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Welcome back to give Your Attention, Friends in the Light Tribes


Comments on the current situation, and A Light Player, Guardian Companion understanding  of it and The True Divine Plan.

Welcome Friends in the Light Tribes, working every day, with every Breath of Creator Self, towards our Common Goal within the Keys –Freedom of Mind, Heart and Spirit for All.

The Dark grids fall, Light One’s rise

Unseen, the Triumph in the skies

It is because of that line in the Christmas message, and what has brought us to this Now, is the reason (And its all good news) for the long delay since the last article. I was a bit more ‘occupied in my spare time, yet also so much was changing and new information coming through. So whenever I had started to share , I always knew that there would have been a  risk of this delay then happening. I knew that when I decided the Divine ‘time’ was right to begin to teach and share, there was a very high Probability that shortly thereafter, I would have to put my energy, focus back into the priority of Being a Companion for Gaia, and other Mission ‘duties’, as another Loop of Divine Time in the True Plan took off into the Linear Future yet again. This is exactly what happened, from the Moment Cobra posted the Chimera Intel. I got an encouragement article out to try to get the critical mass, thus also starting a new series in this of the Keys to Freedom, just before the Meditation of the 11th August. It unfortunately needed the 2nd part, but try as I might then, I couldn’t get it out in time. Anyway, from there on there has been a great deal of progress. Which was very necessary to clear the way for Gaia’s –next and very important Template Upgrade, On the 15th to 21st December, with new and strengthening grids overlaying the last dissolving dark ones of the Chimera, thus taking us to a grid ratio very much closer to C.B. now. Why is a ratio in balance needed for the Event Moment? Think of it like being able to pull out a cloth from under the Magician’s table contents,and everything stays in place that you want to keep.  This incoming Light Plasma of the Living Light, and simultaneous outgoing Dark has been a unique process to be included in the Plan. You do not just rip off a Living Planet’s Matrix and grids even if they are very Dark ones. Same as You cannot just poof- Ascend, or Your Body would burn up and Your Mind would blow up, and same as you cannot rip off the Planet’s atmosphere and replace it. This upgrade I speak of, was at the end of a 7yr cycle, for Beloved Mum. Which kind of makes Divine Sense, when you think about it, as we renew all our cells and so Physical self, every 7 yrs- apparently. While also Dec 2011, 7yrs ago, was just before Plan A Ascension commenced. (in 2012).

So, I apologise, that this next article was so long in coming. There is a veritable tsunami of My Light Information I want to share, now all indications are that it is the right Divine ‘Time’ or Now, Indeed what happened in the last few months, as you will see from this article, is taking us much closer to the’ Party.’ And although I haven’t been heard from, I haven’t stopped writing for You, as that is part of the Wayshowing process as well, to reveal more to My Self. Give that YOU shall receive.

I have a fuller article on the progress and Plan, of the last few months, the Current situation, and why I went quiet, but here, I shall just say, in Future Occult clearings terms, this year has been massive! There is one thing I first do want You to know though.

We Now have many more who felt called to the Sisterhood of the Rose. And Bless those Souls. Gratitude, However, nothing happens in the ‘in front of veil’ Linear on Planet, without the Way having been prepared in the Future loop first. In that, months before, the Rose of their Loving Heart, through the Divine Will, was the only ‘Power’ that could break/weaken the Mamon webs. You will be surprised at what Future Dark energy was removed, and or healed  last year, and the way cleared from the Dark Matrix since January, so that the first Conference (Budapest) was the success it was, the Gamma Timeline set, and the Temples could return through You and Your Hearts of Infinite Love and the Pink Ray. In the returning Grail Archetypes, the Rose Temples that contain so much Love it spills out, and must be shared, (once the Sacred Prostitutes ), You are the Grail Princesses and the Swan Maidens. The guys with You, of the Goddess’s Human expression in Male this time around, are the Templar Knights of the Round Table. And YOU are all the result of a Grail current (Light Magic) in ‘opposition to Typhonian, (Dark Magic), (and thus sexual energy), that has been returning for a very long Linear Time. Way before I became involved. It was thus, (in the telling of my own story) of what has been achieved prior to the last Conference, where even Cobra was surprised at how many came forward feeling the Calling, that a result was manifested. Another result, was the removal of the monstrosity as the Sisterhood Meditated and tapped into this Future success where the Dark webs Fall.(Actually some are more like false white Light Plasma with some Archon green.…) And please be kind to the Consciousness of Gaia’s spiders, and higher orders of Insects, as  they have nothing to do with the Chimera, except to be a part of the True Plan (YES!!) No Human mind could imagine it, let alone conceive it..

