The highest powers in creation are unconditionally willing to grant you all you need in every aspect of life, to be your truest, whole self, which is richer than a natural jacuzzi in the ocean on a crystal beach in Sirius with your whole soul family, richer than an interstellar travel through galactic highways in … Read more

Consumption Vs Creation

Important Question For All:  Are we consuming life of another creation or are we creating life? Note: This does not encapsulate affiliation with collaboration. Collaboration is All about the I. “We are Constellations Drawn Upon the Stars – We Are Connected to One Another; We are Bound – We Must Behave as the Arms that … Read more

The Prepare For Change Newsletter is Here! November 17, 2014

Angel Eye’s Healing Wish List Good News Everyone! The Angel Eye’s Healing Wish List is now a permanent part of the website! Thanks to all the pioneers who have already entered their wishes. Please remember other’s wishes daily in your personal meditations. That is how we gather strength to manifest our wishes. Remember also to … Read more