, the Arabs, the Muslims & their counter parts of African's themselves.
    Muammar Gaddafi even saw the importance of this hidden history when he apologized in Sirte, October 10th, 2010 (perhaps this was the real reason behind his murder). Quote:
    "On behalf of Arab's, I would like to condemn & apologize & express deep sorrow for the Sub-Saharan Slave Trade & the conduct of Arab's.
    The Arab's treated their African brothers with disgrace that began with the Arab Slave Trade in the 7th Century after the Arab's defeated Egypt & took control of North & East Africa, and other areas such as Senegal, Mali, Ivory Coast & Nigeria.
    With full control of Africa, Arab's hunted & captured boys & girls, while castrated boys 9-12. Sold them into slavery in Africa, Indonesia, China, S/W Asia & India.
    Arab's engaged in human trafficking in the most gruesome, abominable fashion. They engaged in Colonizing & exploiting, which still continues today."
    This is important because there are factions still running a muck in Europe about the Trans-Atlantic slave trade that lasted less then 200 years & quite less brutal. Seems to be a "Look over there moment" when people are talking about the Arab Sub-Saharan Slave Trade that went on non-stop for 1,300 years (7th-20th Century).
    640 AD – 1920's When it was European Nations that put an end to the Arab's in the Congo. Under "International African Association" that began in 1876, & turned Central Africa into "Congo Free State" at the Berlin Conference in 1884. So these African's of today need to Stop with their badgering the European people when the European people were the one's that put an end to the horrific acts made by the Islamic Conquest. & Black African's need to take responsibility for their part against their own brothers & sisters. European people have had enough, so Africa you do Not deserve a dime coming out of Germany in today's time of the One Billion for Namibia. Tell Kavena Hambira, chairman of Namibia Institute to go to Saudia Arabia & United Emirates for your reparations.
    There is No going forward in the "New Age" until this is admitted by the culprit's, they seem to be the "Hidden Hand." Remember the rule "Who are we not allowed to talk about"………Everyone talks about the Jews, so it's Not them!


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