The Dawn of A New Age in Medicine: Physics Offers A Unified Field Theory of All Disease . . .

This is a very important article on the nature and use of Vitamin C with studies of more than 75 years and is proven to have positive effects on many disease states. Please read and circulate widely!
A short video clip is included here by Dr. Thomas Levy (who has degrees in medicine and law) talks about the beneficial effect of Vitamin C. This is a partial version of his complete presentation which is available for purchase at: (direct link to video:
I want to say a word here about the Cancer Control society. This is a non-profit group of very dedicated people who have been getting the truth out in regards to disease and treatment. The purpose of their existence is education only. Since 1973 the Cancer Control Society has brought life-saving information to thousands of patients and their families. The highlight of the year is when the CCS sponsors their Annual Cancer Control Convention, featuring medical doctors, clinical researchers, nutritionists and authors on alternative medicine, sharing their latest findings for treating cancer and other diseases. Over 50 speakers, 6 movies and 80 exhibits are presented at the Sheraton Universal Hotel in Hollywood, California every Labor Day weekend.

Their contact information:

Cancer Control Society
2043 N. Berendo St.
Los Angeles, CA 90027
Phone: 323-663-7801 Fax: 323-663-7757

Indeed, the greatest gift imaginable to the world – the end of fear of all diseases.

Blessings & love,
Angel Eyes

By T H Reeme
Source: Yupfarmingblogspot
October 17, 2010

For more than 75 years, a remarkable thing has been occurring in medicine – rapid and full cures of disease after disease by a single treatment. This major revolution in medical thought should have been heralded as the most wonderful possible news – other than world peace – in mankind’s history. For we are now at the dawn of a moment in medical science that is so immense in its implications it has never even be fantasized – this astounding renaissance in medical thinking frees human beings from fear of all diseases.

In the simplest terms, physics has been applied to biologic science, offering a theoretical understanding of the rapid and full cures that had already been occurring in practice. Seeing through the endless complexity of diseases and disorders which the old paradigm has generated and still continues to add to, along with an even greater complexity of treatments, physics has yielded a single common denominator true for all disease, cancers, toxins, infections and viruses. Health is based on electron flow. Diseases, toxins, infections, viruses, all deplete that flow. The more serious the disease threat, the greater the depletion. With that common denominator, physics could support the idea of a single effective treatment, and a description of how it cures – anything that can deliver electrons in a sufficiently high enough concentration to where it is needed in the body, can neutralize any disease (any loss of electrons).

Vitamin C, particularly in IV concentrations, had been curing people, and physics allied with biology has now made it clear why. Vitamin C, like other anti-oxidants, provides electrons, but it surpasses all others in its bio-availability to the body.

Dr. Levy presentation to 35th Annual Cancer Convention pt (1/4)

This insight stands on the shoulders of the work of indigenous and traditional healers going back 1000s of years – Chinese medicine, Ayurvedic medicine, all those who found in nature the means to heal diseases. All have relied on nutrients.

There is one salient difference between nutrients and synthetic drugs of “modern medicine” which stands in stark relief. Nutrients all deliver electrons.

Drugs and vaccines all deplete electrons.

It is almost impossible to convey the import of this gargantuan paradigmatic shift for medicine. The David of medicine – using nature through nutritional supplements – has allied with physics to hit the Goliath of the pharmaceutical industry dead center of it forehead with a single stone – disease is based on loss of electrons and they are making it worse. Everything Goliath does takes away more, adding to disease conditions. Everything David does restores them, and in one case – IV vitamin C – does so in unequaled measure.

The glorious implications for humanity’s health run neck and neck with the end of humanity’s fear of disease, for first place.

But as remarkable and freeing as this historical juncture for medicine and mankind is, there has been an equally remarkable (and brutal) suppression. While Goliath has been dealt a death blow, he has not yet fallen.

Thoughts of the Catholic Church’s using the Inquisition to suppress the truth of Galileo’s work, come to mind.

