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Now is our chance to make a difference in our world…..Steven Bassett who was instrumental in bringing the Citizen’s Hearings on Disclosure to the Press Club in Washington DC in May of 2013 and has produced a full series of DVDs documenting the testimonies of top military, government employees and first hand visual evidence of extraterrestrial contact. These have already been sent to governmental officials and Congress. Our emails are to encourage everyone receiving these DVDs to watch them and then to schedule an official hearing leading to disclosure to the people of the world that indeed there has always been extraterrestrial contact and presence here on our world.

It is time for this information to come out! PLEASE contact as many officials as possible. This can be done everyday for the next 2 weeks. Even if you are outside of the U.S. we need your help! This is for the world………not just the U.S.

Peace, love & blessings,
Angel Eyes ~**~

The Congressional Hearing Initiative is a Paradigm Research Group

On Novermber 5, 2014 538 video copies of the full record of the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure (CHD) were shipped to all members of the United States Congress.  Shortly after these 10-DVD sets are received, PRG’s registered lobbyist, Stephen Bassett, will renew direct engagement of the U. S. Congress for the first time since 2000 seeking new congressional hearings on extraterrestrial related phenomena. This will be a concentrated three-month effort accompanied by substantial media coverage.  If congressional hearings are held, it is quite likely the truth embargo will collapse.

You can help this initiative succeed.  Here’s how.  IMMEDIATELY begin sending tweets, Facebook posts and emails to members of Congress asking they:

  • review the record of the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure
  • meet with PRG’s lobbyist Stephen Bassett to discuss the CHD
  • hold hearing immediately for the scores of military/agency/political witnesses ready to testify under oath to events and evidence confirming an extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race.

This is called a tweet-email storm, and it can be very effective.  It needs to continue for at least 30 days with heavy emphasis on the first ten days.  Below is everything you need to know to participate:

Guidelines for the CHI Tweet-Email Storm

Tweet or Email as many times as you like to as many members of Congress as you like.   Hashtag  #Disclosure
IMPORTANT: make sure you mention you are a constituent to your three representatives, i.e., I live in Carson City and……..
  • Keep emails brief (not a problem with tweets), respectful and to the point.
  • Don’t repeat the same wording.  Mix it up.
  • Focus on the three requests listed above.
  • If the Members have a Facebook page, post there as well.
  • And, of course, share this link with as many as you can.

Where to Find Twitter/Facebook/Email Addresses for the U.S. Congress (House and Senate)


  • Senate Twitter/Facebook Addresses Here 
  • House of Representatives Twitter/Facebook Addresses Here 
  • Select the web page and look for Twitter and Facebook icons
Important: Anyone from any nation can Tweet and Facebook post House and Senate Members

Twitter hashtag #Disclosure

  • Senate Email Forms Here or Here (click on “Contact” to get to email forms)
  • House Email Forms Here or Here (click on “Contact” to get to email forms)
  • House Members now use email forms which do not allow non-constituents to contact them even though they frequently vote on issues with national/international impact. Not good governance.

Sample Tweets (140 characters. [Note: Twitter does have excessive tweet blocking, so pace yourself and spread it out over time.]

Remember: Hashtag  #Disclosure 

I reside in Baltimore & want your staff to review the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure DVDs just received.  We want hearings. #Disclosure

Senator, this constituent wants immediate congressional hearings for military/agency/political witnesses re: ET reality. #Disclosure

Your just received a 10-DVD record of the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure. Please meet w/ PRG lobbyist Stephen Bassett re: same. #Disclosure

Rep. Smith, please meet w/ PRG lobbyist Stephen Bassett re: the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure and the need for hearings. #Disclosure

Senator, please review the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure DVDs, meet with Stephen Bassett & call for immediate hearings. Thanks. #Disclosure

I’m from Carson City & it’s long past time for new congressional hearings re: massive evidence for an extraterrestrial presence.  #Disclosure

Rep. Jones, scores of military/agency/political witnesses of rank & station are ready to testify under oath re: an ET presence.  #Disclosure

Mr. Bassett of Paradigm Research Group will contact you re: new hearings on extraterrestrial phenomena. Please meet with him. #Disclosure

It’s been 45 years since Congress held a hearing on extraterrestrial phenomena. The evidence is now massive. Hold new hearings. #Disclosure 

Senator, review the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure DVDs, meet w/ Stephen Bassett, hold new hearings immediately. #Disclosure

There are scores of military/agency/political witnesses ready to testify re: an ET presence engaging our world. Pls. hearings now. #Disclosure

UFO Sightings Share This Before Washington Shuts This Down!! Disclosure Is Now!


