All my life I loved to be alone. Which does not mean that I was lonely. Alone and lonely is not at all the same, actually sometimes I felt completely the opposite: when I was alone I felt that I can truly feel the presence of the world and myself while with others I felt lonely. Interesting, is it not?

By Hikariwillwin,

I just experienced naturally what I like and I don’t but I could not really understand why I am like that. I also did not know the real reason why, being overly sensitive to the people’s energy, I perceived that the more people are around me, like a crowd for example, the worse the energy in the surroundings usually are.


Of course everything changed gradually as I understood what is happening on this planet with the energetic misuse of the Archons, the ruling matrix social system, the implants that suppress our energy centers and so on.

After Cobra revealed the existence of the Implant Hemispheres on his blog, which is a breath taking revelation, I understood really what is going on behind the curtains.

Here’s the deal:

The Light forces are accelerating the clearing of non-physical negative entities and they are driving them out of all areas around the surface of the planet except from the so called implant hemispheres.

Implant hemispheres are areas of distorted spacetime continuum around the etheric implants. Each incarnated human being has received etheric implants by the Archons just before incarnating – the so called veil of forgetfulness. Those etheric implants are actually multidimensional black holes which contain anomalous matter and distorted quantum fluctuation. Each human being has three of those implants and they create a quite stable interference pattern which keeps the consciousness of the human being within the Matrix. This interference pattern creates an energy field of anomalous distorted spacetime structure around the implants with a radius of about 100 feet with the three implants in its center. This energy field was spheric until very recently. Last month the Light forces have managed to push the lower half of that spheric field of every human being towards the surface of the planet so now only the hemisphere above the surface remains. When many people are located close to each other, implant hemispheres tend to merge and create a unified distortion field. This is the main reason why the energies in large cities are not very good usually.

Those implant hemispheres look like this:

In the last week, many non-physical negative entities were driven out by the Light forces from all other areas into the implant hemispheres. These implant hemispheres are the only place where they are relatively safe from being cleared by the Light forces for now. The increased presence of Light is compressing the remaining darkenss. You were most likely able to feel this compression as extreme tiredness of the physical body which is undergoing intense tranformation. Many people also experienced energy attacks from the incoming negative entities and headaches because of increased implant activity. All this will be somewhat less intense from today onwards.

The most secure place for the negative non-physical entites to hide is in the sector of our implant hemisphere which corresponds to our traumatic experiences. When we experience a trauma, we tend to go out of the body and in that very moment usually negative non-physical entities attach to our energy field. Because the trauma is usually suppressed, we are not aware of those entities and they can carry out their plans undisturbed. This is the main reason the Archons have designed trauma-based mind programming. 

Until now, the existence of implant (hemi)spheres was one of the main secrets of Archons and the reason of their confidence in the last 25,000 years. This intel is released now because the increased activity of the Galactic Central Sun will begin to dissolve the implant hemispheres. When they are disintegrated, this will be one of the biggest victories of the Light forces in the last 25,000 years.

So this is basically explains EVERYTHING.  This is the reason people in big crowds become sometimes so controllable and crazy and more prone to programming and stupid behavior. Because of the Implant Hemispheres, conflicts and problems were always abundant when two or more people gathered for a common goal. This is the reason why spiritual revelations, awakening from the matrix and personal Soul development happened almost always when people spent much time alone, looking inward and looking for the answers inside.


But the trick and reason why this dark system is almost bulletproof is that even if you wake up, work on yourself, clean yourself energetically and de-attach as much as you can from the energetic bounds, as soon as you are close to other people who didn’t go through this inner changes, the old patterns, mental and emotional distortion and the dense vibrations try to come back or approach you again. Can you imagine how natural, satisfying and pleasant human connections could be and will be without these implant hemispheres? Unbelievable!


So now I now why I adore to be alone. It’s just so funny and upside down: we can connect more with the Universe, with High energies and vibrations and Angels usually when we are alone. We can breath and live from our Heart Center which is the key for balance so much more easily when we are alone.

Dreams_of_Eternal_Harmony_by_StriderDen 2.jpg

Of course this does not mean that we cannot have amazingly wonderful and loving high vibrational experiences, breakthroughs and spiritual development with other people or groups. Sure we can and it’s so nice when that happens. It’s just that there is a whole control mechanism constructed exactly to prevent that. Just think about the million social norm and restrictions.


After so many layers of social programming, it’s a miracle if we can dig down and find some remains of who we really are and what we truly enjoy. So spending time alone to listen to your own guidance is always beneficial, in every situation. Try it!

When I am alone I feel that I can be myself. I can speak, move and behave in a way that I feel natural without feeling the societal pressure, which just wants us to be numb all the time like robots. I can dance and sing and breath any way that I feel pleasurable to do so. I can also think much more clearly and observe my feelings in a completely different way. Sometimes when I am surrounded with some people I just feel that my thoughts are fuzzy, I cannot focus and my emotions are also confused. As time passed throughout my life I could examine the energetic patterns and changes more and more. Now I can actually sense an energy field created withing multiple people especially in closed spaces that just tries to hinder and suppress high vibrational free expressions of the Soul, because these are not part of the Matrix of course.


Cobra stated that the first Mystery of the Goddess is Silence. Think about that for a minute. I am one of those people who, even though lived through very happy moments with other humans, if I had to specify the top ten happiest moments of my life, at least 7 of them would be Unbelievably Beautiful Moments which I spent: alone ?


And I would like to finish with an interesting but for me very deep truth that I just heard in my head once I went to a nice big empty cemetery from a stressful environment, which is:

“Silence is the most beautiful voice I have ever heard.”

Victory Of The Light!



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  1. Most likely the only way to connect to the God energy is by introspection, which is where most meditative disciplines drives us anyway. So any circumstances in our lives that drive us there, including those that are forced upon us, give us those opportunities. The more you connect, the more understanding you obtain, & the less important it is to obtain our consciousness energy from the surrounding environment, which is not where it is located anyway. We know that. Being by yourself is the only way to faster growth & true enlightenment, since everything else always becomes a distraction. Neither the spiritual gurus nor those who attain a rainbow-body get there by socializing & hanging out w/ their colleagues at the park. They do it by connecting to their source of energy. However, this condition makes you more capable of truly relating to others w/ honesty, love & w/o expectations, & thus creating real bonds & real connections. These relationships are way more meaningful, since you make a spiritual connection – since the term “Soul to Soul”. This state also allow us to immediately sense, know & recognize when we are being subjected to being used or being manipulated & thus reject these entanglements. Didn’t Jesus spend time alone ?

  2. Your comments ring so true in my heart. I feel exactly the way you do. How can I be a loner…..when I love people so much when I am with the Right People! In this world I can feel like a real alien which I now understand is just the vibrations of the group that I am with at the time! You have put this issue into words and now it seems so simple.

  3. Edward, I have just read your essay and found it to be inspirational.
    I also enjoy solitude to a degree and find I function much better within in a small group.
    Strange times that we are living in and I think we all know, something is about to happen.

    Kind regards

    Paul Tayler


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