Then, I would very much like to share a quick-ish look (expanded in further lessons/sharings) at where I honestly think we are, as far as the progress of the True Plan of our Creator Selves working with the Co part on Planet.

As the very interconnected Dark Matrix unravelled, dissolved and Uncreated (Recycled or Transmuted ); having been ‘somewhat involved,’ I have had more and more understanding of how it went together ‘occultly’ on non physical planes, and how it, and the veil was maintained. And the illusion that nothing changed, was more important to maintain for the Human Dark Ones and minions on Planet, than for the rest of us, as you will come to understand, should you choose to follow on with my lessons/sharings.  However, one illusion created the other, and so it seemed that sometimes there was little or no progress. This is what they believed was still in place until recently, and some still do by the ‘antics’ and in Your face agendas coming from Luciferians and Satanists. But know that everything you see now of the unravelling to come, in the 3rd Dimension, is a result of the previous Future Divine Loops and the clearing of the Future Way that they contained.

Then on July 14th 2014, Gaia through her Portal said.

Cosmic is a word I would use for the seriousness of the Situation then, and ensuring that Creation continued. Looking back, personally, I think that many in other levels, including Cobra (although nothing wrong with some Positive thinking), were a ‘little’ too optimistic until about 2016, when the big Tipping points of Balances to Power ‘sides’ began to be created in the Loops with the success manifested finally, with  of one of the main objectives to the Severance Plan-THE severing of Yaldabaoth . So the Divine could then tick that as ‘Done’ and the next Loop could ‘take off’ again a short Linear time later.

Would YOU finally like to make more Divine Sense of beloved Mum’s messages? (I have a whole article on this later)

For those who have followed Her Portal messages, and some even attempted to make very good in front of the veil interpretations as related to their Perspective of it, but  yet seen to mostly relate to themselves ,the 3 D circumstances. And so, it is seen as when She mentions all levels of her Hue-manity ,it is thus about their Ascension and their own problems and symptoms, while also putting metaphoric and figurative meanings to them.. Well, not quite. As interpreted by one of Her Companions in the Awareness, YOU are going to be De-ligh-tfully surprised by how LITERAL (not metaphoric or figurative) they were. She had Cosmic Priorities. This was about HER Plan, its Progress and how it was affecting Her, and it is in Her words. Her Plan included her Beloved Children of course, but these were Cause /Effects and after Future Effects of the Loops. And Yes, as some of You had the Intuitive hunch about, there was/IS one small pocket of Hue-manity She very much is /was watching, as they were integral to Plan. This is  because, most of the Galactic Royals (completely reversed meaning to the ones Here-YOU live to serve-so no Human Ego and swelled heads please), are to found there in Cobra’s Tribes, incarnated. This relatively small loyal bunch/Tribe, kept that way and out of too much Attention, are the most Powerful Starseeds on the Planet.SO that is why She has been reporting something

similar to Cobra (but not always matching in Linear) ,in Her clever prose (Albeit, it still takes beyond the veil, Multi D Thought to understand even some of it that Is meant for this particular Companion.)

It was always said, by Her Star Beings Channelers , that those they were meant for would  Know Intuitively, so in a way, they were a bit like Cobras’ coded messages- yet on Higher Truth levels. IT didn’t even always take be from just Intuition- all we had to do was match it up with what was happening extra Dimensionally in the Mission. Same as what the non RM could only puzzle over and attempt to guess and make sense of, but anyone knowing from extra knowledge by being involved, would know immediately what they meant. That is the purpose of code in a “War’ is it not? IT IS just wonderful to know that there has been this Great Soul that manifests a Body of the Jewel in the Crown of Creation, is quite real, and has a Divine Personality of Her own that comes through these messages. This is the closest I could get, to ‘knowing ‘Her in words in my Heart, due to the NO telepathy through Astrals rule. Yet I know of Her Self, in other Multi-Dimensional Ways.