Galileo’s support of Copernican astronomy – the sun not the earth is the central body around which planets circulate – conflicted with the Aristotelian view of the universe held by the Catholic Church. Galileo was tried by the Inquisition for heresy. They “delivered their unanimous report: the idea that the Sun is stationary is “foolish and absurd in philosophy, and formally heretical since it explicitly contradicts in many places the sense of Holy Scripture…”; while the Earth’s movement “receives the same judgment in philosophy and … in regard to theological truth it is at least erroneous in faith.” … Galileo was found guilty. The Inquisition sentence came in three parts:

Galileo was found “vehemently suspect of heresy,” namely of having held the opinions that the Sun lies motionless at the centre of the universe, that the Earth is not at its centre and moves, and that one may hold and defend an opinion as probable after it has been declared contrary to Holy Scripture. He was required to “abjure, curse, and detest” those opinions.

He was sentenced to formal imprisonment at the pleasure of the Inquisition. On the following day this was commuted to house arrest, which he remained under for the rest of his life.

His offending Dialogue was banned; and in an action not announced at the trial, publication of any of his works was forbidden, including any he might write in the future.

To understand the relation between what happened to Galileo and what is occurring now, the focus should be on the tremendous edifice of the Catholic Church at the time. It controlled governments, finances, people’s positions, thought, the definition of salvation, and even life and death. From there, it could take it upon itself to “decide” whether the sun or earth was central in the cosmos and to dispense with Galileo who through his telescope saw something that contradicted the Church’s doctrine. The Church, then, has the power to “dispense” with reality.

What edifice is there now which has the power to suppress 75 years of facts of astounding cures from a single source, and to continue on with the mind-boggling complexity of diseases and treatments and in the absence of cures? The pharmaceutical industry. Just as with the Catholic Church, has constructed an edifice whose financial power derives from a fixed belief system and the tithes (profit) from such a system. This edifice rests on medical schools, research institutes, foundations, control of government, medical societies, medical conventions, media, medical journals, and corruption so pervasive and endemic, it is now being warned of as a threat to medical science itself. The beginnings of this system included taking control of medical education by wealthy interests invested in the pharmaceutical industry and with a history of extreme power.

“The Commonwealth Fund reports a half a million dollars in one year alone appropriated for this purpose, while the Rockefeller Foundation boasts of over twenty thousand fellowships and scholarships for the training of medical instructors.

“In The Money Givers, Joseph Goulden touches upon this sensitive nerve when he says: If the foundations chose to speak, their voice would resound with the solid clang of the cash register. … But the foundations’ “innovative money” goes for research, not for the production of doctors who treat human beings. ….

“Dr. David L. Edsall at one time was the Dean of the Harvard Medical School. The conditions he describes at Harvard are the same as those at every other medical school in America:

I was, for a period, a professor of therapeutics and pharmacology, and I knew from experience that students were obliged then by me and by others to learn about an interminable number of drugs, many of which were valueless, many of them useless, some probably, even harmful . . . Almost all subjects must be taken at exactly the same time, and in almost exactly in the same way by all students, and the amount introduced into each course is such that few students have time or energy to explore any subject in a spirit of independent interest. A little comparison shows that there is less intellectual freedom in the medical course than in almost any other form of professional education in this country.

Ideas on treatment that do not redound to the pharmaceutical industry’s interests, such natural un-patented treatments that heal, and especially a single un-patented product that can cure disease after disease, assuredly do not. They not only do not receive media attention and do not receive funding for more research into why they heal, but practitioners have faced disparagement, being run of out medicine and even being imprisoned for offering them. Vitamin C offers a shining renaissance in medicine but the edifice of the pharmaceutical industry has maintained a brutal medical dark ages.

“The day when orthodox medicine finally embraces the field of nutrition will be the day when the cartel behind it also has monopolized the vitamin and food product industry essential to it – not one day before.”

That day is now.

