According to the mainstream media minions, not only am I a “conspiracy theorist” but I’m also an “anti-vaxxer”. They are right on both counts, and I have had no qualms referring to myself as such. In fact, when I meet certain people and am asked what I do, I’ll often respond “conspiracy theorist”. It’s about time we reclaim that term and turn it on its head, plus I’ll admit it’s a little fun to see their reactions.

With regards to being an “anti-vaxxer”, like many other conspiracy theorists I became suspicious about vaccines in general once I started researching the many different ways we have been poisoned throughout the 20th century. Covid opened my eyes fully on that particular question as I dug deeper. This is why, despite not being a “doctor” or a “scientist” I knew not to take the jabs.

Here’s what I published on the subject back on January 18, 2021, on my now defunct Telegram channel:


– unless you are immunodeficient or elderly, you have a 99+% chance of getting over covid thanks to your immune system (I got covid in Nov, was sick for less than 48hrs and didn’t take any medication – just chicken soup and some supplements)

– there are cures in case you develop more serious symptoms, notably HCQ which is perfectly safe contrary to their lies

– “it is unknown whether the COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine BNT162b2 has an impact on fertility.” as per official Pfizer documentation submitted to the UK government and available on their website

– risk of death from the jab: many deaths have been reported sine the inoculation started, and the numbers aren’t trivial

– risk of suffering a “health impact event” after the jab, also in non negligible numbers, meaning you are unable to perform normal daily activities, unable to work and require care from a doctor or healthcare professional

– reports of people having HIV in their system after getting the jab (unsurprising as there were scientists attesting that elements of HIV makeup was present in the virus back in the spring)

– these pharma companies all negotiated deals with governments for blanket immunity: they are not liable for any side effets

– these shots are a brand new type of vaccines, with zero foresight as to the consequences they will have on our bodies, clearly considering the above, and we are being used as guinea pigs on a massive scale

– ex head of research at Pfizer himself has recommended against taking it, joining a chorus of doctors and scientists who are being silenced

– generally speaking, I’ve become very weary of most vaccines, as the Gates fondation’s vaccines have led to the sterilization of girls in certain Indian and African communities

There is so much more to be said about the vaccines, covid and the great reset in general – but it’ll have to be for another time. It’s almost 4am here and I just wanted to make sure I posted the above to respond to a few comments from yesterday as promised.

Of course, my understanding of what covid was, or wasn’t, has evolved since then. Was it even a virus, or something else? I don’t have a clear answer for you right now, but one thing is certain: it was never a pandemic.

What I also know is that my staunch opposition to most pharma products has only deepened, to the point where I won’t even take paracetamol or ibuprofen.

Coming back to the covid jabs, I posted the following reflections on May 19, 2021, on the same channel:


Something incredibly sinister is taking place, aside from the poisoning of millions of people in the first place, including those we know personally and love.

I’m referring to the blackmailing of those who refuse to take part in this global experimentation – because that is exactly what the mass “vaccine” operation is: no jab has been FDA approved at this stage, and it is public information that we are in phase II or III of “research”.

If you’ve been on this channel for a while, you know this is a subject that troubles me deeply. Indeed, not a day goes by that I’m not reading about the topic or posting about it, horrified at all the adverse effects already known and reported, and those which aren’t.

I am however encouraged by all those who dare speak up about the risks and dangers of these injections, especially the brave doctors and nurses – and people in the news. Tucker’s monologues alone have saved countless people from death or painful reactions, no doubt.

One of God’s greatest gifts bestowed on us is free will. I am free to decide I will not – ever – get this jab, and thankfully for their sake, millions are making the same choice. Many more are thinking of making this choice as I type this.

The problem is that this choice will come at a price: the temporary loss of many of our rights and freedoms. To travel, earn a living with certain companies, receive treatments for other diseases (already happening in places like Germany). Not to mention of course, if the tyrants have their way, our right to BREATHE without some germ infested, micro plastic containing piece of cloth on our face.

I cannot tell you how many people have told me they’ll get the jab just to avoid the inconvenience of not being able to travel. As someone who used to travel once a month on average, who hasn’t seen some of her closest friends since this whole macabre plot was foisted on us, and who is dying to go to America, I understand, believe me.

