-Hidden knowledge and laws of nature for human freedom. (0:24)

– Spiritual war, morality, and individual freedom. (5:19)

– Property rights, morality, and government legitimacy. (12:32)

– Morality, objective truth, and basis for ethics. (18:37)

– The relationship between morality, freedom, and enslavement. (24:46)

– Hidden knowledge and occultism, with a focus on controlling society through psychological manipulation. (33:39)

– Using technology to spread moral education. (40:05)

– Indoctrination and immoral government mechanisms. (47:15)

– Natural law, morality, and aligning behavior for protection. (51:18)

– Personal growth and taking action to create positive change. (56:47)

– Consciousness and technology with guest Mark. (1:01:28)

– Decentralized solutions for privacy, liberty, and future. (1:06:51)

– New health products and support for infrastructure development. (1:11:54)

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  1. Mark Passio is a must listen for everyone.

    Galactic Confederation Forces will not deal with spiritual and psychological children in adult bodies (over 90% of the planet including some self-proclaimed 'lightworkers') and put themselves in a situation to make Planet Earth their Afghanistan quagmire for trying to help us post-Event.

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