The FDA, through “food safety” bills S 510 and S 3767, has plans to take control of all food in the US and to end access to supplements, including vitamin C. This fits within a larger international plan called Codex Alimentarius (designed by a pharmaceutical industry CEO who was sent to prison for medical war crimes) to control all food in the world and limit access to adequate nutrition, following the inherent logic of the industry- profit depends on disease, the more disease the more profit, and removal of nutrition would yield endless diseases. Thus nutrition becomes the greatest possible threat to the industry and degrading food and removing access to nutrients becomes essential.

The same FDA has recently imprisoned an herbalist for offering a treatment for skin cancer, threatened cherry growers with closure for any reference to cherries being potentially ten times stronger than non-steroidal anti-inflammatories such as aspirin and ibuprofen, for lowering pain and inflammation, imprisoned a man for selling Rife machines which are associated with harming no one and offer a means of treating disease by using energy), banned ear candles (a traditional means of cleaning the ears of wax), just banned chelation solutions (detoxing from heavy metals) used by parents trying to help their autistic children though there is no history of harm (vitamin C may be covertly included as a chelation solution), and moving beyond its long history of terrifying raids on health practitioners and nutrition companies, has now begun going after natural food using armed FBI to attack a small organic food coop, conspiring to close down food buying clubs, raiding Amish farms, …. The list goes on. This same FDA, approves GE-salmon [GE=genetically engineered], bans farmers from labeling their food as GMO or not, seeks to ban all labeling of GMOs (including banning organic labeling). And in terms of health, what is occurring there with vaccines may be the most disturbing threat of all, especially given the dark pharmaceutical industry history of intentionally killing with vaccines, and even very recent behavior with them, and given speeches by powerful people connected to the industry, connecting their use to “lowering population.”

Things are so scientifically rotten at the FDA that its own scientists sent out a warning letter about corruption there, and had to do so anonymously.

Where the Catholic Church used the fear of hell and its special power to save souls, the FDA, on behalf of the pharmaceutical industry, has come up with its own fear – “food safety” – over which it assigns itself total power to “save” the public. The Catholic Church burned people alive to save their souls. The FDA, in the name of protecting people from unsafe food, seeks power to “preclude the public’s right to grow, own, trade, transport, share, feed and eat each and every food that nature makes. It will [have] the most offensive authority against the cultivation, trade and consumption of food and agricultural products of one’s choice. It will be unconstitutional and contrary to natural law or, if you like, the will of God.”

Those behind “food safety” – the weapon by which they are attempting to remove supplements in the US and which was used to ban all herbal remedies in the EU – are those responsible for 100,000 deaths a year from their drugs, for food contaminated with their products – hormones, antibiotics, pesticides, GMOs, etc., which threaten true food safety and everyone’s health. The dissonance between their unsafe food and their manipulative use of the words “food safety” has a totalitarian resonance, not surprising given that those who designed this plan once used another grotesque and false promotion of “hygiene” – “racial hygiene.”

This stunning Galileo moment removes hygiene and diseases themselves from the center of the medical universe. It removes drugs and vaccines, as well, along with “research” seeking cures which the pharmaceutical industry, for financial reasons, could never allow. Instead of illness, the center of the medical universe is now electron flow – the very definition of life – and a single natural substance which abundantly provides it.

In astronomy, Galileo shifted the focus of the cosmos away from man and his planet, to the sun. There is strong parallel to what physics has now done in medicine, altering the focus from infinite disease symptoms to energy itself (electrons).

The Galileo story is telling because the Church’s power didn’t ultimately triumph over reality. But the world may not want to wait through more years and decades of suppression and the agonizing yet preventable deaths that would mean.

The Catholic Church attempted to put all other thought out of reach. The pharmaceutical industry is attempting, through false science and corruption at every level, to put nature itself off limit to human beings – either by altering it and then claiming to own it through patents, or by subverting governments to get them to apply authoritarian regulations which would prevent people from having access to nature – such as the EU ban on all herbals remedies, and now a plan in Australia to ban 1000s of common plants (many if not most with medicinal properties) and on IV vitamin C here as an unapproved drug. Will the world allow it?

