Anonymous: US Citizens, This is What They Don’t Want You to Know


Published on Jan 5, 2017

Anonymous Message 2017 -This Is What They Don’t Want You To Know!
There is almost no aspect of society that is not under their control!
This is the latest Anonymous message to the US public.

(Great research and old photo’s and film footage.)  Oil, control, “education” Endowments, Grants and Foundations, Carnage, Finance, AMA, Medical care,  GMO, Oligarchs, Government etc.  Monopolize ALL of life.  Next – global warming, aka – eliminate human population – that’s you.

3 thoughts on “Anonymous: US Citizens, This is What They Don’t Want You to Know”

  1. Let’s get the event here and get this all stopped and get earth and all who inhabit it back on course where we should’ve been 2000 years ago. We’ve heard cobra say many time it doesn’t matter who is elected and I have to believe that, in the grand scheme none of these people will be in power once the Event occurs. We all hope we have a paradigm shift and formal governments no longer need to exist, everyone works together.

  2. Evil cadre. This is why we light warriors and lighters must band together. Through group mediation and prayer. Love energies will overcome this darkness.

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