Has Gridwork Been Revolutionized w/Richard’s New Tech?

This week’s guest…Gridwork Specialist Richard Yiap reveals all ….His new light alchemy technology produces amazing results with his Gridwork & for people!Just recently, Richard’s Sacred Light Journey happened back in the Big Island of Hawaii, from May 12-16. During this time, light work was done on:
  • the Big Island – base chakra of Hawaii

  • planetary healing on various issues

  • connecting with Pele, spirit of the active volcano.

Two new light girds were created last year. One over New Zealand and another celestial light grid connecting the central sun to Arcturus and the Pleiades as well as to Mt Shasta, Glastonbury Tor and Lake Taupo.

Sacred Light Journeys at sacred sites have been powerful spiritual experiences that have resulted in profound changes on the planet. A testimony of this has been a crop circle turning up for Richard and his group in Aug 2016 when they were in Somerset working on the Glastonbury Tor.

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UPDATED: Hawaii health insurer HMSA adding naturopathic doctors as primary care physicians


physician photoThe Hawaii health insurance provider Hawaii Medical Service Association (HMSA) will let you choose a naturopathic doctor as your primary care physician, according to a recent agreement between the insurer and the Hawaii Society of Naturopathic Physicians. This is a big step forward for naturopathic doctors, according to Dr. Karen Frangos, a practicing naturopathic physician on Maui and the President of Hawaii Society of Physicians.“It allows us all kinds of privileges in terms of being able to be part of a professional physician organization like all other medical doctors do,” says Frangos. “Potentially admission privileges in hospital settings, so it’s a big big deal. It helps close the gap in the shortage of primary care physicians in Hawaii.”Right now, HMSA offers out-of-network provisions for naturopathic doctors who’ve registered as a non-participating provider. Dr. Marsha Lowry, a naturopathic doctor at Whole Body Wellness in Makawao and Hale Malu in Wailuku, says this reimbursement covers around 80 percent of the cost for her HMSA patients. “On paper I love the idea of PCPs, but what concerns me is if there is a situation that they may choose to not reimburse for the visit if naturopathic treatments are used or recommended,” says Lowry. “I love that people would be able to have coverage. But right now they have been really great to me as an out-of-network provider, and that hasn’t happened. What has happened with other insurance companies is they are auditing our charts and kicking back things like prescribing an herb, and saying it’s not MD standard of care. It’s possible, only because it’s happened recently with UHA [University Health Alliance].” Things could be different as an in-network provider for HMSA, but the Hawaii Society for Naturopathic Doctors is calling it a success with regard to the Affordable Care Act. “Several meetings over the last month with them in Honolulu–them being some of the management, upper management, and the chief medical officer within HMSA–have culminated in a willingness to comply with the Affordable Care Act,” says Dr. Frangos. “There is a non-discrimination clause in Section 2706 of the Affordable Care Act that states all the insurance companies are to reimburse for services rendered within the state for licensed practitioners practicing within their scope, effective January 2014. But none of the insurance companies have been compliant. So for the last two years, we have been working on this. HMSA has finally agreed to naturopathic physicians in Hawaii to be credentialed as primary care physicians. Hawaii’s licensing law allows us to be primary care physicians yet none of the insurance companies have been allowing us to be participating primary care providers in their plans.”physician photoOther plans like UHA and the Hawaii Medical Assurance Association (HMAA) allow for out-of-network care similar to HMSA, but each insurance provider differs on what they cover. But HMSA is the biggest health insurance provider in Hawaii–in fact, Lowry says 70 percent of her patients have HMSA. Lowry says she treats patients for auto-immune disorders, endocrine issues as well as pediatric and family care. Right now, fees for an average visit can range from $75 to $175. “In some cases, we have been allowed to be non-participating care providers, where patients have to pay upfront and get considerably less reimbursement,” says Frangos. “But none of the insurance companies have let us be participating network physicians, until now. Some insurance companies have closed their doors on us altogether. Kaiser won’t let us do anything.” Frangos says the Hawaii Society of Naturopathic Doctors is also involved in other legislation this year, like SB 318, which compels insurers to cover care provided by naturopathic doctors. She is also working on SB 1034, which will lift the cap on the number of visits related to personal injury protection benefits provided through motor vehicle insurance. And Frangos says the Hawaii Society of Naturopathic Doctors will work on HB 1952, regarding network adequacy, and SB 2332, which allows naturopathic doctors to prescribe controlled substances like Viagra and pain medication. According to Shelly Kunishige of the state Insurance Division, Hawaii Insurance Commissioner Gordon Ito has confirmed that HMSA is credentialing naturopathic doctors as primary care physicians. But she did not know the timeline or if any other insurance companies would follow suit. “As of Thursday last week, we now are able to start the paperwork for the process of credentialing as primary care physicians under HMSA, says Frangos. “We are still drafting the documents but basically we can begin the process. What will happen is within 90 days or so from the start of the credentialing process they will approve or deny the application. The only reason they wouldn’t is if we have some kind of a record against us with malpractice insurance, things like that. Other than that, if we have attested that as long as we can provide the services that they deem necessary to be PCPs, they will approve us.”*http://mauitime.com/news/health/hawaii-health-insurer-hmsa-adding-naturopathic-doctors-as-primary-care-physicians/UPDATE, Feb. 5, 2016:Robyn Kuraoka, a representative from HMSA, says the company is still working out the paperwork process for credentialing doctors and does not have a solid ETA yet for their customers.“We have signed the contracts and the paperwork has begun,” says Kuraoka. “However, we do not have a timeline yet for when a patient could actually sign up a naturopathic doctor as their primary care physician. Right now because this is so new for us, nobody has a timeline. The first steps have been taken already. This is something that is going to happen. Now they are working on the details of what needs to be done.”