People are at a wonderful moment in history. They know now there is an answer to all diseases, infections, viruses, toxins. There is no longer reason to fear. This puts the pharmaceutical industry’s false pandemics and vaccines in a stark light – they are still embedded in a dark ages of manipulated fear and covert power through disease. Galileo’s truth triumphed. Medical truth is doing so now.

The giant medical edifice created by the same pharmaceutical industry that ran Auschwitz is quite different from those days. Their research facilities depend on people who are not eugenicists or racists, but are sincerely seeking cures to end suffering. Those researchers face a giant paradigm change but while it may threaten the “industry” which feeds on diseases, for researchers, the change is exciting for the world and for them. They will find a means to build on it and to use it to bring the health they have cared so much to provide.

But the pharmaceutical industry itself rests on a house of cards, dependent on endless suppression of good science and on lies through many corrupted channels of communication, to disparage truth. Doctors, researchers, and agencies are now all saying that the pharmaceutical industry has corrupted medicine itself. So, try as they might, the truth has survived their lies, as well as raids, imprisonment, and no funding, and is bursting forth now to offer an end to the very thing the pharmaceutical industry lives by – fear of disease – and to offer the one thing the pharmaceutical industry cannot tolerate without going under – real cures and health for everyone.

That is so immense and so long sought, it is exploding into consciousness now and cannot be crushed. Just as GMOs are being exposed around the world and even the biggest biotech company is failing, the same is about to begin happening to the pharmaceutical industry as its drugs and vaccines are exposed for all depleting electrons. In actually contributing to disease conditions rather than helping them, the drug industry is doomed. And the research scientists pharma has depended on to lend credibility to its vast empire, though they might want to keep being funded, for how long will they care to work on or be associated with research from a collapsing paradigm held up purely by advertising and corruption, when they can become part of the greatest revolution in medical history? After years of watching patients die from terrible diseases, how many doctors will be eager to shift their practices in order to enjoy the relief and incomparable satisfaction of truly saving people’s lives?

Galileo would recognize the repression of science that has kept medicine in the terrible condition it is in. Things are so bad that today doctor error and drugs are leading causes of death, not health. And the same industries cause cancer then turn around and profit from it, in what is now called “the Idiot Cycle.”

Galileo might also recognize that in physics collapsing all diseases, toxins, infections and viruses down to one basic – loss of electron flow – he would be seeing a familiar, dramatic reorienting of all thinking around a central sun. Immediately, the chaos of unexplained and uncured diseases which has kept increasing can be put into an orderly configuration. Suddenly, too, in the battle between drugs and vaccines versus nutritional supplements, things become clarified and fall into a visible hierarchy based on electron contribution or depletion. Long disparaged as “worthless” by the pharmaceutical industry which now has to re-label them as “dangerous” as so many studies of their efficacy flow in, nutrients win hands down. And their much vaunted drugs and vaccines are cast down as irrefutable and even intentional dangers. Galileo might also recognize that physic’s re-ordering of the medical cosmos suddenly explains the wondrous cures that vitamin C has been providing for decades.

Would he also appreciate that physic’s elegant simplification of medical chaos collapses endless, confused treatments down to a single ideal one, to meet a single definable purpose? What would he say to physic’s marriage to biology yielding the greatest gift imaginable to the world – the end of fear of all diseases?

Surely he would wish us all well in working to end the Pharmaceutical Church’s Inquisition.

It is not over. The FDA just banned IV vitamin C as an unapproved drug over Christmas.

B R I C S Alliance

Since the establishment of the Bretton Woods Institutions (the IMF (International Monetary Fund) and the IBRD (World Bank)) in 1944 the US dollar enjoyed the position as the dominant currency in the world. Goods and services (especially oil) has been traded in US dollar. The fact that the world’s financial system is based on the dollar allows the Federal Reserve to export inflation to other countries, while the federal government runs a huge deficit with impunity. The reality that the dollar is not backed by real assets but by the US military had created disquiet throughout the world but the outrage intensified after the global financial crisis when the US embarked on the further devaluation of the dollar through a policy of quantitative easing.