Published on Nov 7, 2014 by thirdphaseofmoon

UFO Sightings Share This Before Washington Shuts This Down!! Disclosure Is Now! On November 5, PRG launched the most comprehensive effort ever to obtain the first congressional hearings on extraterrestrial related phenomena since 1968. This launch began with the shipping of the complete video record of the Citizen Hearingon Disclosure to every congressional office accompanied by a social media campaign. The goal is comprehensive hearings by February of 2015.
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So Many Changes Going On, Yet Time Seems To Be Standing Still

Over the past week there seems to be a bit of a deflated air amongst those within the Currency Reset rumor mill.  I must admit that I have been welcoming the change in tone to a large degree.  The reason why is because I want to get a lot of things done for the Prepare For Change website, and in a sense, I do not feel quite so rushed now that I keep hearing ‘early 2015’.

I ask everyone out there to look at this as a chance to recharge, retool, and rethink:

  •  Look at your current relationships – are they where you want them to be when society changes forever?
  •  What are your personal views on certain subject matters?
  •  Will you be able to adapt and adjust as new information comes out?
  •  Are you able to quickly relay certain concepts quickly and accurately to others in a time of stress?

I pose these four different questions because they represent distinct levels of thinking which I have found useful in questioning how ready I am for massive changes.  They are also in order – the area where I feel least confident to the area where I feel most confident.  That seems quite bizarre, right?

Well, I’ve decided to shake things up a bit in some of my relationships, if only to make sure I’m at least somewhat engaged with various people.  I believe it is very helpful to establish certain things publicly as well as internally.  It is for that reason I posted this on Saturday:

I’m not playing around anymore.  I want to interact with serious readership as much as possible over the coming months, and help people become engaged and excited.  I really am hoping for a flood of ideas to come in soon from readers that we can post in an organized fashion on either the primary Prepare For Change website or The Community Leaders Brief website.

We’re going to have to say ‘Good Enough’ with some articles – unless there are a wide variety of updates that are obvious, necessary and easy to implement.  But it doesn’t hurt to send in ideas – once we are ready for them.  The capacity to bring in a bunch of ideas and structures exists, but it will be disorganized without a bit of refinement.  I’d like to have a much better structure for the Community Leaders Brief website so we can have specific sections of information resources.

This can range from literary recommendations to website links to blog articles to government publications (Note – there will be

certain ones which will be useful…especially once massive Disclosure begins).  For example, I think “Confessions of an Economic Hitman” is one of the best basic resources out there for people who will be coming into this completely concealed reality that exists beyond what we are told is reality by the MainStream Media.  But I’m also unsure of how to recommend this website – click on the title to see my choice.

So we need more than just recommendations of books, movies, YouTube videos, podcasts, blogs, websites, etc. – we need objective yet descriptive text for each of these websites.  In that way, we can help lead people – those we know whom we will guide here – into a “Just The Facts” description of various items which they can then help spread via word-of-mouth or more likely social media.  Think Twitter, Facebook, email, MySpace or LiveJournal (yes – still used by a significant number of people).

At first it will be somewhat chaotic.  But eventually we’ll try to incorporate any submitted ideas.  If you really want to help us get a jump start, I’d appreciate any ideas regarding how to organize any “Need to Know” concepts.  Here’s a tentative breakdown as I see it (the titles themselves are still malleable at this point):

  •   Financial Crimes Against Humanity
  •   The Military-Industrial Complex
  •   The Federal Reserve & Global Central Bank System
  •   Suppressed Technologies
  •   Suppressed Knowledge & History

There are obviously many more, but this is a flavor of where I’m going with this.