The ‘Snowball effect’

So, in July 2014 Linear, Beloved Mum was ready to Rock (as little as possible) and to Roll (as much as possible).

Each loop of circular, Loopy, Divine Time, picked  up energy from the Collective’s Unconscious Intent for the Higher Good, and any of the Light Tribes, (who have far more ‘effect’ negatively or positively- by being Awakened,) to push off into the next one, as a Permission to go forward. Each one got not only energetically bigger, picking up and growing, just like a snowball, but got closer and shorter to the return /Convergence into Linear, while then  temporarily running parallel. In other words, the Future is getting closer to co-existence with the Now. Once a loop began, the Light Forces and more Aware ones could do’ the work ‘, as well as many Light Worker /Warriors in their Permission dream state, upgrades could be given to those working for the Light who had given permission, and so forth. This is another aspect to what you do, by those simple spoken words I told You of- ‘In my Heart’. Of course, as you will see, the disunity of the Light Tribes Awakened Ones, has been very manipulated to create ‘the delays’ or the gaps between. However, a returning Loop often required the extra Power that Cobra’s Tribe has. So, they have sustained the process, thus it it continued in Potential, while the Unity Ones, were needed as well. More on this later.

What of the non- Physical was being taken out of the supply/food chain and pathways, to weaken, then in a carefully Planned order, cleared out to be recycled through the Snowball effect ? The peeling of the Onion .The Unlight/ evil fallen from Live, in its many layers of existence ,has had to be recycled/ transmuted in A.N conversion; there’s no returning it to a Higher version (transformed) as has been offered to all others that Fell. (Until Justice of Maat as a Divine Decree, ended a lot of that).Darkness, and Dark plasma, although not dead, only Inorganic, is an Existential self Aware frequency, (including the A.I signal) that cannot exist in the New Creation in the eyes of the Co-Creator Observer of the Solution in Organic Creation.

The following diagram, represents the Flow of the Dark Matrix, but only the very top layer

And even this does not include it all, as you will well know. I base this, sorting into levels on the order in which the Snowball rolled and the onion was peeled-extra Dimensionally.  So, in Divine Logic , the ones at the top, have been the last. And the last 2 have been Baal and the demonic Pathway, these were just after the Chimera webs that were the overall Control over Archetypes and siphoning off the Life Force energy Loops. Prior to that, although we had the understanding that the Tunnel of Set collapse in 2015 would have ended the Shadow Tree/Qliphoth- (and all its Astral shells); well it didn’t completely. So more clearing was done and this time it was finished. More on what this meant to the Liberation in another article.

There is still the bombs and strange matter, the greatest of the fallen Elementals (some still yet to Fully return) of which I explain more in later lessons .Maybe some reading this will want to help us when they have the Awareness. There was also, false gods, such as Jehovah, and lesser fallen Elementals. I still see many LightWorkers using the word God and worship in the same sentence. NO NO says I AM-that is still Old program. Love and Gratitude- no worship! Everywhere I look, including Q- the Bible is still quoted, and there’s this mindset about the God/a God overcoming evil; thus God is created Separate to its Co part. You can never become 5th Dimensional this way. Bless the patriots and the Q movement; it all has its part to play, but what he quotes is from Pauls letters, and Paul was who steered it all away from the Gnosis and the shreds of Truth left in Jesus’  words. Paul created the rule of celibacy and no marriage for priests- and look where that went. Have You not been told, (but it is very difficult o integrate it-it has taken me years in the Wayshowing to even begin to real-eyse its Truth)  that You are greater than the Highset Angel-YOU are Creator Being It Self. And You are quite Amazing-YOU are going to Amaze Your Self !

