You will NEVER be confused about the Climate Crisis again – everything answered in this superb new movie Support the makers: @climatethemovie on X, and movie FAQ here:…. DOWNLOAD THE MOVIE HERE – to upload yourself EVERYWHERE: 0:00: 🌍 Revealing the truth behind the climate industry and its financial motivations. 6:33: 🌍 Renowned scientist challenges climate alarm with historical climate evidence. 13:39: 🌡️ Climate history shows gentle temperature rise since Little Ice Age, with no alarming trends observed. 18:59: 🌡️ Temperature measurements from various sources show minimal warming trends, diverging from urban-influenced records. 25:01: 🌍 Importance of higher CO2 levels in the past for Earth’s survival and biodiversity. 31:16: 🌥️ Clouds, not CO2, are the key factor in controlling Earth’s climate according to the speaker. 37:46: 🌡️ Analysis of US temperature records highlights higher heat waves in the 1930s compared to today. 43:56: 🌍 Climate change funding creates a community of researchers publishing numerous studies on various topics related to climate change. 50:46: ⚠️ Dependency on climate crisis for jobs and funding in the climate finance industry. 55:59: 💡 Government intervention in climate issues blamed on environmental movement and free market opposition. 1:02:32: ⚠️ Assault on scientific inquiry by climate consensus, leading to censorship and intolerance. 1:09:06: 🌍 Critique of affluent environmentalists’ disdain for mass consumption and class hypocrisy. 1:15:26: 💸 Rising skepticism towards climate agenda due to potential financial burdens on the masses.

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  1. Seems like the "They" are really working to keep people completely out of reference.
    comprising of Mind control, MK-Ultra brainwash cycled feature, tricks or simple bad impressionable and poor documentary attempts.
    To imprint, implant words and visuals just like 911 or any other recent from 1920's to the now, and all its overlays of who dun what to what dun it to the dun it know it found it who dunnit and yet lets dunnit again an again splashing the noise an common chaos of replay dialog in the 10 different ways they skinned the alley cat.
    or was it just a facade still a facade always will be a facade'.

  2. To compare this as a such popcorn time. Be far more entertaining watching the very 1st 1930's No Sound black and white production of Metropolis.
    Nothing one can care to believe anything of this again keeping the viewer in the far past to greater past of nothing of the now time. kina like the 6pm daily news of mainstream media. Or worse.
    As usual everything is historical long past dated of empty film circling bottom on a dried out test tube of carbon burnt residue. poor psychotic version of manipulation and yawn to temple scratch. simply an opinion. All much same from 1st second to the last being the most interesting "the end"


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