Closing the Circle – with Little Grandmother

Keisha Crowther - Little Grandmother
Keisha Crowther – Little Grandmother

Closing the Circle – with Little Grandmother

In October of 2010 I started upon an intensive reawakening process which led me to discovering the deeper aspects of the truth about our imprisonment in this matrix. It all started when I first listened to Little Grandmother. I then discovered the work of people like Michael Tsarion and David Wilcock and almost 18 months to the day after I first started listening to Keisha and her wisdom Cobra started his blog. Having literally studied non-stop for 18mths I just knew the first time I read his blog that he was someone speaking from a place of certain knowing. I ‘heard’ the voice of someone who knew with certainty that he was telling the truth and I quickly decided to attend one of his first conferences in 2012.

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Transformation Has Already Begun – The Shift – The Event Will Speed Up This Process for Humanity


Transformation Has Already Begun – The Shift – The Event Will Speed Up This Process for Humanity

How Much Are You Aware that You Are Part of this Shift?

Do you realise that by simply reading these words that you are an integral part of this shift? Your desire alone for change is more than enough. The support that you show for the revelation of truth by reading, or the desire to see and experience a new and transparent open type of leadership involves you deeply in this shift. Your desire to exist in a world where everyone is receiving not just their basic needs but abundance makes you involved in this shift. I would even go so far as to say that about 25% of the entire world’s population is actively involved in this shift on some level. Here is some of what archangel Michael recently had to say about this.
” What you think of as the megatrends are shifting, the mega events are taking place. And you may, or may not, be involved in what you think of those grand events. And, let me say, “think of,” because, my friends, you are absolutely involved in each and every one of those shifts. Some of you are at the conference table. Some of you are fully participating as what you think of as the limelight. Not all of you have volunteered for that. And, I hear your collective sigh of relief, saying, “Thank God!”
Those who are in the leadership, the new definition of leadership, not the old, cannot proceed without the support and union, unity, with each and every one of you. So when you extend your hand in love, in friendship, in support, in commiseration and compassion to another, you are immediately contributing and activating the global changes.
When your heart, through your decisions and choices, flies free, then you are declaring freedom and liberation, and might I say, my favorite topic, declaring peace on planet. Not at some future date of fulfillment, but in the moment and the ever-present moment of now. This is what you are doing. This is not what you are going to be doing at some future date. It has already begun. And, yes, that is what it means. It has already begun.”

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Goddess Energy is now Crucial to the Liberation of our Planet


Goddess energy is very strong. It is the strongest energy in the entire Universe. One Woman who is capable of transmitting that energy can stop a war. We now need to get into pure love, receptivity, compassion and move away and beyond the games of personality, manipulation, and denial.

Why is this Goddess energy now crucial to the planetary liberation?

The Cabal have done everything in their power to suppress the Goddess energy. Old civilisations were very connected to the Goddess. They did not know war. Archaeological evidence shows no weapons existed. This is our collective memory of paradise. The first weapons were brought to Earth with the first Archon Invasion. When we remove Archons from power on our planet we can return to our natural state of paradise again.

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The time of The Event and the strongest wave of ascension will be a synchronized event. We have been in preparation for this time of ascension foretold and spoken about by the Mayans and the Hopi and many others since time immemorial. We have been showered by The Mothers Tsunami of Love in wave after wave after wave. Every single person reading this will recognize that they have been changing for the better in many ways. Our bodies physical, emotional and mental have been going through transformative adaptations for that which lies ahead. All of us are finding that we simply cannot abide to be part of disputes or conflicts of any kind and that we are releasing old ‘vasanas’** bit by bit day by day. Some people have more or less gone through the entire ascension process and have as Archangel Michael puts it “been flying in and out of the ascension portal” for years. Cobra believed earlier on in 2012 that he would soon be allowed to release information to us pertaining to the process of ascension, however the Resistance Movement have advised that this information was to be held back until a more appropriate time because it could be used to our disadvantage by the cabal. You can be sure that when the time is appropriate he will be releasing information to support our ascension process and I believe that this will occur first after the transition that we call The Event.