But there is one thing I feel in my bones that overrides the above: we simply CANNOT yield to their blackmail.

Who the HELL do they think they are to take control of our lives?

They are attacking our fundamental right to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

They are banking on our lethargy, our weakened mental state from the lockdowns and the general comforts of modern life to which we’ve grown accustomed. I don’t care, I’ll go scrub floors on all fours before I bow a knee to these sick, evil despots.

While this blackmail is obvious and clear cut, there is another even more pernicious form of blackmail. It has been practiced from the outset of the “vaccine” rollout but has intensified this week.

I’m talking about societal blackmail.

This article published in the DailyMail today was particularly repulsive.

It’s short, please read it. The level of guilt tripping is astounding.

Sarah Vine *is* the danger – not us.

We can expect more of this, as the campaign is just ramping up.

This type of blackmail is the most painful one to witness, as it affects many people in our entourage who, through social engineering, have become indoctrinated mercenaries doing the bidding of the architects of this scam, completely unwittingly. It’s actually frightening to see how many people are robotically implementing this agenda without realizing it.

But the good news is: there are more than enough who are not.

The months ahead will be really hard. This is just the beginning, and it’s going to get worse before it gets better. The walls will seem to be closing in, but we need to stand firm.

I truly believe the cabal is in its last throes, that their whole pyramid is crumbling before our eyes… (won’t go into this here as this post is long enough already) and thus it’s a question of time.

I hope everyone of you is hanging in there.

If not, perhaps this story of what happened to me today might provide some encouragement.

I had to go to the doctor today (an eye condition, nothing serious). I wasn’t going to go – I tried phoning the secretary to get a prescription for the drops via email but she said I had to consult. I thought to myself it can’t hurt anyway to have the ophthalmologist take a look even if it’s a standard irritation.

Anyway – while I had only ever met him once before a couple of years back and therefore don’t know him well at all, we engaged in a conversation on covid, the virus itself, its origins etc. – and the “vaccines”.

His appointment to get the shot was scheduled for after tomorrow. He told me while he wasn’t really up for it, everyone around him, other doctors, “serious”, knowledgeable people he knew, all took it, and therefore he was inclined to do the same.

Perfect illustration of the Milgram Experiment where people of “authority” manage to influence others in their actions, which I told him about, along with all the other info I’ve accumulated on the topic.

At the end of the conversation, he told me I had given him much to think about and that indeed, what was the cost of waiting a few months versus the risks?

These are the weapons we have to counter this mass blackmail campaign: use our arguments and help others realize: in the great scheme of things, what is an additional few months of not travelling “until we know more” versus injecting yourself with an experimental product which is irreversible?

It is not up to me to decide for anybody else. God gave people agency over their own lives, and unlike these power obsessed psychos behind this whole operation I don’t view myself as God.

But I strongly feel it is my duty to share the information to which I have access (and thankfully, God has gifted me with a non-confrontational style of communication, which helps when discussing such contentious topics, so I’ve been told).

Whether it’s Tucker reaching millions with his show, me alone in my doctor’s office speaking one on one with him or any one here forwarding links/articles to others, each of us can – must – to the best of our abilities at least TRY to counter all the blackmail while this war is raging.

Maybe I was meant to go see this doctor today, though I’ll probably never know if he ends up going through with his appointment on Friday, and if he does, what the consequences will be. It’s up to him to weigh the information now, and above all, it is in God’s hands, not mine.

Reminder, this was in May 2021, when the world was still gripped by covid measures, the shots’ roll out, and subsequent tyrannical restrictions imposed upon the “unvaxxed”. Tucker Carlson was still on Fox News back then.

Fast forward to the present. Tucker has a new platform, on which he interviewed “proud conspiracy theorist” Neil Oliver this week. Watch this short but significant excerpt where they discuss covid (3min):

Neil Oliver made many key points, not least that there probably wasn’t a “novel virus”, and that there was no pandemic. He also rightly states that the planned “pandemic” narrative was specifically used to steal our freedom and orchestrate one of the largest transfers of wealth in history. I’ll add that it also served to introduce the jabs in order to mass maim, sterilize and murder people as per our overlords’ eugenics agenda. Killing three big birds with one stone:

Implement measures of control – Destroy the middle class – Depopulate.