Admittedly, I need to get to other things at this time.  But that was the point of this newsletter post as well as the following

Prepare For Change post:

Simply, I don’t have time to be ‘preached’ to anymore.  I want to hear from people who truly want to help in the way they think is most effective, and for them to come with ideas – especially those regarding how to organize those ideas in an effective virtual ‘handbook’ regarding blogs & websites, key documents to promote, etc.  My email address is [email protected].

I’m not wasting time anymore on those kinds of debates.  I want solutions not insults.


Nova Biscotti


Greetings Everyone,​

This is Judi for the Media Group. I hope you have been enjoying the art segment; Joan Hangarter began in our last three newsletters. Today in the art segment, I am sharing a link to a video on YouTube by a young artist who also says her paintings are inspired by God. Her name is Akiane Karnmarik. She has been getting visions which to paint from God since she was four years old, which is astounding, and now her skills are advanced and remarkable. It is very inspiring to see her pure gift, like a child prodigy, a Mozart of the art world. You can see and feel her talent in this introductory 4-minute video.


Full documentary on Akaine Kranmarik


And on the Big Island of Hawaii news, the latest update on the lava flow is that the immediate threat to the town has ceased, although the upslope breakouts located 3.6 miles away are still active.

See this link for more details and the latest update.

There are signs all over the world that the ways of greed and corruption are crumbling. The world is awakening and humanity is stepping up to create new ways of living on the Earth. John Smallman received a beautiful message from Jesus on November 22, 2014, which speaks about the closeness of our awakening.

It begins: “There is so much to tell because so much is happening. Yes, it really is. Glorious delight is in store for you all SOON! The event for which you have all been waiting so patiently and hopefully is very nearly upon you. Amazing developments have occurred over the last few days and those who would maintain the status quo – poverty, misery, suffering, and enslavement of all but a tiny “elite” – have lost their influence and their power to control events.”

Click here to read the full message:

In other news I wanted to share an article by Patrick Smith from 4-16-14 “What really happened in Beijing Putin, Obama, and the back story the media won’t tell you.

Click here for the link.

One of the internet sites I read quite often is Golden Age of Gaia, and Steve Beckow posted an intriguing article on Nov. 22, 2014 titled Lightworkers are the Newsmakers Now. I hope you enjoy it…here it is…

This leads me to remind everyone as to why Prepare for Change takes the time to put out a weekly newsletter. It is our opportunity for us to highlight the amazing news that is on a higher vibration. One that is working to upload a new paradigm. One where we are here to share our unique gifts, to uplift humanity, heal the world and create a reality that dissolves patterns of greed, violence, war, poverty to create a world that is transformed, where no one goes hungry, where children can grow up safely and be inspired to seek noble dreams. A world where healing happens and Peace and Global Harmony thrives.

Watching an internet stream of a service at Agape Church, a large Interdenominational Los Angeles pioneering new age church headed up by Reverend Michael Beckwith, one of the ministers was making the point to tune into new vibrations for news and information instead of the established methods such as CNN where you might just get a reflection of Constant Negative News.

I wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving. Yesterday the Earth Harmony Foundation and Lutheran Church held a beautiful Thanksgiving Brunch for about fifty homeless people. Trader Joes and Whole Foods donated some wonderful healthy food, including blueberries, Broccoli, Squash, pumpkins, peppers, eggs, salads, fresh cranberries, breads and apples. Lutheran church purchased turkeys and other foods as well, and the volunteers cooked up a fabulous feast. Dov of the Prepare for Change Renaissance Group graced us with exquisite violin music, which was enjoyed by everyone whilst they ate the feast and everyone left happy and nourished. The church had put out tables with donations of warm clothes for people to take away with them. Below are photos from the event.

One highlight was that a gentleman (who was filmed in the documentary that Irene made about the Earth Harmony Foundation) came up to me and shared his excitement about the program. He said “You had asked me to go out and find someone in need and I did. I gave them the second the second package and it felt good to share.” So not only did he receive a care package for himself, but he was happy that was he was able to share a second care package and keep the circle of blessing going. In Irene’s documentary, he is the gentleman that said ‘everyone left happy”.

Here is the video to Irene’s Documentary about the Earth Harmony Foundation, that Dov and I Co-Founded in 1996.

Earth Harmony Foundation from Irene Chambers on Vimeo.