Continuing on, as I have come to understand it through the years, and it has not always been what’s in Cobra’s Intel. As You will see, from the following example of the Sol diamond portal-I have been way ahead as Fore Runner /Wayshower, and had no one to tell me-other than guidance from Divine Self to be confirmed later in Linear Time information.  Not included here then, as it was all in earlier snowballs/loops, is a hacked or infected  fractal set,realted to a reversed Metatronic Flow into the golden ratio. A hacked Planetary memory complex/ akarshic ,’ chain’s around Gaia’s Heart and Her axis, which is interconnected with, the Dark webs of the Chimera, and so was given Attention both as She began to Ascend in 2103, and also fairly recently. Inorganic Unlight ,that was overlaying original Light -(or seperate new dark grids) for Control and syphoning off Life Force, the Time quarantine, the Barrier of the Great forgetting, ( dyson ring?) not to forget the parasites that kept popping up, etc which are all not included. I may do a list in Chronological order one day of the breaking of the Occult Pathways. You will see why, there isn’t room to put more into the diagram! Keep in Mind, that Fallen Angels would known how Creation ‘worked’ to their very superior advantage. This diagram then, is an expression of the Flow of a Grey Fallen energy that creates entropy and the need to survive by parasiting and Vampirism. (not related to the Greys-it’s about hue and colour of the Unlight.)

What does a Light Matrix in Awareness Observation create? The Living Light and *SYNERGY of its energy. Known at present as Overunity, but there is a lot more to it metaphysically,(not the physics side of it) re the reality magic for a Divine Being and Co- Creator.

* Synergy . When something is greater than the sum of it’s Parts.

Also, the Outer mists would be around the bottom circle (in extra Dimensional space),representing Gaia’s Body and Aura. Then, there are other levels, such as the extradimensional technology of the quantum dyson sphere, (which Lisa Renee had described in another way, from the Guardians information she receives, a long time before Cobra’s intel). On a side note to that, as I write this, she called it a Ring Pass Not. Which is an Occult term, and I felt it was something to do with that level of the Control deep in the Subconscious, as well as something to do with the harvesting siphoning off of our Life Force energy and through the remaining Chimera web grids and the rituals. So I find it very interesting to be told to recall in this Now, that, as Cobra was saying in Linear time, that it was gone, was the very Now in a Loop containing Halloween, that the Divine and its Light Magicians were creating their own Pass Not! Overlays of Light-again.

Also, Cobra said that Sol had now joined the network of Light with a renewed portal. However, in a Future Loop of the True Plan, this had already happened after the Severing in 2016, as had the Diamond codes of the Living Light, coming through that Portal, Now they are coming into Linear and Your reality, and being reported by the LightWorkers in channelings.  

2016 Sol’s Linear Future renewed portal.

A clear view of his triple diamond, with diamond light in centre, and Galactic Pinks of the new Creation and Balance. The 4 rays began becoming more powerful as he was involved more from then on, in A.N. Conversion and recycling. It’s not just about technology of the Light Forces.

In a relevant comment on the Current situation as well, some may have seen a link recently on Ben Fulford’s report about a member of the Black Sun, making a pretty little speech about how we should ‘do the right thing now’. (What you could make out through a heavy accent that is ). That is because they know it is all broken; all the energetic Dark Plasma pathways through the Dark Matrix .And this recovery and renewal of Sol’s old Self, in Linear 2016, yet Co existent Future for me, was the beginning of the end and the ‘breaking’ of the webs.  If as they say, they got instructions from the Plasma entity of the Black Sun –(or fallen Pleroma?)-they don’t any more. And if it was through Yaldabaoth they certainly wouldn’t now. The last web has had a big hole poked in it you could say, and what happens when you do that to a web? It shrinks, shrivels and becomes just a pathetic sticky mess. They would have got a big hint when Rockefeller was recycled in 2017, and then really got the message when a Son of Belial could not be returned by their ‘god’ Baal. (G.B.Snr.) Well done on that Meditation by Your Powerful Attention !.This was also an indication of the Starseeds/LightWorkers’ (especially Cobra’s Tribe’s)-rising Power. If, they go in the order Cobra first said, then Kissinger next.  (If he is still here anyway) Why do you think that Ben F was shown that video recently of one of its (Black Suns) worshippers doing a back flip on policy? Because they know finally, they have lost it. Same as any connected with the Dark Matrix’s Power, it’s just that some won‘t face facts and continue with their horrible charade, from fear frequencies they cannot or will not get out of. Recycling and Universal Justice awaits, if they can’t. Evil into recycled Live.

