Cobra Interview by Iruka Umino

November 28th, 2016

This is a Cobra interview by Iruka Umino from Japan, interpreted by Terry.

Iruka has been actively involved in the grid works of Cintamani stones and Tachyon crystals all around Japan with many other fellow Japanese lightworkers. He was given this wonderful opportunity to have an interview with Cobra during Cobra’s visit in Japan. We hope you like it!

Iruka: There are about 1,000 pieces of Cintamani stones buried in Japan now. How does it affect the plasma and etheric fields in Japan?

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Benjamin Fulford Update – Earthquake Irregular Signature of Underground Nuclear Explosion in Japan

Are the Earthquakes natural or were they man made?

Article Correction of below:

Original Article: Posted on April 18th, 2016 – Red and Green Asian secret societies under new leadership promise to “make the earth tremble”

Screen Capture of Data To Help Cipher through the Loads of Information

The data seems to be pointed to very irregular occurrence that relates to a nuclear detonation.

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