In that spirit, I invite you all to look around your neighborhood and see whom you can bless with some warm clothes or extra food. You might want to keep something in your car as you go around to be prepared for the moment when a person in need shows up in front of you.

And here is a link to the Earth Harmony Foundation’s Feed the Community Project


Have a wonderful Glorious Thanksgiving and I hope you all feel loved and blessed and spread that feeling around…

Until Next week … keep your eyes to the skies.

Warmest aloha wishes from Judi, Smally7, Co-chairs of the media group.


PFC Renaissance Group Transmission

Renaissance Group Newsletter 11-23-14

Greetings from Dov and the Renaissance Group,

In this week’s Arts insights, I want to share my experience yesterday at the LACMA, in Los Angeles. Visiting a high level museum is still a mind and soul expanding event and privilege. Museums offer the viewer a chance to stand in front of the actual works of art that masters throughout history have tirelessly spent their talent on, some which have made their way into the pantheons of time to be etched into our unconscious, upon the fabric of our society and help to add beauty and wonder to our world.

On this beautiful ‘California’ November Saturday, I was wonderfully impressed and realigned with the spirit of the artist, which went back as far as first century Indian dryad stone statues and nature spirits, through all the Hindu Gods and Goddesses to German Expressionists and French Impressionist and cutting edge modern installments.

  • There was one painting that took my breath away, as the museum is hosting from now until Feb. 15th, 2015 Delacroix’s Greece on the Ruins of Missolonghi. It is a monumental painting, “on view for the first time in Los Angeles. Painted in 1826 by Eugène Delacroix, the leading French Romantic painter of the day, Greece on the Ruins of Missolonghi is one of the most celebrated French paintings of the 19th century. The work is held in the Musée des Beaux-Arts in Bordeaux, France, and has seldom traveled.
  • The LACMA website proudly writes: “This exhibition is an extremely rare opportunity to showcase a masterwork by one of the 19th century’s most important painters,” said Leah Lehmbeck, curator of European Painting and Sculpture at LACMA. “The picture itself is profoundly rich with political, cultural, and artistic detail, and therefore speaks to a range of issues through its engaging dramatic context.”
  • The exhibition focuses on the singular painting with works from LACMA’s permanent collection to supplement the painting’s narrative. Delacroix’s Greece on the Ruins of Missolonghi is organized in celebration of the 50th anniversary of Los Angeles’s sister-city relationship with Bordeaux.”
  • If you are in Los Angeles, it is worth visiting the museum and seeing the work.

Greece represents ‘Peace’, a cry for the end to war, by the essence of beauty itself.

  • In her honesty and vulnerability, She is pleading, in an iconographic pose, for a call to beauty, to purity and to reason. She offers herself as a monument to the end of war, as her county had been overrun by such madness.
  • Delacroix had perhaps intended to make us feel as if we were looking at a statue, a monument to peace on the high road of truth, for he was very fascinated by statues, and the figure upon the rock, is perhaps the earth itself rising from the ashes to say ‘no more’. She represents the contrast of life, and the choice we can always make towards harmony.
  • He was the painter whom the major impressionist painters of France idolized and even collected, as he was at the end of his life when the age of Impressionism began.
  • He brought to life many moments and figures of history with paintings of Michelangelo, Columbus, Fredric Chopin, and Georges Sand as well as “Liberty Leading the People.”  Here he felt he could contribute to the cause of liberty over absolute rule by his artistic efforts.
  • Here is the link to the exhibit.

One wonders what the contemporary match to this painting is. Is it mother earth herself calling forth for higher awareness and global understanding?

And it is always intriguing to get closer to knowing our own story as far how we all got here and the start of the human species. This article gives some things to think about, mostly in the discussion that follows.

I created a visionary music video called Dream With the Earth to contribute to the global awakening and transformation of consciousness that is taking place right now. Like Greece in the painting, it is the voice of our time calling us to think about our beginnings and ask the question, what holds us all together and how can we ‘dream with the earth?’

 You can listen to Music that reinforces the love of nature and

positive change at:

Best wishes on a wonderful Thanksgiving to all. 
Dov and Raissa, Co-chairs of the Renaissance Group.
See you in the New Renaissance!


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