All thanks to propaganda, fear mongering, blackmailing, suppressing and attacking dissenters.

Hence the unrelenting “anti-vaxx” smears. Listen to WHO director general Tedros Ghebreyesus’ most recent comments about “us”:

This is but one glimpse at the WHO’s battle against “anti-vaxxers”. They have entire programs/initiatives dedicated to combating “vaccine hesitancy”, which they named one of the top “ten threats to global health” in 2019.

Take a look at this WHO 53 page psychopathic guide on “how to respond to vocal vaccine deniers in public”, or their website’s section on “infodemics” management featuring tools/training booklets. Brace yourself for these as they so perverse, targeting our youth to brainwash them into becoming good little foot soldiers, or “infodemic manager unicorns”, fighting against disinformation:

In addition, I recommend reading this short article written by the New York Times’ Editorial Board, entitled: “How to Inoculate Against Anti-Vaxxers”. It was published on January 19, 2019, shortly after the WHO announced its top ten threats to global health…

Two of the NYT’s recommendations are:

Get tough”, where they praise certain states for making it more difficult to opt out of mandatory vaccination, leading to an increased vaccination rate, and encourage others as well as the federal government to follow suit.

Know the enemy”, where they note that “the arguments used by people driving the anti-vaccination movement have not changed in about a century”.

Which brings me to the following images I wanted to share with you. Last year during my research, I came across these fascinating, old paper clippings and posters on vaccinations (some of which I posted on Twitter back then).

As you’ll see below, state sponsored tyranny/forced vaccinations, manipulation tactics and smear campaigns against “anti-vaxxers” are nothing new.

Take this first illustration published by the American Public Health Association. Notice how the term “misinformation” was already being weaponized in 1930, in this case against the “anti-vaccinationist”, “faddist”, “Mr. Careless” and “anti-everything” who opposed the smallpox vaccine.

A few years earlier, in 1924, a similar cartoon was published by the “Health Cartoon Service”, accusing anti-vaxxers of spreading lies and leading children to their deaths.

Source: Historical Medical Library/College of Physicians of Philadelphia

The “anti-vaccinationists” also used strong imagery to denounce the ills of vaccines, government meddling and pharma’s financial incentives.

This next illustration was published by the London Society for the Abolition of Compulsory Vaccination in the late 1800s, following a series of mandatory acts enforced in the UK. It speaks for itself:

The following insert was included in a pamphlet published in Canada circa 1885. It denounces forced vaccination, vaccine-linked deaths and the “senseless panic”.

Also published in 1885 in Canada, this poster slams the vaccine effects and the financial motives of its proponents, calling out the cost for these vaccines which benefits the “pockets of the medical profession”, versus spending on hygiene measures.

The below reprint from “Vaccination, a Journal of Health”, was published by the Anti-Vaccination Society of America in 1894. It referred to the vaccines as poison and warned about the “hidden potencies of material and spiritual evils”. It also states that deaths from the vaccines are probably higher than those due to small pox in the first place.

This just goes to show that the debate hasn’t changed in over 150 years at least, with people already aware vaccines were harming their children and fighting against the state’s compulsory vaccination mandates. Sadly, what has changed is the ever increasing, insane vaccine schedules imposed on our children. God only knows the number of deaths and amount of damage caused by these jabs across so many generations. Consequences that are known, and have been known by doctors who have tried to raise the alarm ever since Edward Jenner introduced the first vaccine in 1796.

“Hundreds of cases are recorded in which the death of infants who were healthy up to the hour of vaccination followed, after greater or lesser periods of suffering, often horrible suffering, the insertion of vaccine; the suffering generally dating from the operation, and disease steadily advancing therefrom. The vaccinating doctors for the most part deny all connections between the vaccination and the death, and influence coroners’ juries to pronounce death from some other cause.”

Sounds like something that happened recently, during the covid era perhaps?

The above quote, by Scottish physician J. Garth Wilkinson, was published in 1888 in an issue of the Journal of Hygeio-therapy entitled “Medical Opinion on Vaccination”. Hat tip to Roman Bystrianyk for finding it, along with other “deleted” doctors’ quotes compiled in this 15min video:

There you have it.

Different era, same playbook –– in more ways than one.

All the while, our children continue to be poisoned.

The question is, how much longer will we allow this?

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