OOO The Banks Have Got To Go – Prepare For Change Interview – Powers Vs Bank of New York Mellon

On the 3rd August 2018, interviewed Billie Powers & Carl Collicot to get a further update on  their colossal court case involving the 11 year fight for Billie to keep her home.  Such a protracted battle has meant that much has been uncovered with regards to the malpractice the bank has done, including researching documentation that … Read more

Anonymous: US Citizens, This is What They Don’t Want You to Know

Published on Jan 5, 2017 Anonymous Message 2017 -This Is What They Don’t Want You To Know! There is almost no aspect of society that is not under their control! This is the latest Anonymous message to the US public. (Great research and old photo’s and film footage.)  Oil, control, “education” Endowments, Grants and Foundations, … Read more