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Health Through Speedy Particles: Tachyons

The person known as Cobra ("COmpression BReAkthrough")  introduced us to health through speedy particles.   He recently stated in his blog, at 2012portal.blogspot.com,  that many...

Webinar Sunday June 23: Joe McNamara MD Talks Tachyons and Tachyon...

A GREAT Webinar This Sunday June 23! Listen to it Sunday or Later! There will be a live webinar with Dr. Joe McNamara, M.D. on...
graphic: moon and stars

Tachyon Chambers: The Big Upside to Tiny Tachyons

  What are Tachyons? Tachyons are tiny subatomic particles that travel faster than light. In recent years, tachyon chambers have become available. You simply crawl into the...
Yoda may the light be with you

A New Cobra Interview – 28th July 2020

Just after our Age of Aquarius activation, a joint Cobra / Dr. Joseph McNamara interview was conducted by FESIG group. You can listen to the...

Part 4: The Magical and Conscious Radish

The Magical and Conscious Radish The magical and conscious radish is presented here, in part 4 of this series about magical and conscious foods. In Part...

Part 3: The Magical, Conscious Apple and Artichoke

In Part 3 of this series, we present the magical, conscious apple and artichoke and their little known, but powerful health benefits. In Part 1...
Wild blueberries - extraordinarily healthy

Part 2: Four Magical and Conscious Foods

Today, we're on to four magical and conscious foods that heal in unexpected ways--wild blueberries, onions, pears and cat's claw.  You might be meeting...

Your Vegetable Garden Is Magical and Conscious

An interesting source of healing information to come along in recent years is "Medical Medium."  He says your vegetable garden is magical and conscious. Medical...

Telegram from The Tachyon Chambers

The energy in a tachyon chamber seems to work in concert with the energy of the earth and the solar system and our stars....

Personal Notes of Soul Family Cobra Conference, Budapest

By peterpansblog, Disclaimer: These notes are my own interpretation of what I heard Cobra present at the Soul Family Conference in Budapest, on March 16th...

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