The Prepare For Change Newsletter is Here! May 8, 2015 ❤

Greeting from Dov and Raissa of the Renaissance Group. I personally have gone to some amazing shows…from Opera to Orchestra to Opera Rock.. Here in LA… The opera was about Hercules performed by the LA Opera, a new score redone to the movie Hercules and the Haunted World, by Mario Bava, who broke a lot … Read more

“A Universal & Beautiful Mathematical Symphony of Energy Becoming Synergy.” – Secrets In Plain Sight by Scott onScott’s Beautiful Presentation – Synchronicity

Published on Apr 19, 2015 Scott Onstott, of Secrets in Plain Sight, gave a talk on Synchronicity in Architecture, Measurement and Sacred Geometry at the Olympia Sync Summit, August 9th 2014. Scott onScott’s Website: Biography:

Aquaponics & Farming – Inner City MakerSpace! Everything from Urban Agriculture to Robotics

No material item(s) for any Holiday can out beat a gift like this one! Awesome video and post. Please like and share with others   Inner City MakerSpace! Everything from Urban Agriculture to Robotics and a huge basement full of Aquaponic growing. A 20K Square ft Laboratory that will change the game for the inner city … Read more

PFC Technology needs your help

Hello Family, I have recently come across some drastic changes in my life and am needing some help. Any donations, heart warming messages, or open source work, please send them here: Email I am currently the administrator here at PrepareForChange & you can view more information about me at: Thank you, Many blessings, Your … Read more

World Wide Facebook Network Update

Hello Loving Beings, The world wide Facebook network page has been added to the website archive and you can view it at the following link: You will be able to locate it under the navigation menu ‘Participate‘. Nova Biscotti, Rob, & I have put a lot of work in to get this page up and … Read more