From the start of the BRICS formation, the explicit goal was to challenge the outdated global financial and economic architecture that rewarded the imperial powers. Prior to the Fortaleza Declaration, the Russians had been most explicit that with political will, BRICS could become one of the key elements of a new system for global governance, primarily in the economic and financial domains.

BRICS is the acronym for an association of five major emerging national economies: Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa.[2] As of 2014, the five BRICS countries represent almost 3 billion people which is 40% of the world population, with a combined nominal GDP of US$16.039 trillion (20% world GDP) and an estimated US$4 trillion in combined foreign reserves.[1][4] Other countries are also joining. As of 2014, the BRICS nations represented 18 percent of the world economy.[5]

BRICS would be an international force in challenging the neo-liberal policies of the Washington Consensus.

This is good news.

Send your inquiries to: [email protected]

DaNell Glade
Financial Group

PFC Renaissance Group Transmission
Greetings from Dov from the Renaissance Group,
Here is a mural I did for the Earth Harmony Foundation here in Los Angeles with the slogan we all need to remember, It’s Earth Day Every Day.

It’s still Summer here in Los Angeles and one can look back and see much cultural and Spiritual evolution and advancement coming from this part of the world for the past several decades. Now the Environmental Renaissance is in full swing with Electric cars, solar panels, reforestation and recycling creating a wave that keeps growing. The awareness of our planetary and personal health is also growing.

What an amazing shift we are witnessing.

Check out the Earth Day Every Day video to get us excited about reconnecting as a species with the planet.

Remember to be asking ourselves, what can we do for the earth, for each other, for peace, for our schools and neighborhoods, for healthy food and diet, for our bodies and friendships, for our families and ourselves. Asking our computer, the brain is a good start to getting new answers.

Also… one thing to think about is our roofs. We know that dark colors absorb and light colors reflect. Many dark roof and parking lots absorb the sun’s heat. We can add to the light reflected and cool things off in the summer by having more roofs painted white. That is the one of the roles of the ice at the poles, to reflect light. Loss of glaciers and white ice caps means that more dark ocean absorbs more heat. So we can awaken the environmental renaissance with more white, roofs, parking lots, etc. and making it Earth Day Every Day.

Click here to read an article about the roofs…

Have a great week,
Dov & Raissa
Renaissance Group


Greetings Everyone from the Media Group,

Greetings and Aloha from The Big island and Judi, Irene and Smaly7 of The Media group. This is Judi writing to you on a magical day, my birthday!

As you know, I have been in Hawaii for 5 weeks, working recently with Michael Salla of the Exopolitics Institute and he has written a great article that I would like to share with everyone this week concerning the Vatican and preparations about an announcement about extra-terrestrial life.

Click on this link…

I would like to introduce a new member of the Ground Crew Newsflash team. His name is Dave Norwoods, and he is also known as Traveling Dave on the Internet.

I was unable to go to Contact in the Desert this past weekend, so I am delighted to share a report by Dave about something he discovered whilst at this conference in Joshua Tree.

I had been made aware of something called a light chamber in various channeled messages, which described extra-terrestrial ships landing at some point in the future and sharing light chambers with us which would have tremendous healing properties. According to Dave, the two individuals he met at Joshua have a healing technique that utilizes a light chamber, as you will see in the video, you can step into it and have a profound healing experience. Please click on this link to view Dave’s wonderful report about this unique chamber that no one else to my knowledge has put together like this.

Ground Crew Newsflash looks forward to more exciting reports from Traveling Dave.

And finally, many of you know I am from New Zealand. I was blown away by this sixteen year old New Zealand teen, who shares his direct experience of how he came from higher galactic star systems … I know you will enjoy this.

From myself, Irene, and Smaly 7 of the media group, we wish you all many Aloha wishes.

And as always,

Keep your eyes to the skies…

Judi, Irene and Smaly 7


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