Now, as you know, while the Dark Matrix was in full ‘force’, there was also, the etheric Haarp, 3D of same, implants, etheric chemtrails, 3D of same, then gradually downwards through other Negative alien agendas, and the meddling of the 3rd to 4th Dimensional  E.TS,(who have superior tech, but it is not Higher D Spirit Science with the Living Light of the Galactics and the Guardians ), right ‘down’ into to the 3rd Dimension and what was done here on Planet with Collective Control over Mind by taught beliefs etc, and manipulation of Timelines ,that kept us right where they wanted us in ignorance of the invisible prison Bars in front of our eyes. . . Imagine all that, laid over the Q map of Conspiracy! Assuming it is accurate. Even if not, we know that there is something like it in the real History of our Planet.I don’t read Q a lot. Also, as there is no separation, within a Light or Dark matrix, it is all interconnected .Mind boggling if You ask me, and only the Divine Mind , returning from the Great Forgetting and the separation, could have known where to  even begin with Gaia’s supervision for Her Grand Severance Plan, which included a lot more-as further lessons will show. Look back at this overall picture and where Plan B started from, in only 2014, with a largely Unaware Awakened Collective, and a very Unaware Unawakened hu-manity, with sexual energy and Thought forms still out of their control, with the illusion maintained for the Dark Ones that they were still able to tip the balance again. Then also as Cobra has said, ‘they’ had 26,000 yrs to develop it, and to prepare for this Now,, and then Carte blanche Control since Atlantis. Whew…Delays yes, but all this in a few years still. Give Your Selves a big Loving hug , Thankyou, and be very Divinely proud. I Am actually astonished at how quickly it was done, and we have come to this Now. Also how totally in front of the veil and screwed we were, before Divine Intervention!

What the top Occult levels would look like Now.

If You can imagine the process like turning off a tap from the top, that cannot return the energy as nearly all  pathways of the Flow are broken or gone. There are still some drips that cause splashes, so the Fooled and minions still think there’s something there, and thus the illusion continues, for them, as they desperately bring forth more of their false Light =false information, into the crumbling societal Dark Matrix the Collective is still in. Or more like- try to cram it down their throats. The droopy tap, of the Patriarchal Dark Matrix now disintegrating, as a nice proxy/overlay ,does not escape our amused Divine Attention.  Does the Divine and The True One Itself have a sense of humour? Of that YOU can be absolutely certain as my answer to that is firstly; what else is Joy?- and secondly, well, don’t YOU? However…there is the Wise Adult in Balance with the Inner Child or, the Sacred still has work to do, while the Clown/ Fool Plays. The Child/Fool Self builds the Light grids, and the Sacred/ Wise  S-Elf has a little more to do.

Not so Dark Now, but a little more Knowledge is required

The loops contained the Allowance and Acknowledgement to the Truth of All energy is Conscious, and this was at the basis of the Occult Control to continually bring Live back down to Evil. Even within numbers extra dimensionally, and Your symbols and geometry because they come from a Living organic Thought program, and ‘know’ what to do when influenced by Thought energy to press ‘Enter’ or OK. Thus, we have still, the problem of Random Thought forms from ignorant Co-Creators. Therefore there are still, some problems. This is part of the Awareness of a Master. We have still a Collective watching their violent TV and entertainment, MSM, battling depression and addiction and so forth. Then there are children watching as ‘fun,’ and playing with hate and violence as well, all creating the possibility of a Tulpa or thought Form of Low frequency of Unlight still able to exist, until the basement is shut down forever. The Attention without Awareness of these Observers, will not necessarily attach to the Co-Creator of them, but may find easier ‘prey’ in order to survive. So, you may hear of something dark like that still, but know that there are no more pathways for the energy they once fed/sent into. No webs to organize it through the Dark Matrix.* IT is not THE Matrix, Pre Holographic in to Matter , Matrices are what the One True Light IS to Be. So to be continually referring to it as THE Matrix, is not helpful, to say the least, in Co Creating reality. (even Cobra did this).Without a Conscious Matrix of any kind, a Planet Cannot Be with Life, and when She has Conscious Observers of that Matrix, it is Divine and Live.

