911’s a lie – put to music

warning – there is some “f” words, but got that tune stuck in my head

8 thoughts on “911’s a lie – put to music

  1. Good video. I suppose the singer could have said “fork” or “fark” or “fook.” How conditioned we are! It’s amazing how a little vowel can affect (some) people so much. ;-( A rose by any other name…….

  2. I think many forget about past events, but still carrying it with them (I did).

    These Lyrics I came across is quite good to:

    ”Lupe Fiasco – Words I Never Said ”

  3. That be not mine underwear. That is a catalogue men’s swimsuit from the now defunct Sunup Sundown Swimwear. If you will look at the background, you will see an indoor swimming pool where I swim laps.. I prefer the Speedo style swimsuit over dork shorts for numerous reasons. Anyway, I like to dress with character because I really am a character. By the way, what does my picture have to with the use of foul language?

  4. Apparently study was done that if you gasp or shout “fUCK” when you hurt yourself it helps with the level of pain. Works for me and it is only a word. So many are afraid of it…

    • I never tried it. I suppose that word or some other cuss-word provides an emotional outlet for one’s disappointment and hurt, but it I prefer to kick something in a situation like that. I suppose kicking things looks dumb and cussing sounds dumb. Of course you know that there is no relationship betwixt the supreme sex act and most of the things that the “f” word is used in connexion with.

  5. Some of the word choices are really not very nice. Usually when I hear or read this kind of prose, I get the impression of a weak mind attempting to express itself forcefully. This song needs to be upgraded through editing out and replacing the foul language.

  6. What’s always that nervous reaction on ‘fuck’?
    My mother told me as a child to mention menstruation ‘grandmother’. Never done that.

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