What do you plan to do when the EVENT is happening?

Hello PFC Family! While this is stating the obvious, it appears that the scope and consequences of geopolitical and economic maneuvering are getting crazier and more serious by the day. We have events with the Ukraine, Israel’s invasion of Gaza, continued revelations about abuse of government power (alternative media primarily), US-Mexican border chaos, the establishment of the BRICS development bank, and a financial system on the brink of complete collapse to boot.

For me, it’s been a sobering realization: This is the first time since encountering the concept of financial reset and mass arrests (the EVENT) where I can easily see a concrete series of events that ultimately lead to this happening soon. I’ve always believed it possible to happen at any moment simply due to the fact that “Where did THAT come from?” events are more likely to happen during a period of intense social change. However, now I see that it is not only possible, but inevitable. The only real questions left are when it ultimately occurs and what the sequence of sub-EVENTs will be.

The entirety of planet Earth needs the EVENT to happen as soon as possible. That is something upon which most people agree. However, I wish to explicitly ask anyone reading this: Can you look in the mirror and tell yourself you are really ready? I did this for myself a while back after piecing together the ramifications of several big updates, and I determined that I wasn’t quite there yet. The irony is that I am not ready because I joined PFC back in April! Literally, everything I felt certain about has been shifted, and I need to emotionally and mentally regroup.

Given this, I recently posed the question to the PFC team of “What do we all plan to do when the EVENT happens?” We started sharing our stories – what we imagine ourselves to be doing, what our expectations are, and how we can most effectively help this be a smooth and peaceful transition. This conversation rested exactly on the balancing point between wide-eyed fantastical dreaming and gritty ‘boots on the ground’ realism. While we all likely have our own individual various dreams about how things will play out and what we will be doing when it happens, the reality is that we need to be adaptable to whatever circumstances we find ourselves in.

Hence, I am asking those of you in the PFC readership to really start thinking about what you are planning to do, and make sure that it encompasses all that you NEED to do as well. For me this has resulted in an unusual realization. I need to fix my 3D life because recurring issues continually distract from my focus for PFC. It’s now reached the point where everything is piling up and needs to get done NOW – no more procrastinating! This is happening in my job and my personal life. Now I’ve decided it is a must to get my affairs in order. These are actually quite mundane: medical bills, laundry, house maintenance, tedious but critical tasks at work, etc. These are busting down the door of what I want to be doing and are forcing me to take inventory of my present life.

On top of this, I’m have also been enduring an emotional cleansing of some of my deepest fears and worries. I won’t describe all the gritty details, but I suffered from morbid depression on and off for roughly 19 years – and the rut I recently escaped was an unwelcome reminder of those days. Luckily, it was an easily noticeable warning to get my head and heart right, too.

I feel humbled by this recent experience, and hope that I will be able to reap rewards from this time. I write my experiences in this way because I believe that when the EVENT is occurring, we are all going to experience a moment where time stops. Some of us have been on this road for many decades, and the “FINALLY!” moment will freeze time for us. For many others, they simply will not believe what they are reading/seeing/hearing.

While I think it is important for all of us to savor that shared moment, it is also imperative for all of us to get to work as quickly as possible. Given the examples I cite above, I hope everyone can think about their own lives and see what will and what will not be important at the time of the EVENT. Some of us may work in jobs that are critical and need to be continued even under military supervision (power plants) and others may simply stop temporarily or even permanently. Depending on where you fit in within these extreme examples, your own personal highest calling may be to continue doing exactly what you are doing…or you may be someone who can be freed up to assist in either ‘getting the word out’ endeavors or in various humanitarian projects which will be necessary.

Moreover, this is going to resemble a ‘death experience’ for many people who are waking up at this time. These will be our family, friends and colleagues – the ones who didn’t want to hear our pleas or arguments. They will be forced to acknowledge many very uncomfortable facts in a short period of time. We need to be ready to reach out to these people. Not only will many of them likely panic initially, but after the initial rush many will feel anxious, depressed, paranoid, or even go into complete denial.

We need to be there for them emotionally, which means we need to be right with ourselves as well. I finally acknowledged some of my deepest insecurities at this time, and I hope it allows me to be of service to others more effectively when having those encounters. Even more, I feel more prepared to do the work necessary here. After all, it’s been sitting right there in front of me within the name Prepare for Change!

Now I feel like I am as ready as I can be. It is time to get to work!

Nova Biscotti
Event Support Groups

PFC Renaissance Group Transmission

the view pt1Crop
Greetings from Dov and Raissa of the Renaissance Committee,

The Renaissance is ours to create and awaken…Nature is already fully responding to the call for a rebirth, for the Earth is resplendent in its resourcefulness and ability to manifest beauty and wonder. It is natural and normal for this display and expression. the earth is constantly in a Renaissance, recreating itself with seeds, eggs, species, in new and wonderful forms. It is art in process and progress.

I welcome you to watch a new video by DOV called Planet Earth, to revel in the cosmic miracle that this planet is, as seen from space.

And if we need some inspiration to transform our cities into urban forests…here is an amazing video made by a photographer who discovered a forest in India as big as Central Park in New York City, and then he found the person who planted it, it was all planted by one person, now called the forest man.

Also I stumbled across the Dalai Lama speaking about Extra-Terrestrials, and what if we were to have a visitor from another planet come here. He said we ought to treat them as fellow beings, similar to us and not to make any exclusionary projections, or place them on a pedestal, rather, shake their hand, one being to another, as another sentient being, another expression of life. Check it out…

And speaking of the Dalai Lama, here is another new DOV video called ‘Age of Miracles’, where the Dalai Lama makes an appearance, as well as visitors from Stars…

See in you in the Renaissance!

Dov and Raissa

Greetings and Aloha from The Big island and Judi,Irene and Smaly7 of The Media group this is Judi writing to you on a magical day, my birthday!

I have been participating in the Star Visitors Sanctuary Project at Kalapana and filmed a series of four videos documenting the latest news.This project is in collaboration with The Kingdom of Hawaii .and Michael Salla, Founder of The Exopolitics Institute and GROUND CREW NEWS FLASH Coproducer Judi Chase.The videos will be edited and then uploaded onto the media group page of and also the Exopolitics website. Here is a photo of Michael Salla and I taken at the Kalapana filmshoot…

photo 2JudyFriend
And here is the sign at the entrance to Uncle Roberts.

photo 1Judy

Today I had an inspiring meeting with Michael Salla and Gary Hoffeld and his wife Cyd. We discussed the protocol greeting with Star visitors and ideas for creating a center out on the lava by the ocean. I presented an idea from Dov,The Co-founder of EHF ( for a solar powered work of art…

I wanted to share two links with you..first an article from, sharing thoughts on what may have happened to the two Malaysian Airlines flights. I pray for all the families of those passengers on board that they find the truth and also find peace.

The second article I want to share is from which has photos of a UFO taken by Lucknow resident Amit Tripathi. Click here to see an amazing video.

I hope to be able to take photos soon of a craft landing at the Star Visitors Sanctuary…until then …as always… Keep your eyes to the skies… Aloha from Judi, Irene and Smaly 7

Cochairs,The Media Group

Warmest Aloha wishes,

Judi, Irene and Smaly 7

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