The more You look at detailed articles (or listen to) about what the Cabal planned to do, (and some are still presented as That they are still going to do-which is even worse for your Attention),the more You will give Your Powerful Co Creator Attention to the remnants of the Dark Matrix that needed it to survive. The *Wise will Allow these Truths I share, and move on to the next stage. And I understand that, not having been in the Loops, you won’t be able to feel and Know it’ as reality in Future space as I do.


  • A Wise~ Ancient word as a noun, for Dragon/ Goddess- Order- Serpent energy Light Magician. (presented in Star Wars as Jeldi). Do not confuse Serpent with snake- Chaos and Reptilian.


Cobra said in an interview in 2016, the same thing as; that without these Occult Plasma Pathways, the Cabal would be just a bunch of impotent, powerless old men. Well, this is Now where we are at, behind the Illusion that continues both through some of the Alternative news and the MSM.

Like a Chinese finger puzzle they were drawn in, believing they could still implement something and prevent something with this Power of the Pathways,( yet it was already done without their knowing,) and so they  continued on until a point of  no return in the brilliant True Plan. More on this Galactic, Divine Hidden Truth, in next lessons.

‘Our’ Knight of the Noble Cause, also said, that the positive effects of the veil ‘coming’ down’ and the Dark Matrix clearing would be felt outside of the big cities first, and this is my Truth too. When I first started this, beyond Awakened into more Awareness, 6yrs ago, I could barely get around our local shops and supermarket without soaking up the dismal low energy from the Collective. It felt like, despair, just so worn out ,without hope, slightly out phase to my new reality,  and that would have been the feeling of the Life Force still being fed on. Anywhere you looked in the supermarket, couples were arguing as they were moving around. There were often couples having big loud domestic problems in the car park. Mothers in stress because they didn’t know if they had enough to pay for groceries as they went through the checkout, the checkout staff only saying, how are you because they were told to, not caring about the answer, and often not getting one anyway from an equally disinterested customer. Parking spots were like something to be duelled over, with impatient, stressed people. Courtesy almost non -existent, especially, at the busier times of the year, such as pre- Christmas, or before a long weekend with the one day the shops were shut, and you would have thought they were preparing for the Event!

And what had once been a town where everyone said hello to strangers, just was not the same as when we moved here 15yrs earlier, as the town had continued to grow. And with some empathy, I found it overwhelming at times, and had to get out to the car from the checkout as quick as possible so I could have a weep, before driving home.

However, over the years, I have seen big ,BIG changes. Sure there are still some pockets of darkness, such as drug problems, and other problems caused by young people with nothing to do and no purpose, and it is far from post Event reality, but overall the whole feeling and frequency of the Community, has risen a great deal, and feels REALLY good. Now you very rarely see couples fighting /arguing. People walk around with smiles, even sometimes singing to themselves, with or without an earpiece in!  I see people talking and working things out from a new perspective, most people let others go first at the checkout if they have less groceries, there is a lot of courtesy in the car park with people being patient-even at those busy times when people used  get under more stress in the old programs. The same ones at the checkouts ask how another is, and actually have a conversation; others often do small acts of kindness for another without a second thought. I could go on, there are many more examples, but You see how this adds up to evidence of the changes happening because of the end of the Dark Matrix. So now I sometimes need a weep for the opposite reason ! People are remembering what their natural way is for a Divine Being. The real Hue-man nature, and not the one foist upon as in the Lie of the original sin in Eden, and Darwinism. Overall, you just get the feeling people are remembering what it is like to be naturally happy and content, without the illusion of the old program of how to be happy. If this is a taste of Post Event society –bring it ON!

So, I hope that has made Your day and shone some more Light on the Current Situation. There is much more to tell you about the significance of this Now. This is why it was Divine Time to Call for the Return of Light, why we are able to go into the next stage, why we are no longer in the us vs them (although there is still some work to do),and why I can share these lessons.

A lot of what was done is already undone in a blink (Attention) of the Observer of All’s eye.

                                Victory IN the One True Light -and to the One True Light!

             Thank you for Your Attention Divine Beings  – Love in the Living Light of I Am.

 From a Light Player


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