A false flag event has been long predicted by Werner Von Braun and shared publicly by his aid, Carol Rosen.

“An acoustic attack works on several levels. The first is physiological changes that take place within the body. These vary and are directly relational to the frequency of the sound and the intensity. Next is the isolation of the individual from the environment. Not only would high intensity sound effectively mask all other sound thereby rendering the user deaf to the immediate environment, but it would also make him/her powerless in the realm of vocal communication…

The aims of such systems are to influence and manipulate neural activity or to confuse or destroy the signals that normally keep the body in equilibrium. One such group of devices are silent communication systems in which non-aural carriers in the infrasound or ultrasound range are propagated acoustically or vibrationally for inducement into the brain.

They may be used to “artificially implant negative emotional states – feelings of fear, anxiety, despair and hopelessness.” Such a device is outlined in the 1992 US Patent #5,159,703.”

Here is the article itself:  Hidden Mind Control Audio Files Found in Netflix’s ‘Leave the World Behind’

We know that evil is required to state what it is doing and we’ve had so many False Flag events, including covid which was manufactured to get people to take the toxic vaccine, but playing Russian Roullette, since no one knew there were various batches.

There has been such a resurgence in talk about aliens and the public hearings which have been shown to be “limited hangouts” that only provide a tiny bit of the information that’s available. Those who research can find a huge amount of information. However, the average person does not conduct deep research and most only read the headlines and then form an opinion, or are told what to believe by the press (which we saw play out from 2020 to 2023).

Will the public be caught like a deer in the headlights, not knowing what to believe or which way to turn?
I hope that by sharing this information, more of the public will awaken and become vigilant.

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