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50th State Fraud – A Visit With Williamson Chang – YouTube

I have been following the developments as Hawaii researches the manner in which it was acquired by the United States.This video delves into the method of a joint resolution being used rather than a Treaty to acquire Hawaii which is impossible.Take a look at this video which gives a concise explanation…

Posted by Media Group cochair Judi

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The Prepare For Change Newsletter is Here! November 24, 2014 – Paradigm Research Group – Steven Bassett


A bright and wonderful day to everyone!

Now is our chance to make a difference in our world…..Steven Bassett who was instrumental in bringing the Citizen’s Hearings on Disclosure to the Press Club in Washington DC in May of 2013 and has produced a full series of DVDs documenting the testimonies of top military, government employees and first hand visual evidence of extraterrestrial contact. These have already been sent to governmental officials and Congress. Our emails are to encourage everyone receiving these DVDs to watch them and then to schedule an official hearing leading to disclosure to the people of the world that indeed there has always been extraterrestrial contact and presence here on our world.

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The Prepare For Change Newsletter is Here! November 10, 2014 – Hawaii Updates


Getting the “Community Leaders Brief” Website Ready For The EVENT

After a lot of brainstorming, writing, and myriad discussions, we’ve finally arrived at a plan to build the “Community Leaders Brief” website – www.prepare4change.com – into a key reference resource for the time of the EVENT.  It will not be the only website, obviously, but what we’re aiming to do is to create downloadable materials and reference websites in various languages.  This is due in part to the foreknowledge that extremely high traffic at that time may cause one or more of the various websites to go down temporarily.

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The Prepare For Change Newsletter is Here! August 18, 2014


The Dawn of A New Age in Medicine: Physics Offers A Unified Field Theory of All Disease . . .

This is a very important article on the nature and use of Vitamin C with studies of more than 75 years and is proven to have positive effects on many disease states. Please read and circulate widely!
A short video clip is included here by Dr. Thomas Levy (who has degrees in medicine and law) talks about the beneficial effect of Vitamin C. This is a partial version of his complete presentation which is available for purchase at: http://www.cancercontrolsociety.com/ (direct link to video: http://www.cancercontrolsociety.com/speaker-2007.htm)
I want to say a word here about the Cancer Control society. This is a non-profit group of very dedicated people who have been getting the truth out in regards to disease and treatment. The purpose of their existence is education only. Since 1973 the Cancer Control Society has brought life-saving information to thousands of patients and their families. The highlight of the year is when the CCS sponsors their Annual Cancer Control Convention, featuring medical doctors, clinical researchers, nutritionists and authors on alternative medicine, sharing their latest findings for treating cancer and other diseases. Over 50 speakers, 6 movies and 80 exhibits are presented at the Sheraton Universal Hotel in Hollywood, California every Labor Day weekend.

Their contact information:

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The Prepare For Change Newsletter is Here! August 11, 2014


PFC Renaissance Group Transmission
Global Greetings Everyone,

This is Dov writing for myself and Raissa of the The Renaissance Group.

Each week we bring forth thoughts to stir the imagination as we envision a new global renaissance, awakening a time where arts and music, culture and cuisine, and the appreciation of noble values blessings that are so abundant on earth can flourish. We can start by making them prevalent in our consciousness now and uppermost in our experiences.

Is a Renaissance a Utopia? Possibly. If we are able to spend most of our time on the things that are soul enriching, if we have the time and leisure to appreciate the creative works of each other, to fix up our lives, our dwellings, our friendships, to heal our pasts so we can fully live in the present then, yes, it would be. That includes the major issues of our time, which are healing and preservation the environment,environment and creating a lasting global peace. Hardly simple tasks.

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The Prepare For Change Newsletter is Here! July 28th, 2014

What do you plan to do when the EVENT is happening?

Hello PFC Family! While this is stating the obvious, it appears that the scope and consequences of geopolitical and economic maneuvering are getting crazier and more serious by the day. We have events with the Ukraine, Israel’s invasion of Gaza, continued revelations about abuse of government power (alternative media primarily), US-Mexican border chaos, the establishment of the BRICS development bank, and a financial system on the brink of complete collapse to boot.

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