Ashton Kutcher Near TEARS in EMOTIONAL Opening Testimony at Hearing on Human Trafficking

Actor Ashton Kutcher and Human Rights First President and CEO Elisa Massimino testify at a Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing on efforts to end modern slavery and human trafficking.

14 thoughts on “Ashton Kutcher Near TEARS in EMOTIONAL Opening Testimony at Hearing on Human Trafficking

  1. Exposing and attacking this issue will “The Straw that Breaks the Camels Back” of governments/ agencies that use this sort of thing to keep their “Extorted” pinions in line. It would REALLY “Clean the Swamp”, paving the way for truly “Clean” form of government…as long as it will be needed at all.
    The movie entitled “Spotlight” (Irony) was really an EXPOSE’ of WHERE the REAL problem lies…The Vatican…I wonder how many caught on to THAT Fact?
    I used to be a minister of a group that had made a literal “Paradise” for Pedofiles associated with the Vatican “Corporation”…and I got OUT of that cult because of IT!

  2. He was passionate and an antidote for a beautiful and much needed cause and really had me until he associated with John MCCain which in metaphor expanding a balloon to it’s fullest expansion and placing the tie on the end, picking up a needle pricking the latex,lettig go and watching it fly in the many circles till the last of the breath depleted crashing down to the floor.BUMMER!

  3. It is too bad that he is partnering with McCain. I think he would be much more successful without him.

    I cannot tolerate McCain as he is a traitor to the people of Arizona and a Traitor to our President and the United States. He crawled in a hole in Viet Nam to hide but unfortunately for him the enemy found him. For that he is a war hero I guess, but since that time he has become a greedy, gutless wonder. He has been back stabbing President Trump at every available opportunity and I am surprised that he is even still around at all.

    I will help this cause in my own way, but I will not have anything to do with McCain.
    I stand by my principles. Something McCain does not have.

  4. I must say that I don’t care much for those girls smirking behind Ashton while he is giving such a heartfelt speech. I heard nothing that he said that was humorous or any cause for smirking. Who is that girl with the brown hair?

  5. Excuse me, but are you serious? Please forgive the language, but I am INFURIATED about the #Pizzagate cover-up! Here’s what I got out of this:
    1. Why are the women behind him fucking smiling and laughing?? I’ve lost sleep over this shit!
    2. His language in “defending” the “right to happiness” includes the words:
    a.) Raped
    b.) Abused
    c.) Taken by force
    d.) Sold
    He’s quitting his “day job”? Which describes atrocities of victims, while the people behind him snark?
    He’s a rich Hollywood actor, and we all know what it takes to be one…

    Maybe it’s my emotions over learning how sick and twisted the elite are, but I don’t buy his fake shit for 1 second. He does not seem sincere, nor did he shed a tear.

    Thank you for the post, but I sincerely hope it is an example of how to best use discretion during these trying times. I am open for debate on this, as I am truly upset over the deep deception that we as humans have been under.

    • Christi, I can relate to your fury, believe me. My perception of the behaviour of the women behind Ashton Kutcher is that they’re so engaged in his presentation, supporting him to speak about a most difficult subject, that they smile and nod their heads. They’re “with him” in this.

      It’s people like Ashton and also members of this community Prepare for Change that are working hard to put an end to the atrocities that are called by name, openly, by Ashton. The role of celebreties, those that are awake to their conscience, is beneficial as I perceive it, for they give publicity and share their fury and tears in the public arena of the real world and the virtual world.

      Though the present day sex slave trafficking is huge, I believe that when more of us join forces to expose this to the light of day and the force of truth and love, the closer the day is that it will come to an end.
      It’s hard at times, to channel one’s fury in a constructive way and sink in a pool of despair, but it’s worthwhile using the energy of one’s fury for a good cause.

      I’ve sworn once, in 2011, that I wanted my fury and grief to bear fruit one day in a way that I could be proud of myself. I didn’t accept that it wouldn’t serve a greater purpose. I was mad with fury. It worked, for God had a great belly laugh when he heard me yelling. It’s okay to be furious and yell at God, if you include your deepest heart’s desire in it 😉

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