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The Alien Disclosure Agenda: Who Is in Charge?

The X-Files opened a can of worms.

It sounded good, and looked too good to be true and when something seems too good to be true, it usually is.

I arrived home from work at 10 pm last night to a couple of messages stating the CIA has suddenly declassified hundreds of UFO documents. How very interesting.

A little background for those who need it:

can of wormsWe’re told by researcher/whistleblower David Wilcock that there is a race on to see who will bring us disclosure of the Galactics first; the good guys (the Galactics or benevolent ETs) or the bad guys. (see next paragraph)

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The Event is a Present Day Approach to the Ancient Global Shift

Higher Density Particles are Flooding the Solar System and Earth is about to Shift to a Higher Frequency State of Consciousnes. It will be the Prophesied Victory of the Light!
Higher Density Particles are Flooding the Solar System and Earth is about to Shift to a Higher Frequency State of Consciousnes. It will be the Prophesied Victory of the Light!

The Event is a present day approach to the Shift predicted in ancient texts of all religions. For thousands of years, prophets and sages have connected to the Universal consciousness and learned of the time when all humanity would experience cosmic consciousness. This is the time when the natural energies of our planet and solar system would raise and all life would experience a higher awareness of our connectedness and relationship to the creator.

The solar system moved above the galactic plane in 2012 and on this side there is a much higher density space filled with very energetic particles, and the galactic center is currently sending waves of energy toward us as well. These factors are the basis of the ancient shift predicted by so many wise spiritual teachers.

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Don’t Try to Hang On – It’s Time to Let Go


by Therese Zumi Sumner

The old 3D reality is gone! We are now most definitely anchored in 4D Gaia and moving up energetically towards the 5th dimension. It would seem that many Lightworkers are exhausted and ready to ‘give up’ – they are ‘hanging on by their fingernails’, they can’t cope any longer after many years of hoping and longing and working for change one way or another, some are in economic difficulties or difficult relationships. The advice that Archangel Michael has for these Lightworkers may seem strange to some people because He says to those Lightworkers ‘Let go’! He suggests that they stop hanging onto the old 3rd in any way and just let it go. He does not admonish them to become homeless or drastically make life difficult for themselves but He tries to convey to us that the old 3D reality is no more and there is absolutely no point in trying to adapt to its ways.

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Videos from The Portal

Sunday, January 17, 2016


Beautiful videos have been created for some of the key articles from this blog.

Quarantine Earth Endgame:

Cintamani (English):

Cintamani (French):

Brotherhood of the Star (English):

Brotherhood of the Star (French):

Long River of History (English/Chinese video about the Event / New Atlantis):

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Get Ready for the Next Wave of Consciousness

Get Ready for the Next Wave of Consciousness

TZ here; In this channelling of Sanat Kumara he speaks about a Wave of Consciousness which is due to ‘hit us’ soon. “For it is an experience of heightened awareness that many of you will be experiencing in these days and weeks to come. We cannot say exactly what day and what hour but I can tell you that it is nearly here and you are all going to experience this in many individual, different ways.” I believe that this Wave has reached us now and is a ‘pre-curser’ Wave of Light maybe a final preparation readying us for The Event Flash Energy when its time. Many people are now having varied experiences like lucid dreams, strong emotional experiences and growing evidence around them in their daily lives of the growth of the Love vibration on Gaia.

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Please Help Create a Calm Transition at the Time of The Event


Please Help Create a Calm Transition at the Time of The Event by Taking Part in The Event Meditation Now

I feel that it is paramount now that we all of us unite at this time to secure the calmest transition possible at the time of The Event. The absolute most important reason right now for taking part in the weekly Sunday Event meditation is to support a harmonious and peaceful transition when the day is finally upon us. No one knows the exact hour or day but one thing is for sure, there is a growing strong sense of expectation now that great change is imminent on this planet and that it can come like a thief in the night. In this meditation you also state your intent to use the meditation as a tool to speed up the process towards the Disclosure and The Event.

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