PFC Renaissance Group Transmission
Global Greetings Everyone,

This is Dov writing for myself and Raissa of the The Renaissance Group.

Each week we bring forth thoughts to stir the imagination as we envision a new global renaissance, awakening a time where arts and music, culture and cuisine, and the appreciation of noble values blessings that are so abundant on earth can flourish. We can start by making them prevalent in our consciousness now and uppermost in our experiences.

Is a Renaissance a Utopia? Possibly. If we are able to spend most of our time on the things that are soul enriching, if we have the time and leisure to appreciate the creative works of each other, to fix up our lives, our dwellings, our friendships, to heal our pasts so we can fully live in the present then, yes, it would be. That includes the major issues of our time, which are healing and preservation the environment,environment and creating a lasting global peace. Hardly simple tasks.

Big challenges mean consistent and steady effort, as well as breaking things down into manageable parts. If we each do what we can to improve our own local environment, and maintain a vibration of peace, this will spread to those who we associate with and in this way, we will be doing our part towards the goal of creating peace on earth. This is simply think globally, act locally, a slogan that many people spoke of at the Earth Summit in 1992.

And possibly the two big tasks are connected. Let us try and make the slogan ‘It’s Earth Day Every Day” a reality, and see if that also contributes to global peace. Perhaps peace is something we need to create, like a frame that holds up our dreams, and visions. We are seeing the world going through a struggle to find order, where belief systems are colliding as higher energies and spiritual vibrations are streaming forth from the higher dimensions of the universe.

Did anyone participate in the global meditation on 8-8 sponsored by the Chopra Center? I know some of you did. I actually was out painting a mural and forgot, however, I felt the urge to sit and meditate where I was working, and then I remembered that there was actually a planned meditation going on.

Here is a link to a video about the power of intention, including asking the question, what if a great number of people set the intention for peace?

And for our featured artist this week, and for those who are interested in building a bridge to our space brothers and sisters, to envisioning peace in space and between all planets, here is a link to a visionary artist named Erial whose work shows us celestial visions, to expand our awareness of what other civilizations might be like.

Finally, let us continue asking the questions we need to ask. What can we do for Peace? How can I help others to become prosperous? What is my highest destiny?

Where do I add the most good to the world? How can I learn what I need to improve all circumstances? How can I stay healthy and happy?

To find these answers and to find the right questions to ask our higher selves, we may need to go to a place in nature.

Here is a link to a video of a special place, a magical tropical botanical park in Hawaii, where I go when I am in Hawaii, in order to be inspired and receive answers, and to know with certainty that amazing things are possible.


Best to all,

See you in the New Renaissance,

Dov and Raissa.



Greetings Everyone from the Media Group,

I am back from Hawaii and happy to reunite with my little dog, shown in the photo below.

First I would like to say from time to time we may share channeled information from a variety of sources and website blogs.

I mention this because last week there was a comment about the Dr. Kathryn May passage. The reader felt she was not a reliable source.

Everyone is free to use their own discernment when reading these passages.

This week I would like to share another channeled message from a different source, The Golden Light Channel, which I felt was extremely uplifting as it gave information that we are moving from the 3rd dimension into the 5th dimension.

Secondly, I want to share the first interview in the series of four, I filmed in Hawaii, and my friend Devorah has written an introduction to it and gives permission to have it shared here in this newsletter.


After my cleanse for the mold exposure, In Hawaii, I was privileged to climb the mountain with the Royal order of King Kamehameha, doing prayers & chants, on several altars, As we ascended. Then, when we reached the top the sun rose! It was most glorious! And looking behind, after we finished the chants, there was a purple pyramid, which after a few minutes disappeared!

As, we were ascending, I spoke with members of the Royal Order of King Kamehameha and they told me of the stories from their history that they came from the stars and the planet was seeded by galactic visitors.

As a child, in Wisconsin, I had my own visitation from a spaceship, so, this just assisted me in knowing that there were no coincidences! Apparently, all the indigenous peoples of the world believe this… And now they are sharing this history of the planet.
We, as a race, must be ready for this information.

On one of the other occasions, that I ascended with the Royal order of King Kamehameha, there was a journalist that was recording the event. I was impressed to sing a simple mantra that comes through me saying, with everyone repeating it:

peace be with me, peace be with you, peace be with us… That is our destiny!

Literally, she fell down! She said she got it so deep in her soul, that why we were doing what we were doing! To literally bring peace, to the planet!

Kaliko is also one of my dear friends. His knowledge and his teachers knowledge is vast! I am most privileged to know him!

Enjoy my sister friend Judi Amber Chase, also. She is doing her best to bring all this knowledge to the planet and she’s doing a great job!

From my heart!


Click here to see the video with Kaliko

The super moon of August, the closest moon of the year, as well as the 8-8 portal is allowing all of us to increase our vibration. Perhaps we are being purified in order to move forward. Let everything become ready for new miracles and opportunities, including disclosure and contact with our galactic brothers and sisters.

Until then, as always,

Keep your eyes to the skies,

Aloha wishes from Judi, writing for Irene and Smaly7, media group co-chairs.

Cochairs,The Media Group
Warmest Aloha wishes,
Judi, Irene and Smaly 7become-the-light-original-500


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